Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Zak Torrance!

I’m sure every person reading this can instantly think of a family member or friend who has valiantly conquered or suffered a crushing loss to cancer. Over 100 different varieties of cell growth riddles generations of people without prejudice for young, old, rich or poor. For many people it’s hell on earth. Something to fear. Its sculptured our habits & consumption of food. We live in along side anxiety, afraid of encouraging cell growth through our lifestyles. Almost as if it is now a way of life. Avoiding cancer.
Being a citizen from the UK we are fortunate to have a health service to rely on. A sprained ankle, Broken arm, Cancer. From the worried check ups all the way to chemotherapy. You’re looked after. No money is exchanged hands & no worry of financial instability. Theres just one agenda. Health. To bring everyone to their physical & mental peak. But what if that was all stripped away? An appointment, ambulance or even a scan cost money. For American citizens this is a reality. While a minority of Americans have dispensable income the majority do not. They have no way of covering large medical costs. & we aren’t talking about the odd doctors appointments. As parents they have an unwritten duty to care for their child. But for those long trips to the hospital whether that be a day or a few months. This must be a massive strain on these families. A massive strain on their relationships, emotions & potentially the most damaging of all… Finances. This is where Team Continuum strive to provide support.
Team Continuum is dedicated to helping paediatric cancer patients fighting all types of cancer. Their not-for-profit organisation is not about curing the disease. It’s about the promise to cancer patients and their families: To help them minimise the burdens of everyday life by providing immediate and vital assistance for non-medical essentials – like paying their rent and utility bills – so they can focus on crucial medical care.

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3117.5

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Robin Shaw says

Good luck matey! What a brilliant thing to do for such a devastating disease.

Ben Raven says

Good luck man, great stuff x

James Briddon says


Levi Strange says

Good luck bro!

Tim Aird Morley says

Talgarth Mansions, 65Talgarth RoadBarons court

Jillian Roche says

This is so amazing!!! Good luck!

Evan Abouaf says

You got this!

Louise Barry says

Smash it Zak!

Bobbie Dack says

Super proud of you zakky! you’re going to smash it ??

Josh Gniadek says

Need to get back in that gym boy

Basia Czerwinska says

Good luck. Well done buddy x

Basia Czerwinska says

Good luck. Well done buddy!

Jon Abouaf says

Only the bedt

Richard Parsley says

Great cause.. Good luck Zak!

Marie Park says

All the best Zac. Great cause. xx

Andrea Eklund says

Good luck Zak, hope the training is going well! xx

Nick Brand says

Go go go!!!

Helen Halliday says

Aunty Bev would be so proud of you Zak!

Lee McSweeney says

good luck

Lee Mcsweeney says

Good luck buddy

Sharon Trotman says

Best wishes Zak.

Sanďra Trotman says

Best wishes Zak

Ken Graham says

Well done Zak. Good luck!

Ken Graham says

Well done Zak. Good luck!

Marie Gracie says

Good luck Zak – look forward to hearing how you do.

P.S. I can think of several people who can’t be there but will be watching you proudly and cheering you on all the way x

Tracey Torrance says

Well done! My fantastic son zak,
Great thing to achieve ❤️

Tracey Torrance says

Such a great way, to show the world my fabulous son, can achieve this mile stone, and help others in need of this treatment, so proud to be your mum ❤️

Larry Christoph says

You are a winner in my book.

Andrew Taylor says

Good luck!

Kamil Willinsky says

Go for it Mate!

Asme Abdu says

Good luck, ZaK
Such a fantastic thing to do. You are super kind.

Andrew Taylor says

Good luck!!

Chris Clancy says

Good luck! Enjoy ?

Jenni Heffernan says

Good Luck! 🙂 x

Abby Roche says

Go Zak!!

Sevdalin Petkov says

Good luck Zak

Georgina Johnson says

Run Zig Zak Run!!

Craig Morrison says

£1.00 for each mile mate… You can smash it!

Craig Morrison says

Oh go on then it’s a good cause… Same again ziggy. If I can do it, you can!

Gem Chambers says

Good luck Zak. From the gym princess. X

Marlena Pupla says

Love you Buddy x

Stuart Baker says

Good luck.

Darren Maskell says

Good luck Zac with your run

Megan Joslin says

I am so proud and honored to call you a friend. While I cannot donate a lot, I am very humbled to know that I will help you as you race.

amie arnold says

? x

Jack Lynch says

Good luck mate

Callum Bennett says

Best of luck mate, I hope you smash it. Miss you bud x

Karl Ready says

All the best buddy

Danielle Strange says

Good luck Zak! What an amazing cause, we’re all supporting you back home! Xx

Mel Butcher says

Good luck Zak – brilliant cause u little diamond ? xxx
Mel Sinéad Freddie

George Byers says

Best of luck Zak. Great cause.

Colin Torrance says

I’m so proud to call you my son

Darren Evans says

Good luck fella!!

Beth Maloney says

Good luck Zak! X

Chloe Cummins says

Good Luck Zac!

Wendy Partridge says

Well done Zak great cause , I’m sure you’ll smash it !!

Karen Ready says

Good luck Zak

Taras Chornyy says

Good Luck Zak. You are gonna kill it.

Mandy Smith says

Good luck Zak with love from us all. Xxx

Ebony Torrance says

Good luck Uncle Zaky. You’ll smash it. Super proud arkid xxx

Nick Wallace says

Good luck.

Paula & Billy McConnell says

We are so proud of you Zakky Boy and love you so much ??

Alex McConnell says

Your a wee superstar Zak so proud of you xx
Uncle Alex

Alex McConnell says

Good luck Zak your a wee superstar
Uncle Alex

Lee Farrell says

Good luck Zak. Outstanding effort for a brilliant cause!

Alex Ellis-Garnham says

Great man sponsoring a great cause! Smash it Bro! X

Evan Abouaf says

You got this!

Ryan Nicoll says

Good luck man, you’ll smash it

Amanda Carrell says

I’m sure you’ll completely smash it!!! Best of luck x

Jason Carrell says

Good luck mate. You will smash it!

Mary Richardson says

Good Luck Zak!
Love Auntie Mary

Francesca Gray says

Good luck!

Charlotte Saunders says

Good luck Zak! Run well

Rebecca Winchester says

Good luck Zak!!

Hannah Duggan says

You got this Zak!

Liam Staff says

Smash it bro! Good luck!

Isabelle Agrir says

Good luck from Ophelia’s mum 🙂

Jillian Speranza says

So proud to call you my bff!!!

Yvonne Burns says

Good Luck Zak
Lots Of Love
Aunt Yvonne xxxx

Yvonne Burns says

Good Luck Zak
Lots Of Love
Aunt Yvonne xx

Pam and Arnie Johnson says

Good luck, Zak. Such a worthy cause.

Dharmesh Bathia says

Good Luck Zak, well done!!!

Clare Jelley says

Go smash it Zak ????Enjoy all 26.2 miles off it ?

Clare Jelley says

Go smash it Zak ???? Enjoy all 26.2 miles of it 😉

Ed Hipperson says

Good luck mate, you’ll absolutely smash it, love Ed, Lish and the girls xx

Faye Goodship says


Faye Goodship says

Good luck

Wesley Healy says

Smash it brother, very proud of you. Lots of love.

Craig Smith says

Proud of you Zak! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Come on!!!

Forest fan Nottingham says

Do HCC proud….

Lola Mahadeo says

Good luck you’ll do fab x

Lewis Naulls says

Well done Bro! Absolutely smashed it!

Yvonne Frame says

Well done Zak!

Brett Boone says

Better late than never

Nicola James says

Well done and congratulations!

Ken Hunt says

G’wan champ

Sam Gharagozloo says

Well done scouse