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There are a number of ways that your support of Team Continuum provides for young cancer patients and their families:

Patient/Family Assistance Program

Team Continuum pays bills for patients’ non-medical needs such as rent, mortgage, utilities, gas, car, transportation to/from treatment, temporary out-of-town accommodations, schoolbooks, computers, theater tickets, reunions, holiday gifts, birthday treats, and more.  As of January 1, 2016, financial support from Team Continuum is limited to families affected by childhood cancers, only (ages 0 – 18).  Our aid is focused exclusively in the Northeast (only because it becomes difficult to manage the influx of applications, otherwise, and we are financially limited) and we work closely with our designated charity partners as well as specific referring social workers.

Toys for Kids Program:

Starting in 2016, Team Continuum will host 2 annual toy drives (July and November) to provide hospitals and care facilities in the NYC Metro Area with various toys, video games and books for children who must be away from home for cancer treatment for long periods of time, and over the holidays.

The “Fierce Foods Academy” Partnership

This nutrition program for children in treatment is led by our amazing friends and charity partners at the Max Love Project.  For more information and to request a “Fierce Foods” kit for your child in treatment, CLICK HERE.  Max Love and Team Continuum will be bringing the Fierce Foods Academy to NYC for some cooking classes in August 2016!


The Team Continuum Narrative Workshop

(For Clinicians, Oncology Patients and Family Caregivers at NY Presbyterian Hospital)

This pioneering program was completed in 2013, and effectively improved communication among and between patients, doctors, caregivers and hospitals by providing a means for patients to share their experiences in writing, art and photography.

The Poem Mobile project was an offshoot of the Team Continuum Narrative Writing Workshop’s publication, Inspiration. With your help, we hope to create a similar program that enables children in treatment to express themselves with writing, poetry and art, by 2017. Please help us fund the enhanced delivery of care, communication and educational services at these important institutions.