Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Samsam Yung!

This will be my first marathon. Running is one of the ways I celebrate life.

What if each time I step, a vibration is passed into the ground…Yes, what if I shake the earth just a little bit with every stride? With what intention would I run, warming or cooling the earth as the case maybe, and everything and everyone connected to it?

It is the same when another runner passes me, or when you remember me and smile. I imagine these vibrations feeding me. The ground turns into a treadmill, and my legs become wheels, spinning.

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $2266.2

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Katrina Cheban says

Way to go Samsam!

Dietmar Hirt says

Samsam, go for it! Good for you

Patrick Orban says

Super Sam Sam

Dietmar Hirt says

Great project. You can do that!

Henry Yung Yung says

Matthew 25:40

Brandon Hogstad says

Go for it!


Good Luck Samsam 🙂

Jessica Epting Epting says

Can’t wait to cheer you on!

Alison Chaikittirattana says

Go Samsam!

Derek Johnson Johnson says

My stunning muse! What an inspiration!

Caroline Williams says

Good luck!!

Moritz Hilf says

Run slow and steady!

Stephane AUDEBRAND says

Go go Samsam!!

Maggie B says

Your first marathon – amazing Samsam! Good luck and best wishes for a gorgeous day and a strong race. ☺️

Miho Suzuki says

Ganbatte! Hugs always Sam Sam!

X Miho!

Kris Riley says

Yesss. Go Samsam?⚡?⚡?⚡!!!

Xavier Fan says

Yay Samsam!

Brian Streb says

I will have Navi waiting for you at mile 1.

Jasmin Vrban says

Go roomie go!
Good luck

Lilia Saraguro says

Great job! You finished your first marathon!

Lilia Saraguro says

Great job! You finished your first marathon!

Nikola Krastev Krastev says

You Go, Sam Sam!

Bryan Bullett says