Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Patricia Robinson!

I’m excited to have an opportunity to run the NYC Marathon to raise money for pediatric cancer patients and their families to cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care.

You may know someone or have been personally impacted by pediatric cancer. For that I am truly sorry. I personally have known many families that have experienced it and will be running in honor of a very special boy, Jack Klein, who lost his battle with Burkett’s Lymphoma several years ago.

For those of you that don’t know my personal health journey, for 8 out of the past 12 years, I’ve only been able to do limited activity (2 placenta previa pregnancies, 5 hand surgeries, 2 elbow surgeries and 1 minor car accident).

In November 2018, I decided to take control of my physical movement and I hired a personal trainer. The progress I made in a short time allowed me to dream for a bigger goal – completing a sprint triathlon. I was successful in completing the TriRidgefield and decided to sign up for 2 more.

My final sprint was the Tyalthon, in Pawling, NY, which is how I came to know about the opportunity to join Team Continuum to raise money for families dealing with pediatric cancer.

I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement! Thank you so much!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $2665.2

  • Current Race: 2019 TCS NYC Marathon

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John W Klein Klein says

4424 Central Ave

Barb Robinson says

You can do it!!

Karl W Torke Torke says

2570 Hilgard Ave

Tara Gallant says

You got this! Happy to support you and this cause.

Michael Robinson says

Best of luck as you strive to be your BEST!


Minerva Lopez says

You can do it!

Janie Hacker says

Good luck. You can do this.

Phillip Stepp Stepp says

19 Wyndhaven Court

Jessie Wong says

You are amazing! You got this! Happy to support you!

Howard and Karen Campbell says

We are so grateful and proud of Trisha for taking on this challenge. Even when a child is injured or sick life goes on and bills must be paid. Thank you for caring and acting for families.

Fran Straw says

Go Tricia I’m supporting you in spirit and love. I just pushed you over the 1K threshold❤️

Holly M. Williams Williams says

401 Clements Road

John Leigeber says

Inspired commitment for a great cause, so proud of you Tricia.

Casey Moeller says

Good Luck!

Lori Vickers says

You’ve got this!!!

Traci Catalano Catalano says

Have a great race, Tricia!

Will Hauser says

Tricia , your going to do awesome !

Jennifer Johnson says

You can do it!!!

Tom DiGaetano says

Go Big Tricia … a wonderful thing to be doing.

Ed King says

Good luck Trisha. So happy you are able to run this and for a worthy cause.

Gail Westphalen says

Run on, Tricia!

Lonnie Shapiro says

Good luck!

Nelson Merchan says

Muchos Exitos!

Jake Muller says

Good Luck and have fun!

Jennifer Stein says

You Got This!!!💪💪💪

Cathy Davis says

You’ve got this!!!!

Katherine Stewart says

What an amazing journey! And a great cause!!
Go for it!

Laura Lee Ehrgott says

Best of luck!!

Mindee Rosen says

Your amazing! So proud of you, enjoy every minute of today. When YOU cross that finish line you will truly never ever forget it. Your incredible and an inspiration to others.

Erin Masotta says

Way to go Tricia! Your dedication and mindset is truly inspiring!!!

Maria Merino-Schweitzer says

Congratulations, Tricia!!! Proud of you and honored to donate to your team’s cause!!!

Maria Merino-Schweitzer says

Congratulations, Tricia! So proud of you and honored to sponsor you for your team’s cause!

Tracey Hausel says

1207 Crestover Road

Julie Clark says


Jacque Payne says

Tricia, I am so proud & excited for You!!
You have picked an awesome organization to
fundraise for.

Jacque Payne says

I am proud & excited for you Tricia!!
Congrats on your race.
You have picked a great organization
to donate to.
Hugs, Jacque


Congrats on all your accomplishments. Such a great cause, I’m happy to contribute to.

Elizabeth Oliva says

good luck, hope you meet your goal! happy to support your cause 🙂

Patricia Robinson says

Final payment. This was an amazing experience. Thanks for giving me extra time to come up with more donations.

(FB payments cover the remaining portion.)