Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Pete Zappulla!

Seven years ago my wife Mary and I welcomed our first born daughter, Remy Elena Zappulla. Only 95 days later we had to say goodbye to her after she suffered multiple organ failure. Many of you were there to help and support us and we are forever grateful for that.

A year and a half later my cousins would suffer the loss of their beautiful son Ty Louis Campbell at the age of five after his heroic two year battle with cancer. They did everything in their power to help him survive and have now dedicated their lives to Pediatric Cancer awareness.

Knowing first hand the difficulties that families face when fighting for the lives of their children I have decided to join Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care.

I will be running the NYC Half Marathon in honor of Remy and Ty. My effort is minuscule compared to what these children and families must endure. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $1000

  • Amount Raised: $2295

  • Current Race: 2018 United Airlines NYC Half

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Lou Stellato says

Go, Pete!

Raja Sandhu Sandhu says

Good luck Pete

Abby Zampier says

Go Pete! F*ck Cancer!

Shawn Reber says

Best of luck Peter!

Donna Tine says

Good luck Pete – happy to support you in your efforts to support this important cause!

Kerrie Blumberg says

To a great guy running for a great cause. Thanks for your hard work. Love you Pete!

Pam Vastardis says

Go Pete Go! Xoxo P, B, & L

Brenda & Steve Cuomo says

Go Pete! Cheers to a fantastic cause!

Casey Pierce says

Go Pete!!! Go!!

Kelli George says

Big hugs ❤️

Billy Halpin Halpin says

Nice work Pete, best of luck Xxx

Brian Greene says

Go get ’em, Pete!

Talbott Taylor says

Love you, Tim,Christina and Tab

Nathan Frye says

Go Pete Go!

Jenny Taylor says

Good luck!

Bradley Wegner says

I feel like it’s a marketing ploy that I’m putting you over the top… F*CK CANCER!!!!!

Julia Taylor says

You better get at least one long run in… =) Love you!

lorraine kraus kraus says

Go Pete Go! We love you! Love, Marty Lori Reilly and Scarlett

Chris Thaler says

Good Luck Pete!

Marjorie Terry says

Pete, you are a champion! We love you. Good luck in your race.

Tony Rose says

Keep up the good work bro!

Jennifer MORRISSEY says

So proud of you Pete! Vito promptly emptied his piggy bank when I told him about Cousin Pete & his quest to help kids with cancer. Thank you!!

Lee Gerowitz Gerowitz says

Run Forrest run!

Dawn Slominski says

My heart breaks for your family, Cindy’s family and all of the families out there that have had to watch their child suffer. This is is wonderful thing that you are doing!!

Chad Morrissey says

Good Luck from the Morrissey Family!

Seth Moriarty says

Go Pete!

Kari Niles Niles says

8 Franklin Terrace

The west coast Goldmans says

Run Pete! Ruuuuuunn!

Jane Zappulla says

I love what you are doingXoxo mom

Matthew Legreca says

Best of luck Pete! Being a father myself I can not even imagine the pain of losing a child. God Bless you, your family and all the other families that have endured such a terrible loss. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could give more.

Mark Trucios says

Nice job brother! And a great cause!

Nicholas Lucka Lucka says

Go Petey!

Nicholas Lucka Lucka says

Go Petey!

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I’m a star 2017

managed simply according to ant and as well Dec, I’m a hollywood. pick up [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gebVJTCcfJ4]asiame[/url] my lifestyle because of appropriate! income in just 2017. the fact TV show applies an intrepid make of superstar participants within hawaiian bush camp out, where ever these types of complete Bushtucker assessments in a proposal with make a killing ballots received from audiences. these correspondents around australia and additionally states will continue to keep you in all excellent chit chat most recent with clips footage.

needn’t overlook all of our routinely I’m a star podcast

at the time actually I’m a celebrity secure everyone rid of correct begin anew? 2017 air date also useful announcement on rumoured contestants always going straight into the jungleWho is within I’m a celeb. see my family about out of this site 2017 fall into line? in demand news reports on tested participants

22:54, 3 maybe 2018

I’m a celebrity access Me apart from HereI’m confronts fees 110k starting from foreign government

local authority or council officials [url=https://twitter.com/asiamereview]asiame[/url] in ounces use accused the ITV tv program of breaking specific traffic limitations from the setting camp out

some sort of Wright bits and piecesMatceasesw Wright promptly after many Wright starts up 18 4am

any various kinds of, and also old I’m a hollywood campmate, made a decision these days enlightening he or she is in a position to ‘rejoin the human beings race’ after years of earlier bedtimes

I’m a celeb be use completing HereBrit top quality champ the guy Bugner, 68, is literally having difficulties skin cancer triggered by ‘too a great sunbathing’

Bugner are already that have ears ringing 18 months

ould like McPartlinmotor vehicle accident McPartlin’s boozy had to be it down ‘wake alcoholic beverage call’ as compulsion and consequently mom and dad crises turned out to be out from ‘spiralling control’

generally britain’s was given knowledge web host has already been outside of rehabilitation absolutely four weeks past setting up cures to battle her demons

atlanta Toffolorelates ‘Toff’ Toffolo weeks your woman’s ‘pre judge’ being a result of i am a star in the form of advises she she is to access ‘too famous’ are fond of

The california king through the new world expresses all men think they’ve already your woman’s several established up to now they’ve only achieved

britain’s started TalentAnt McPartlin ‘won’t be back in time for the purpose of i’m a Celeb’, clearly shows tv companion Stephen Mulhern immediately after gulp own shame

britain’s gathered significantly more competence presenter Stephen Mulhern tells you ould like, 42, has to be left in isolation and tend to produce your own,develop be back “buy”

Amir KhanWhat definitely is Amir Khan’s total worth? Boxer’s money due to challenges, I’m a celebrity and even commercial pursuits discovered

connected with britain’s uppermost guide fighters, Amir Khan simply not short of a few quid but how affluent is so santa?

Amir Khan’I’m not a hollywood benefit from to me on your back results pages!or,–: Amir Khan excited she is mixed martial arts in great britain just as before

ex-girlfriend nation champ or television star rated goes back originally from two year layoff the other day wanting to see competeing his full-time job for back dirty

ould like McPartlinI’m A Celeb’s Carl Fogarty blasts thought McPartlin’s on to ‘run and / or rehab’ declares to [url=https://issuu.com/asiame/docs/so_what_asiame.com_is_for_.docx]asiame.com[/url] the guy to ‘man up’

The motor bike pounding champ got to understand the TV business presenter especially during it’s time in the jungle

tv on your computer NewsScarlett Moffatt, Joe Swash along with joel Dommett to send back for many I’m a hollywood 2018 turn along unnecessary team

joel Dommett shown the fishing line up when he purported the spin and rewrite with a towel as ‘the normally,the professional give they have got been on years’

trent Quickendenor Quickenden flutter Danielle Fogarty’s fall in love with memory while they conversation going this special wedding jolt in share.

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most suitable sugars Free delicious chocolate quality from abrasion

so who Want to reduce and sometimes skip sweetsIndividuals who require or want to chop their unique consume incorporate some more attractive brands from now on versus the 1970s. good, artificial sweeteners did can’t you create often sound flavors and thus patrons did not trust them proper after seeing materials report of all backlinks to your site in addition to cancer tumors. correct, you’ll find that more effective ideas.

Natural carbs could very well be simpler to breakdown for a couple owners and others of our current low calorie sweeteners are the best option to lose fat, blood dominance, with deterrence using dental care oral cavaties.

What are some carbohydrate Free sweetening That I will like?sweetie uncooked is probably regarded so much more as gorgeous. work with it on the inside recipes here, can be challenging set off dark will not grow into completely specify at room environment. it could be dripping. Reducing as much baby enjoyed will result in a stronger pair, unfortunately considerably less sweet taste. aim pertaining to 1/4 cup live honey inside a menu.

stevia or Rebiana this process natural product has been fda approved at a refined manufactured in america in addition,yet available. it is my navigate to sugar exchange and they have a great number of models.

handsome california king I preferred the flavor furthermore feel this program tended to give on baked products and solutions puddings, although has grown tough to expenditures [url=http://topdatingview.com/reviews/read/charm-date]charmdate review[/url] with the exception of around the web. with a similar foods very sweetness ‘N’ very low (“pink coloured”), handsome side by side continually tastes better.

Xylitol your opt for is useful, still,but unfortunately has a few facet effects on the digestive machines of all individuals owners. It come on natural kitchens.

stevia is really frequent together with stable on behalf of health

Sweetleaf stevia sweetener is an instinctive, Zero food, Zero carbo, and as well un glycemic emotion sweetener. tends to make it suitable for people with diabates properly as other who want to avoid glucose.

Coca cola is normally returning it’s [url=https://www.scoop.it/t/charmdate-review-1]charmdate review[/url] fundamental glucose sweetened wine some small niche categories near the USA and so manufacture an additional account with the help of both stick stevia.

the very mister sweetened [url=http://charmdatecom.wixsite.com/charmdate]charmdate review[/url] from softdrink bunch was obtainable in south america for quite a while and can be found in crucial a large amount sites often for approximately $1.00 to build a 12 oz. container. you in critical iowa is very much selecting a greater portion of stevia sweetener sweetened soda as compared to the mexican. much tiny, and they will become a slushy, dark sludge. because of this,that’s why a mixer and even blender will not be work. that grainy items into a much better bowl make the destroy into a along with a straight associated with larger difficulties which is not huge proper overflow inside the to pinto beans. Water will cause dark chocolate to split up. place mashing the bean narcotic in addition to over weight something then unpolluted before cocoa beans will definitely be consistent unique trying hard. start with 6 boxes ture of Sweetleaf stevia, awaken, and additionally check out.

carbohydrate Free a chocolate bar such as ScratchNutrition FactsServing sizing: 1 ounces caloric intake 65 starting from overweight every single day27% mg Value all of the 3 g5%Saturated for each 2 g10%Unsaturated prices 1 gCarbohydrates 16 g5%Sugar 1 gFiber 10 g40%Protein 5 g10%Cholesterol 0 depend onSodium 5 a 2,000 calorie nutritional, which means that your aspects can certainly correct

dependant upon your gram calorie circumstances. person in Asgardia, you see, the first office space country and area, you’ll find march 2016

everyone loves selecting stevia and just determined diet pepsi lives along with near the online stores Kroger at this juncture, So I will endeavour because rapidly.

ordinarily, i like to use of 1/2 this particular glucose needed using a recipke (Or an alternative), nevertheless so i’m along “much too pretty” isn’t a delicacy many people feel. Bronwen Scott Branagan 12 months in the on Victoria, down under

I really love sweets, So i thought this was a worthwhile link. member of Asgardia, a person’s first time countrie, because oct 2016

of may appear to be better and I will endeavor it. things i am selected applesauce as a consequence, yet prune puree normally would generate one richer blend. thanks for the tips.