Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Francesca Rossi!

I have joined Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3892

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Mary M says

you go girl!!!

Kerry Piorkowski says

Wish I could give the whole $1,000!!! You perfect girl you…..Run Run Run! Good luck!

Michelle Pepe says

Heck yeah!

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Go Frankie!

Carol Giaconelli says

Good luck!!!

Stacey Caracciolo says

Go Team Continuum! Good Luck Frankie!

Joanne Jamotta says

Frankie, you’re a dear one

Odile de Candia says

You go girl!

Odile de Candia says

Go Girl❤️

Charles Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca, love you Poppi

joe rossi says

Good luck – I love you

Janet Ventiere says

Go Frankie Go!!

Julia Paternoster says

You rock

Alex Casale says

Hope you’re as bougie running as you are at everything else

Linda Basile says

Go Frankie Go!!

Natalie Lesko says

Good luck choo! XO

Doreen Astarita says

Go get em Frankie! Run baby run xo

Andrea Rossi says

Go Frankie, I love you ❤

Carole Rossi says

Proud of you Francesca . . . I Love You . . . Grandma

Gina Cerniglia says

You got this Frankie!

Christopher Chiofolo says

You’re number 1!!!

Maria Waring says

So proud of you!!! xo

Christine Baynes says

So proud of you!!!! GOODLUCK!

Jason Koehl says

2133 45th Rd

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good Luck!!!

Genovese Family says

Good luck Frankie! We love you!

Arielle Genovese says

So proud! Good luck!!! ❤️

Roz and Anthony Genovese says

Good luck Frankie! Love Grandma Roz and Anthony

Nick Mavromoustakos says

If you survive this (doubtful), I’ll order you another pink drink.

Christine Baynes says


Michael Gebert says

Good luck Frankie

Natalie Kaszei says

Can’t wait to run my first marathon with you by my side! Love you!

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Run Frankie Run

Linda Basile says

Run Frankie Run!

Joe and Carla Rossi says


Vinnie Tesoriero Tesoriero says

Way to go Frankie!

Michelle Pepe says

If anyone can do this, you can!!

Michael Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca, you got this!

Erin Goode says

SO proud of you! Run your little heart out 🙂


Don’t stop until you see the blood vessels in their eyes

Sylvester Russo says

All my Best

Marlene Baez Marlene Baez says

Warms my heart….You’ve got this! GOOD LUCK 🙂

Craig B says

Good luck on the race!! You have a bunch of people supporting you here 🙂

Josh Sklanka says

Good Luck!

Mary Dorrie says

Good Luck Frankie!!!!! Why to go

Gina Sgroi Sgroi says

Way to go Frankie!!

Nancy Guilbert says

Woo hoo for you, my friend! You’ll be fabulous. I’ll do my best to come and cheer you on. xoxox

Huma Javed says

So proud of you, Frankie! Good luck with training & will be cheering you on across the finish line!

Huma Javed says

So proud of you, Frankie! Good luck with training & will be cheering you on across the finish line!

Ashley Gyscek says

Inspiring! Good Luck!! 🙂

Tanya Bracco Bracco says

Great cause! Great dedication! Great gal! You go!

louise radifera says

If it helps you can have all the popcorn you want

Paul Montagni says

Go Frankie good luck and go get them

Maria Waring says

You are amazing!!!! Can’t wait!

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Pace yourselfand bring it on home!

Brandon Koehl says

if you dont beat my time i want my money back

Aida Pepe says

Good luck!!! Go Frankie!

Erica Munisteri says

Can’t wait to cheer you on! ?

Joanne Jamotta says

Good for you!!

Chris Chiofolo says

Love ya

Nicolette Giaconelli says


Nicolette Giaconelli says

You got this cuzzie!!!

Carol Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca

Charles Giaconelli says

Forza Francesca!!! Love you Poppie

Amy & Joel Joel Nelson Nelson says

Good Luck Francesca!!! It’s a pleasure to support your run!!!

Louis Giaconelli says

Good going Frankie

Gina Arresta says

You go girl!!

Alex Casale says

This money is only good if you tell CAROL at the finish line!

Iris Buckner says

Great cause running for a cure…you go!!

Deborah Mongiello says

Good luck Frankie!! ❤

Luis & Janet Lopez says

God Bless Frankie on your 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. Enjoy the run! <3

Caitlyn C says

You’ve got this!! Can’t wait!

Victoria Vitobello says

Good Luck!!

Joseph Marcello says

Good luck Frankie

Joan Baynes says

Good Luck Frankie ?

Michael & Gina Cerniglia says

You’re amazing!

Savannah Waranis says

Go frank!