Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Kelsey Lyle!

Hello Everyone!

This year I am taking my fundraising efforts to Berlin Germany!

I have teamed up with Team Continuum in order to help raise money for pediatric cancer patients and their families. In my fundraising effort, I hope to help families cope with expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care.

Your support is vital to Team Continuum’s success. I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement as I spread awareness & prepare to run 26.2 miles at the 2019 Berlin Marathon!


  • Fundraising Goal: $3500

  • Amount Raised: $3601.2

  • Current Race: 2019 BMW Berlin Marathon

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Brett Connole says

27 West 16th Street
Apt 3A

Scott Boyle says

Go Kelsey!!

Fred and Joan Lyle says

Good Luck and be safe!
Uncle a Fred

Maegan Vaz says

Go Kelso!!!!After party and the address listed under “Brett Connole”

Kate Mike and Mia Zummo says

Kick butt great cause

Jo Emann says

Good luck Kelsey!! What a great cause!
Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo

Nicole Grossi says

Rock it girl!!!

Lisa Lyle says

You go girl!!
Love Mom & Dad

ondine Lamstein says

Good Luck!Ondine

Diana Schade says

Go Kelsey!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Ashley Afriyie says

I’m so excited to be running and going thru this journey with My Soul Sista!!! I can’t wait to go to Market after the race with you! XOXO – You’re gonna kill it!

Will Cooper says

Go Kelsey!!

Amanda Black says

Run Kelsey Run!

Keely Thune says

Good luck!!

Allison Novak says

Run run run for those sweet baby angels! Good luck!!!

Emily Nahas says

Go Kelsey! x

Marc Metrick Metrick says

Run, run, run…You better finish the race before me!

Michael and Jessica Parciasepe says


Julietta Fusaro says

You go gurlllllll!

Robert Finney says

Keep up the good work!

Gina Wolf says

Good luck!! So proud of you!!
❤️Gina & Matt

Kevin Spies says

Good luck kels!!!

Sharmaine Harrison says

You GO girl!! you’ll be the most fashionable gal to cross that finish line!

Tracy Margolies says

Go Kelsey!

Jamillah Davis says

GO Kelsey GO!!!
So proud of you ??‍♀️??

Kate Butler says

Go Kelsey! xx

ROOPAL Patel says

So proud of you and all that you do Kelsey! What an inspiration! xo


Run like the wind, Kelsey! And enjoy every moment of it. xx

Lisa Cox Cox says

Go Kelsey go!!!

Molly Melendez says

You’ve got this!! Xo

John Ryan Lyle says

You go girl.

Shannon Britton says

Go Kelsey!! Okurrrrr

Carleigh Zielinski Zielinski says

Here we gooooo! Making our miles count 🙂

Anna Kigel says

You got this!! ⭐️??‍♀️??

Allison Novak says

GOOD LUCK! Wish I could be there!!

Kiley Colombo says

Get it girl!! xx

Lauren Bogosian Bogosian says

You go girrrlll!!! So Savage! xo

Cleo Davis-Urman Davis-Urman says

giving “it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon” a whole new meaning! proud of you!xo

Betty Wang says

Go Kelsey!!! Love the cause – Bettt

Jen Ah says

You got this!

Lubna Abbassi says

Good luck Kelsey! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to catch you at one of the stops…
Hottie on wheels! Love you, God Bless!! xx

Leah Huff says

Incredibly generous of you to commit so much time & effort to this cause. Good luck with training. ❤️

Michael and Jessica Parciasepe Parciasepe says

Kick den Marathon Hintern!

Mary Tuttle Imboden says

YAY! Good Luck!

Love you!!

Lindsey Schmidt says

RUN, GURRRLL!! RUN!!! Pretty darn great thing you’re doing. Thank you.

Kate Ruque says

Good Luck!!

Lisa Hom says

Good Luck Kelsey! Wish I could witness it in person :D. I’m sure you will be amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pics.

kelly burkett says

Go Kelsey Go! Xo – The Burketts

Kym Hyde says

Good luck!! So jealous you are running this race!!!

Dayna Ziegler says

Go Kelsey!!

Joshua Markowitz says

Good luck Kelsey. Such a great cause.

Lisa Lyle says

We are so proud of you!! Love you Mom & Dad

Jo Emann says

Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo wish you luck. What a great cause!!!

Mike,Mia,Kate Zummo says

Proud of you

Nicole Grossi says

So excited for you! Germany is going to be a great experience 🙂

Ashley Afriyie says

I’m so proud of you my Soul Sis! You’re gonna kill it in the Berlin #market #kelseydoingthings <3Also love and s/o to my Team Contiuum #squad xoxo

Allison Novak says

Kelsey, you beautiful tropical fish. Run your sweet little heart out and you’re not not going to crush it!

Sara Maloy says

Good luck!!

Maegan Vaz says

Get it Kelso!!

Cleo Davis-Urman says

Go, Kelsey. So proud of you!

Molly Melendez says

Proud of you! Xo

Emily Nahas says

Go get ’em, Kelsey! xo

Michal Labno says

Keep killin’ it!

Angeline Bonin says

Go Panda!

Emily Essner says

Go Kelsey!!!

Betty Wang says

Kelsey -you make us proud!

Tracy Margolies says

Way to go Kelsey!!

Brett Connole says

Go kels! i’ll try not to put my address this time

Cara Enright says

Love you ms speedy lady!!!!!

Lauren Bogosian says

Go Kels Go!!! We love you!!
-Bogs and Steve

Bernie Gutierrez says

Good Luck Kelsey!

Sebastiaan Parys Parys says

14 Stuyvesant Oval

Kiley Colombo says

Go Kels go!! xx

James Molesworth says

Get it, girl!

Ferdinando Paventi says

Go Kelsey!

Alison Moodie AM:PR New York says

Good Luck!!! Thank you for running for such a great cause! ❣️

Tasha Lawrence says

See you in Berlin!! 😬😬

Tasha Lawrence says

See you in Berlin and good luck!! 😬 #bktctakeover

Cheryl Donald says

You will crush Berlin Kelsey, it’s been a blast training with you! #BKTC

Sarah Thompson says

Can’t wait to run Berlin! You’re going to crush it. Good for you for raising money for such a good cause xoxo

Arash Noori says

Good luck. Berlin is going to be amazing.

Casey Winston says

Go Kels!!!

King Chong says

Good Luck Kels!!!

Frederick Lyle says

Marathon?!? I hear it’s Octoberfest time!Either way, have fun!Fred and Joan Lyle

Carleigh Zielinski says

You go girl!!! You’re amazing! I’m so excited for you!

Alistair Connal says

Good luck!

Anna Kigel says

Go Kelsey!!!

Kim O’Hanlon says

Go Kelsey! Have a great race!

Ryan Welsh says


Annica Lin says

Good luck Kelsey! You will do so well.


Roopal Patel says

So Proud of you Kelsey! Thank you for inspiring us! xo. Roopal