Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Seth Greenberg!

As an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery resident, I have seen first hand how overwhelming and emotionally draining it can be for a family to care for a child who has been diagnosed with cancer. The burden of the diagnosis is very difficult and there are significant challenges involved in ensuring that the child gets the appropriate and best possible treatment.

I have joined Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care.

Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success. I truly appreciate your help and generosity.

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3320

  • Current Race: 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

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Alex Cooper says

Go Team Continuum!

Lauren Greenberg says

Let’s go, Seth!!!

Linda & Kevin Linda & Kevin says

See Coop’s comment.


Ellen Bachner says

Run Seth tun

Lauren Jonas says

Good luck!!

Ellen (for Jessie) Greenberg says

Seth- Jessie is my manicurist and she always asks about you. I told her today about the marathon. I didn’t solicit her for a donation and she gave me $20. I’d appreciate if you’d thank her.

Steve Lillienstein says

Fantastic of you to raise money through the marathon, Seth. It’s a pleasure to contribute through your efforts. r Have a great race, Seth!

Amy Tuller says

Good Luck!
Amy & Andy Tuller

Janice Levy says

Good luck, Seth! You can do it!

Minh Tran says

Good luck and have fun!

Brian Bock says

Go Seth Go!

Kris Olsen Olsen says

Good luck bud!

Kenny Bayus says

assume a beam

David Hecht says

Don’t forget to chicken and rice carbo load!

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Mohan Obilisundar Obilisundar says

5 Peter Cooper Rd.,
Apt 10D

Tony Tsai says

Good luck Seth!

Ross Peet says

Good luck!

Scott Kane says

Good luck!

Rebecca Pappalardo says

Very impressive!!! I am lucky if I can do 5 miles…. Good Luck. I work with your Dad and I am happy to donate to your cause.

Wagdy Sidrak says

Good luck, enjoy

Howie Herman says

Good luck Seth!! Party at 110 Highland after the race!

Scott & Laura Rog says

Will you be wearing the Knicks hat for the occasion?
Good luck Seth!

Murli Gupta says

Keep it up! You’re my hero!

Alex Cooper says

Hopefully I run the marathon better than I wager

Michael and Elizabeth Hofer Hofer says

Good luck!

Julie and Brian Cooper says

Seth, you do everything that you set your mind on. You got this!!!!!! WE can’t wait to cheer you on. After all, someone needs to stand on the curb. Run like you are avoiding a root canal or halothesis!!

Paul Thompson says

Quite the inspiration Seth! Great job and good luck!