Welcome to the Fundraising Page for melissa O’Connell!

I have joined Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $4415

  • Current Race: 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

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owen deneny says

Good Luck !!

Ray Hart says

All the best, Melissa. Don’t stop running! thank you

Christine Russo-Mayer Russo-Mayer says

Good Luck Melissa – this is a great cause

Tom Byrd Byrd says

Best of luck!! Have a great run!!

John Thompson says

Great work Melissa! Very impressive effort for an amazing cause.

Michael Schatzberg says

Have a great Race!!!

mike nicolosi says

Good luck.

Deborah Kilmer says

Go Girl!

Meghan Pribeck Pribeck says

Way to go Melissa!

Megan Weiss says

So proud of you and all your hard work! Way to go, Melissa!

Lisa Carinha says

You’re gonna rock this race!!!!!!

Douglas Turtz says

Great Cause!

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Richard Bruno says

Great cause. Thank you Melissa for bringing this cause to people’s attention.

Alan Crawford says

Good Luck Melissa !

Derek Griffin says

Good Luck

Tara Schoffstall Schoffstall says

14 Ashford Lane

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michelangelo Graziano says

Proud of You. Michelangelo

Vish Patel says

Great cause! Good luck!

Ron Loscri says

2925 Mead Street

Sam Mustafic says

Good luck!

Faze Mustafaj says

Awesome Cause! Best of Luck!!

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Rob Lawyer says

Love from Rob, Jen, Sophia & Cece!!

Tim Smith says

Awesome job! Super pumped for you.

Tony Milano says

Best of luck, Melissa! Will be rooting for you!

Rob Poulton says

Slow and steady, Melissa.

Trish Liscio says

Good luck Melissa!!

Joanna Cirasella says

Go for it!!
Proud xo

Herbert Boynton says

Enjoy the run. Love you. HB