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“Every day is a new adventure.” A phrase that’s been ingrained into my own vernacular from a very young age. Any time my fathers phone rang I always heard a deep “Hello” followed by a brief pause and this all too often heard phrase to follow. This phrase took about 20 years for me to fully comprehend what he actually meant by this. It was when I started working professionally where I was met by the all too familiar “how are you” small talk on the phone and instinctively I answered with the all too familiar phrase “every day is a new adventure.” It was then I finally understood my father’s “go-to” answer.

Life throws us curveballs – sometimes at the most opportune times and many times at the most inconvenient. In response, we should stay grounded, humble and look to life as waves in the ocean. We can ride those low tide ripples and bask in the sun but sometimes you have to tread water, embrace the waves and let them crash over you. It’s all about keeping your head above water, embracing the present and take each day as they come.

My father embraced each and every single day of his life and rode whatever waves came his way. As he made his morning cup of coffee, you can see the gears turning in his head about what he wanted to accomplish that given day. Whether it was paperwork or a home maintenance project, he acted selflessly to provide a better life for my mother, my brother and myself.

Sadly, we lost my beloved father, Rocco, on May 20, 2021 after his incredible fight with small cell lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. My father epitomized a role model – he was the strongest and most amazing husband, father, father-in-law, and friend to many. We are incredibly blessed to have had him in our lives.

Rocco was one in a million. He was humble, kind and always put his family first. He was a man of many talents and hobbies. From working on cars, to building models, to home projects – quite honestly, there were very few times he didn’t have a pair of tools in his hands working on a project.

Much like how my father practiced what he preached, my wife Caitlyn and I have aimed to follow this “every day is a new adventure” as our own mantra, as we now navigate life in his absence.

As the result, we have made the decision to train and participate in the 2021 New York City Marathon with Team Continuum and run in memoriam of my father Rocco. Team Continuum aims to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care. With respect to my father’s own battle, this cause is very near and dear to our hearts.

Your support of our fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and we deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement as we take on this feat in memory of our father.

Nick & Caitlyn


  • Fundraising Goal: $6000

  • Amount Raised: $8010

  • Current Race: 2021 TCS New York City Marathon

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Becky Harding says

Go Nick go! Good luck!

Jared Haverson says

Run Nick Run!

Gabrielle Root says

Good luck Nick- so proud!

John Akey says

Run for those (me) who just can’t.

August Delia says

Good for you!

Maxwell Weberman says

Get it done dude!

Andrew Dennis says

Never stop pushing towards your goal.

Mike Augliera says

Good luck

Matt Hannaford says

God speed

J.B. Aliyu says

Get after it Nicky!

Patrick Dunn says

good luck Nick

Mike Reilly says

lots of vaseline, and tape the nips. God speed!

Dahna Bishop Bishop says

Good luck Nick!

Anna Harabosky says

Great cause. Good luck!

Katie Lewery says

Go Nick! ❤️

Love, Katie and Sasha

Jeanne Ferrante says

185 Todt Hill Road

Hershal Dave Dave says

The faster you run the less time you have to spend running. Get after it brother



Kristie DiTomasso DiTomasso says

Good luck!! You got this!!

Alexa Alpert says


Demi Lopez says

Crush it !!!

Cali Lavey Lavey says

WOOOO! Go Nick go!

Wesley Collins says

Did you buy a new pair of shoes just for this? My recommendation is to wear a broken in pair.

Jennifer Pisciotta says

Good luck, Nick!!

Jennifer Pisciotta says

Good luck, Nick!!

Jake Kalmus says

Break out those Nike kicks

Vikramjit Birdi says

Good luck Nick!

Michael Bernardini Bernardini says

Go Get Em!

Andrew Casalino says

Good luck Nick! Proud of you brotha!

Brandon Kappel says

Letsssss goooooooooo!

Kevin Murphy says

Do it for the kids!

Zachary Carlson says

385 Union Ave Apt 2i

Amanda Malloy says

Good Luck, Nick!

Jacqueline Zlevor says

Good Luck, Nick!!

Alyssa Karabin says

Good luck Nick!!!

Lindsay Ramon says

LETS GO!!!!!

Susan Ouyang Ouyang says

Rooting for you guys! Go Nick and Caitlyn!

Stephanie Cooper-Phillips says

Best of luck on this adventure!

Ted Bergeron says

Run like the wind, Nick and Caitlyn! In loving memory of Rocco.

Helen Zhao says

to the moooon!!

Brianna Cook Cook says

Cheering you on, Nick & Caitlyn! Hope y’all are proud of yourselves for taking on this feat–no matter how you perform against your expectations/goals!

Robin Singer says

Go get ‘em!

Daniel Lear says

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Alana Brolly says

Love you! Go kick ass!

Alex Garry says

Crush it, brother.

Matthew Vitebsky says

Run baby run!

Jerry Bonura says

Rocco was a great Father, Husband and Role Model. He raised my best friend and shaped him into the man he is today – who is also a role model to me.
In honor of Rocco giving me my first drink of Johnny Walker Blue, I’m donating the price of a bottle to Nick’s run.

Steve Chieca says

Good luck Nick & Cait!

Michelle Labiento says

The power couple takes on the NYC Marathon! Best of luck to you both, I know Rocco would be proud! Love you both forever!

Diane Ripple says

Good luck!!!

Kerri Salmon says

So proud of you both!!!! xo

Natalie Nick and Mila Kaszei says

Run Nick, Run Cait! So proud of you guys. Hope your marathon experience is everything and more! Remember the pain is temporary 😉 good luck! Xo

Andreas Chrysostomou says

Good luck to you both!!!!

Katrina Ungar says

Congrats and good luck !!

Calli Tepper says

Great cause! Best of luck to you and Cait!

Elisa Alban says

Best of luck ❤️❤️❤️

Francesca Chiofolo says

Go Nick & Cait! We are so proud of you! Run for Rocco! ❤️

Jonathan DiTringo says

Love you brother.

Katie Lewery says

Love you guys ❤️

So proud of you Nick❤️

Miss you always, Uncle Rocco❤️


God Speed Nick & Caitlyn, proud of you two !!! Roc man, I miss you my brother very very much !!!

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good luck!! Can’t wait to cheer y’all on!

Kaz Sanchez says

My heart and Love is with you and Caitlyn, ALWAYS!
Now go Kick-ass!!!

Christine Stamas says

Go Team Ferrante!!! Love, the Verveniotis Family

Effie and Larry Coyle says

Great cause and your dad would be so proud. Good luck

Rachael Cowell says

Good Luck!

Rick and Maria Aranguren says

Nick and Caitlyn,
We are so proud of you for doing this! #RunForRocco 💜

Jeanne Ferrante says

Nick + Caitlyn, Dad will be with you every step of the way! You guys make an incredible team! I’m so proud of your determination and discipline! I love you so much for doing this!!!! #RunForRocco

Andy, Sharon, Harper Maravegias says

Run, Ferrantes, Run!

Manuel Alban says

Good luck!!!

Annette Kaselis says

Good luck on this new adventure!

Brandon & Nicole Kappel says

Run Nicky Run!

Deanna Alban says

So proud of you guys! Keep up the great work on this adventure… for Rocco!❤❤❤

Lisa Paganis Paganis says

Congratulations Nick and Catilyn running this race in honor of your dad! You got this! So proud of both of you! Love your cousins from Boston, Lisa, Stephen, Stacie, Annalise & Anthony

Joanne Falce says

Good luck Nick & Cait!!
-Love, Joanne & Sean

Matthew De Castro says

Much love to Nick & Cait – great event to support and thank you for your contribution to this cause!

Maryann Bonis says

Hope it’s a fun run

Antonia Lewery says

God Bless,,,,,,,

Karen Lee says

I’m happy to support you team.

kenneth vanecek says

good luck and win

Jennifer Siroky says

Good luck!!

Chelsea & Nick Masotto says

Can’t wait to cheer you guys on! So proud of you both!!

Matthew De Castro says


Matthew De Castro says

Forgot to add donation the 1st time lol, best wishes!

Dorothy Anastasiadis says

Wishing you both good luck!

Vanessa Anastasiadis says

So proud of both of you!! Good luck!!

Maureen Sullivan says

Wishing you a great race, Nick and Caitlyn!

Linda & Mike Chiappone says

For a wonderful cause!! In memory of a wonderful man.

Mary Ann Chinellato says

I knew Rocky many years. He was such a wonderful man. I was so sad to hear of his passing. He certainly will be proud of both of you.

Roseann Vitale says

What a great way to memorialize your father’s life.. I’m sure he is so proud of you both and will be smiling down from heaven.

Roseann Vitale says

What a great way to memorialize your father’s life.. I’m sure he is so proud of you both and will be smiling down from heaven.

Vicki Taylor says

Your Dad would be so proud! Xx

Nick and Elaine Stamas says

Nick and Caitlyn we are so proud of you both. You are both amazing. Way to go….

Nick and Elaine Stamas says

Nick and Caitlyn.. we are so proud of both of you. You are amazing . Way to go….

Margaret Avellino says

Good luck!!!

Jeanne Englert says

Best wishes. Someone special is watching over the two of you

Maryann Bill Fitzgerald says

Lots of Love Cait and Nick! We love and miss you ROCCO 💙💙💙💙💙💙 💙 Love Mar and Bill and Family xoxoxo

Courtney Hoctor says

Good luck Caitlyn!!

Annie Vines says

BEYOND proud of you both. Love you forever, can’t wait to cheer you on ❤️

Denise Russo says

Good Luck Nick & Caitlyn! ♥️♥️
Run For Rocco! ♥️

Family Aranguren says

Wishing both of you the best. Run, run for this wonderful cause. Congratulations.
Hurra! Hurra!! Ferrantes-besitos

Nick Costides says

Best of luck!

Bill & Christine Dempsey says

Have a great race!

Jody Brower says

What a great way to honor your dad!!
Good luck! You guys got this.

Suzanne Rowan says

Best of luck on your new adventure! You are honoring your Dad in such a fantastic way!

Suzanne Biangasso says

Good Luck!!!!

Jonathan Weiss says

If you win the whole race I’ll be a Knicks fan.

Ryan Ferrette says

Run forest

James Komorowski says

Good luck guys!!!

Aaron-Taylor Austin Austin says

the future is now!

Steve Sachs says

Good luck!

Chris Aranguren says

Go guys go! Yall got this easy 💪🏼

Susan Failla says

Good Luck Nick and Caitlyn !
Beautiful way to remember your Dad 💙

Amanda Malloy says

Good luck to Nick and Caitlin! Love you guys!

Kathleen Thompson says

Jeanne: much love to you and your family, and best to Nick and Caitlyn!

Jane Joyce says

GOD bless you!!