Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Matt Easley!

I have partnered up with Team Continuum to raise funds for Elizabeth’s Hope by running in the 2021 TCS New York City Marathon!

When she was 19 years old, my childhood friend Elizabeth was diagnosed with a very rare brain tumor, gliomatosis cerebri (GC). She took the news with an admirable spark of energy and hope. Before it took her life, just 17 months later, Liz and her family launched Elizabeth’s Hope with the goal to fundraise and support research in partnership with a dedicated laboratory at Weill Cornell Medicine called the Children’s Brain Tumor Project.

Liz was a constant source of joy and filled every room with her bright personality and laughter. The legacy she leaves behind continues to inspire others, change lives and connect people across communities.

My goal is to contribute to Liz’s dream of better treatment options for young victims of brain cancer. I’m honored and grateful for this opportunity to assist with her mission.

Your support of my fundraising efforts for Elizabeth’s Hope is deeply appreciated. Thank you in advance for your consideration and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $4000

  • Amount Raised: $4713.2

  • Current Race: 2021 TCS New York City Marathon

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Elizabeth Bresciani says

Run for the cure!

Michele Sullivan says

Great cause! Can’t wait to see you run!

Connie Easley says

Have a great race Matt. Hope you raise lots of money for this great cause. Love, Mom

Maureen Liantonio says

Good luck Matthew!

Caitlin Pauls says

Happy to help you support this great cause! We will be cheering for you from Colorado! Love, Cait, Matt, Larkin & Jack

Mary C. Walsh Walsh says

Lots of love and well wishes for you Matt – a wonderful tribute to your friend!
XO – The Slyne’s (Bill, Mary, Carter and furry son Wally)

Lisa, Tom & Will Easley says

Have a great race, Matt! Sorry we can’t be there to see you run but looking forward to seeing you soon!

Frank Liantonio says

Great cause; go Matt!

Joseph McCarthy says

Happy to support a worthwhile cause. Best wishes on a great race Matt.

Eileen McCarthy says

Great cause! Good Luck Matt! Where are we celebrating after the race?

Jane Walsh says

Good Luck Matt!

Ryan Hawkins says

Great cause! Good luck and we’re cheering for you!

Louise Galleshaw says

Success in fund raising Matt . Great run….love Aunt Louise. Uncle Jim

Jane Raymond says

good luck, Matt!

Rodrigo Amboss Amboss says

Go Squeeze Go!

Robert Anderson says

Glad to be able to support a great cause — keep up the good work!

Gail / Robert Brown says

Go Matt!!

Jack Manley says

Good luck, and thanks for doing this.

Caroline and Michael Bond says

Go Matt!! We’ll be cheering you on!

Jen Knight says

In memory of Liz. Best of luck Matt, hope you are well!

Monica Fleming says

Great Cause, Good Luck. WilBe Cheering You On

Dick Harkness says

Good Luck Matt!

Robert Easley says

Go for it Matt! Great effort for a great cause! Have a great run!

Wyatt Sparks says

Run Squeeze Run! Thanks for Continuing to Support EH 🙂

Kelsey Markiewicz says

Amazing effort and heart going into this special cause. Way to go, Matt!

Emma Hill says

Good luck Matt! Thank you for remembering Liz💙💛 The Minter Family

Johnny Royal Royal says

We should all do what you can……………….. Johnny & Crystal

Olivia Bruton says

Good luck! Will be thinking of you and Liz on Sunday!

Emily Strattman says

You got this uncle Matt!

Alexa Sellecchia says

Good luck Matt!!

Justin Muzzi says

Good luck Matt!

Patrick McGrath says

Go Matt! (and this is a great cause)

Annette Doskow Doskow says

Have a great run!

Katie Aquino says

Good luck, Matt! Happy to support such a great cause.

James Guajardo Guajardo says

Good luck in the Marathon, Matt!

Eileen and tom Larkin says

Run a great race we will be cheering for you Matthew…Love Aunt Eileen and uncleTommy 👏🏻👍🏻❤️

Chanler Rutherfurd says

So proud of you!! Good luck! Xx Chan

Erin Hackett says

Good luck!! #loveforliz

Kara Walsh says

Go Matt!!

Brad Taylor says

Good luck out there tomorrow!

Chris Teague says

Considered moving to Colorado after seeing how easy it was for you to run that marathon haha. Great job for an amazing cause!

Keri Sullivan says

Keep sharing her story! Xx

Sheryl Knapp says

In support of Elizabeth’s Hope and to Matt for running the NYC marathon.