Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Ross Dahmen!

I have joined Team Continuum to help support pediatric cancer patients and their families with the financial burden and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving the medical care needed. As a survivor of childhood Wilms tumor myself, this cause is near and dear to me. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I greatly appreciate your generosity and encouragement!


  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $18057

  • Current Race: 2021 TCS New York City Marathon

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D Syhre says


Alex Rosen says

Go get em

Cindy Matson says

Both Gerald and I are so proud of you Ross and will be cheering for you on all your efforts!

Matthew Stabel says

Good luck Ross. We’ll be looking for you on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint eating some Peter Pan doughnuts.

Roger & Stephanie Dahmen says

Our wish for you is a fun time during the NYC Marathon festivities. What a wonderful charity to make a contribution.Mom & Dad

Dennis Graham says

Run, Ross, Run!! Very cool and a great cause.

Good luck!!

Jay Shah Shah says

Good Luck, Ross!

Dinh Truong says

Great job Ross!!! Way to help out those in need.

Nadia Neophytou says

Crush it, Ross!!

Jonathan L Brandt Brandt says

Congrats on making the NBA 75 list and good luck in the marathon!

Michelle Moyer says

Pass through some local courts and hoop on the run!

nam pham says

Go Ross go, you run for a good cause!

K Q says

Good luck bro

Melissa Gallus says

Go get em! Good thing you had such a fabulous neighbor to grow up with 🙂 proud of you!

Ann Pokorny says

Good luck Russ

Andrea Pines says

You are even more special than I ever knew!

Brian Boland Boland says

Good luck Ross

Neil Cohen says

This is such a great cause. Good luck, bud!

(I wish I could run a mile!)

James Zell says

Very proud of you for this commitment and fundraiser!

Charlie Foote says

Good luck!

Nasem Haji says

Good luck
Love from Naseem & Amirali Haji🥰

Hadas Thier says

Go Ross!!!

gary hisiger says

good luck with the race! great cause you are supporting

Narotsky Law Group, LLP says

Good Luck Ross.

Craig Zajac says

Dear Rossa – Make us proud! Please don’t stop and take photos of Basketball courts along the way. That can wait until after the marathon.

scott lublin says

have a great race

Jamie Rosenblit says

Go Ross!

Mark Wancier says

Amazing effort Ross! You had the Kenyans on the defensive there for a few minutes anyways…! Great cause