Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Marilyn Paolillo!

Running the New York City Marathon has been a goal of mine for a while. But as with every goal, it always helps to have some motivation, aside from what to eat after the race, to get you to the finish line.

Recently, my cousin, Frankie, who is just shy of a year old, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Everyone knows that the greatest thing that you can do for a patient is to spend time with them and provide comfort. This becomes difficult for the family of a sick child when they have to worry about the stress of daily life and the bills that come along with it. That is why I joined Team Continuum!

Team Continuum provides assistance with payment of patients’ non-medical needs such as rent, mortgage, utilities, transportation to/from treatment and more, allowing the family to focus on what is truly important, spending time with their loved one.

Your support of my fundraising is vital to Team Continuum’s mission to help Frankie and his family, and we deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

Please leave some encouraging words for Frankie and his family to get them through this battle.

You can make a tax deductible donation on this page or send a check to the address below. Your donation may be eligible for employer matched gifts. Please make sure to note that the donation should be credited towards my fundraiser.

Thank you!

Team Continuum Inc.
1787 Route 6
Carmel, NY 10512

  • Fundraising Goal: $15000

  • Amount Raised: $9450

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Maria DeSarno DeSarno says

741 Craft Ave

Marie Connors Kleshefsky Kleshefsky says



Go Marilyn! Sending prayers Frankie and family’s way.

Kristen Berry says

Thoughts and prayers for the entire family

Anne & mark Hadlock says

Marilyn, what an effort and for such a good cause. Our prayers are with Frankie and his family.

Cassie Paolillo and AJ Massetti says

Sending good wishes to Frankie and the whole family. Good luck with the training…it’s going to be awesome!

MaryAnne Held says

Good going girl hope you reach your goal and everything works out for Frankie!

Hailey MacLaren MacLaren says

Love you so much Mare-bear. You are going to crush it! Will start to brainstorm a fun playlist!

Jackie Befanis says

Go Mar!!! Sending love to your family.

Lisa & Tom Sforza says

What an amazing thing to do for such a wonderful cause. Go Marilyn !

Antonella Spinelli says

Run Ma, run!!! #MilesForFrankie #TeamContinuum

Michelle Spinelli Spotteck says

Best of luck to Frankie! He’s so adorable!

Filomena Riviezzo says

Go Marilyn! You’re doing such an awesome thing for Frankie. May God bless him. Sending thoughts and prayers to all. ❤️

Brosnan & Hegler, LLP Brosnan & Hegler, LLP says

Thoughts and prayers!

Brandon Paolillo says

Good Luck Ma Ma

jamie nematzadeh says

you got this, my superstar!

Janine Politano-Marotta says

Good luck Marilyn! You got this! Thoughts and prayers to the entire family.

Dale and Al Garafalo says

Good luck, Marilyn!!! Good thoughts and prayers to Frankie!

Jolene Tepedino says

My little empanada, Madelyn! You’re going to do amazing, I am so excited for you. Miss you much and love you always, Jolene xo

Joe & Cyndee Paolillo says

Go get it Maaaaaa! Train hard for Frankie. Up to 18 miles already, good for you.

Ramona Kolarik says

I can’t imagine what the family is going through, my prayers are with them. This sounds like a great organization. Good luck with your run!

Jamie Larkin says

Good luck in the race and on your fundraising!
Thoughts and prayers for Frankie and the whole family.

Jamie Larkin says

Good luck in the race and on your fundraising!
Thoughts and prayers for Frankie and the whole family.

Lisa Paolillo says

You go girl! Good luck to you and Frankie!

joanna gunning says

All good things to you and yours…
Will be “storming the heavens…”

Jeanine Erickson says

Best of luck Marilyn! Prayers to your family!

Daniel Humbert says

What a wonderful thing to be doing. good luck.

Maureen Newman says

Good Luck Marilyn. Frankie is lucky to have such a special cousin.

Antonio Amato says

Wish you the best of luck with the Marathon. What a great thing you are doing!!!

Leanne Myers says

Marilyn, Good Luck on your run! Thoughts and Prayers for little Frankie and your family.

Rachel Cooperstock says

Good luck on your race! Shayna can’t wait to come and cheer you on, especially for this great cause.

Aimee Mongelli says

My motivational race words for you…”Get on the horse!” Good luck and you are awesome!
Prayers for Frankie and family! xoxo

Mary and Paul Mongelli says

Good luck Marilyn! May your determination for this noble cause be rewarded with Frankie’s good health! Sending positive vibes to Frankie and the entire family. You go girl?

Dana Thul says

Good luck Marilyn! I’ll be cheering extra loud for you on marathon Sunday! So proud of you!

Angela Paolillo says

Can’t wait to see you finish and check it off the list! Of course I will be waiting with your snack of choice at the finish line! If you need a sub, I will take the first mile 🙂

Dana Epstein says

Proud of you!! Sorry I can’t be there on Marathon Sunday to cheer you on but I know you’re going to do great!

Alejandro Colman Colman says

You better come in 1st place!

Cathy Paolillo says

We love you Ma Ma and are so proud of you. Can’t wait to see cheer you on!! Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing for Frankie! The stuffed shells will be waiting. Love, Mom and Dad

michael paolillo paolillo says

506 mt. hope rd

Stephen D Ostrow Ostrow says

Good luck Marilyn!! Make sure you go to the bathroom before 😉
Molly plans on being there with a sign (weather permitting)!

carol & bill paolillo says

You go girl! Sending prayers & wishes to Frankie and family 🙂

Lynn Paolillo says

Run Marilyn Run. Keep your pace. keep your head up run your race Have fun Live to your cousin.

M. Lilley says

good luck!

Joe Degeilh says

Best wishes to the little Dude Frankie!! Marilyn, I agree with Alijandro…1st Place!

Chris Paolillo says

Run forest run

Johnny Sita says

Go Ma!

Anthony (Tony) Baccale says

Great thing you are doing for you little cousin. You go Mar!!! Lots of Love!!!!

Audrey Schein says

Good for you! ?

Natalie Fuld says

So proud of you! Wish I was there to see you cross the finish line!!!

Leticia Caballero says

Good luck Marilyn!! Get it get it!! Sending my thoughts and prayers to Frankie and family too

Derek Samuelson says


Maria and Marty Linker says

Go Marilyn Go! It’s a caring and thoughtful cause for Frankie. We would love to be there at the finish line with you. Aunt Maria and Uncle Marty

Theresa Chandler says

Good luck, Marilyn!!

Lucy Wagner says

I meant to do this weeks ago! So proud of you Mar for raising funds for such an important and personal cause and for finishing your first marathon!