Mark Vetack says

Good luck

michael cavaggioni says

good luck

Monika & Bobby Wenzler says

Good luck on the run and so glad to contribute to such a great cause! Xoxo

Anna Gioni says

Go, Catherine, go! 🙂

Gary Farro says

Good luck!!!

Gina/Steve Pegoraro/Desmond says

Good luck!!!

kris Caren Caren says


Stefanie Spanfeller says

go Cat, go!

kay sides sides says

GO ROCCO! we are cheering from you
kay and HATCh FAM!

Suzanne Johnson says

Proud of my favorite runner!!!!!

Mimi Brucaj says

Good Luck Catherine!

Kelly Petersen says

Go go go! Good luck


Go Rocco!

Philip Pavkov Pavkov says

Good luck with the run!

Joe Mahoney says

As a 20 year cancer survivor, I thank you for running and raising money for this great charity! Wishing you the best for a great race, Tom! You’re training has been phenomenal this winter! Go get ’em!

Jonathan Spoelstra says

Go Tom


Sounds like you are supporting a very worthwhile cause. Wish you a successful run.
We’ll be praying for you.
Max and Ellie

Rosemary Cooney says

Proud of you!

John Halligan says

Go get em Mikey!!

William LOW says

PO BOX 272540

Jennifer Bondanza says

Good luck??

Carolyn Rodriguez says

Ruuuun! Love, the Rodriguezes (of NJ)

JoAnn Fowler says

Thank you for your compassion and dedication. Love you, the Fowlers

Ngawang Paldon says

Good luck!!

Annie and Stephen Driscoll says

Go, Mike, go!!!

Matt Toporowski says

Good luck!

Anna Kull says

Good luck LC!


3305 90TH ST APT 6J

Andy Getz says

Go get em Corey!

Paul Kilpatrick says

Could not support a better cause or a better man!!!

hunter shkolnik says

you better come in first place!!! this is the best race I ever ran. good luck

Brian Wenzler says

Good luck you crazy kids.

Deborah Labelle says

Run for justice

David Shipley says

I have known Corey since 1999 but I didn’t know he had the desire, let alone the endurance, to run 13.1 miles! Good luck Corey. Pace yourself!

Joyce McLeary says

Go, Chesley, Go!!

sabina & rocco scazzariello says

Go Corey!!!

Stefanie DELGADO says

Love you!!!

Marc Galasso says

GoodnLuck Grace and Mike!!!!

James Feldesman says

Good luck

Lois and Michael Butler says


kathy bronstien says

good luck Chez!!! we know you can do it!! hopefully no snow!!!

Susan Cowie says

Good luck, lovey!

Winefride Olaksen says

Good luck to my favorite granddaughter!

Adam Green says

good luck!

Victoria Barbino says

9 Park Dr

Nate Poirier says


Nate Poirier says


Daniel Weiss says

Congrats on running the race!

Christine Manzione says

You got this Rob!

Andrew Macina says

Go get em Rob

Lisa Orlando says

Good luck !

Domenica DiAngelo says

We are Proud of all your accomplishments.

Robert & Elaine DiAngelo says

Robert, We are so proud of you. Mom & dad

Brian Bock says

Run Coop Run!

Mark Luongo says

Good Luck!

Alex Cooper says

Go Team Continuum!

Calvin Alava says

We love you !! Kick ass !!

benoit haber haber says

2303 14th St. NW #608

Kristi Evans says

This is a great cause. Good luck in the race!

Kenneth Fust says

Good luck on your run!

Dory Kim says

All the best and hope all is well!

Dory Kim says

All the best and hope all is well!

Dory Kim says

All the best and hope all is well!

Kabir Thind Thind says

32 Mission Bay Drive

Jordan Lieb says

right on!

Frankie Verhaalen says

Good Luck!

Charlotte Edelman says

So awesome. We will be cheering you on!

Jill & Bob Bodian says

Congrats Daniel! So awesome of you to do this for such a worthy cause! Go get ’em! xo, Jill & Bob

Carol Bledaoe says

Run Francis Run

Carlos Santamaria says

Our world need more people like you in it. Much respect!

Jeni Joyce says

Good luck! So proud of you! Love you!

Richard Brunelle says

This is awesome 🙂


Wish I could donate more!

Tom McKeon says

Love your music. Awesome you’re running for such a great cause. Best of luck!

Sam Packer says


Wishing you all the best, what a great cause!

-Sam from Proton in Dallas, TX

Varenka Ruiz says

Love, love, love! ❤️

Guy Strohmeier says

Way to go Moose! So proud of you.

Melissa Cohn says

Happy to support !

Susannah Ludwig Ludwig says

121 Rapelye Street

Michael Kolodny says

Good luck!

ilan bruhim says

271 Madison avenue
Suite 401

Lincoln Wettenhalll says

Go Andrew!

Gail & Steven Baker says

We are so proud of you Andrew! Always pushing the limit and now adding to help raise money for pediatric cancer…way to go!!!

Mike Seilback says

Nice work!

Melissa Marinelli says

Good work Andy!!

Melissa Olson says

Good luck!!!

Ken & Devra Kanter says

So proud of all your efforts Andrew! Good Luck!

Steven Tacher says

Way to go Andrew !

Julie Cooper says

What a wonderful cause that positively impacts the life of those who are suffering and sick. I am so proud of you and your dedication and devoting to improving the lives of others. You have always accomplished all that you have set out to do

Tal Akabas says

Good luck!

Dennie Lieber says

15533 E. Jojoba

Dean & Jack Lucas says

Run Fast, Aunt Emmy! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! <3

Kim Bennett says

Go girl. I am running with you in my
Heart and soul

Dean & Jack Lucas says

Run Fast, Aunt Emmy! We Love You!!!!!

Kathryn Lucas says

Run Fast, Aunt Emmy! We Love You!!!!! – Dean Michael & Jack Andrew

Kathryn Lucas says

Run Fast, Aunt Emmy! We Love You!!!!! – Dean Michael & Jack Andrew

Jaclyn Baner says

Go Big Bro Go!!!! Proud of you ! Love you


Good Luck????

Alan Perlowitz says

Good luck my man! Proud of you!

Daniel Bokol says

Best of Luck, Andrew!!

Ori Morag says

Best of luck!

aivaras smilingis smilingis says

2815 cordgrass rd

Nicole Bordges says

Good luck, francis! Love you ❤️

Marina Burini Burini says

330 Wythe Avenue
Apt 5D

Shane Davis Davis says

101 Lafayette Ave 16H

Bryan Armalavage says

706 Gaskill St SE

Chad Kinkle says

Give me a call when you get a chance. 615-516-3026

Michael Grattaroti says

Thanks for your support to a great and needed cause! Hope it’s fun and goes awesome!

Eric Luftig says

Good cause

Eric Stam says

Good luck! Great cause!!!

Danielle And Michael Minor says

We love you and are so proud of you!!!!!

Darren Seilback says

Way to go!

– The BK Seilback

Caryn Paer says

Congratulations on your huge accomplishment!

Steven Eckler says

Go get ’em, Francis!

Jeanine Carollo says

Good luck Tob

Ata TEKIN says

18-B 1500 ALBERNI ST.

Lauren Greenberg says

Let’s go, Seth!!!

Linda & Kevin Linda & Kevin says

See Coop’s comment.


Linda & Kevin Linda & Kevin says

See Seth’s comment.


Ellen Bachner says

Run Seth tun

Ellen Greenberg says

$673.20? What kind of crazy # is that? I like normal numbers, so I’m donating $26.80 to round it up for now. This donation is just for fun- I’ll also make a legit one. Ps- let me know if you preferred the odd number and I’ll make my next donation a weird amount.

Lauren Jonas says

Good luck!!

Louis Donoso says

If we were all united, the world would be different.

Carlos-Rita Cordero says

It is our pleasure to join this fundraising to honor this beautiful cause, specially Alejandro, who is our nephew and also to other children who suffer this condition.
Hopping some day this terrible decease will be eradicated from the face of the earth.
With Love Carlos and Rita.

Gail McCormack says

You go John!!

Anthony Pallone says

John you rock!!!

mike eastwood says

good luck

Edward Craig says

Good luck John!

Steve Kaminsky says

A great man for a great cause. Go get em Jnas
I’ll say hi when i run by you 🙂

Nicole Marzillo says

Thank you for running for those who have been affected by this disease. We’re cheering for you, GOOD LUCK!!



diane gartner says

you are amazing! Good Luck with your challenge!

diane gartner says

you are amazing! Good Luck with your challenge!

Calvin Alava says

Go Rob!!!

Anthony Mele says

Good luck!

Theresa Naso Naso says

Good luck!

Danny Massmann says


lori nash says

We are so incredibly proud of you. Keep up the great work!
Lori & Mike

Bree Marie Mullin says

10454 Gunpowder Falls Street

Felicia Muzzio says

Love Felicia & Ro

Joanne Macina says

Just Do It!!!

Dominick DiGiorgio says

Good luck brother, run like the wind!

Joan Morgan says

I will be donating $30,00 for Robert Diangelo cause

Ellen (for Jessie) Greenberg says

Seth- Jessie is my manicurist and she always asks about you. I told her today about the marathon. I didn’t solicit her for a donation and she gave me $20. I’d appreciate if you’d thank her.

Allyson Nusser says

Great cause- Go Rob!

Dina Gurney says

Best wishes Emily…you will rock!

stephen f horney horney says

Go get ’em John!

Pat Gill says

Praying for your safety and stamina!

Trrry Lucas says

Love you!

owen deneny says

Good Luck !!

Ray Hart says

All the best, Melissa. Don’t stop running! thank you

Christine Russo-Mayer Russo-Mayer says

Good Luck Melissa – this is a great cause

Tom Byrd Byrd says

Best of luck!! Have a great run!!

John Thompson says

Great work Melissa! Very impressive effort for an amazing cause.

Michael Schatzberg says

Have a great Race!!!

mike nicolosi says

Good luck.

Deborah Kilmer says

Go Girl!

Meghan Pribeck Pribeck says

Way to go Melissa!

George Corona III says

Good luck, Francis! Great cause.

Richard West says

Go francis. xx

Megan Weiss says

So proud of you and all your hard work! Way to go, Melissa!

Mary Ann McLean says

“Good Luck Francis” XOXO’s

Taimur Agha says

Francis good luck with the run my friend. Gina and I are donating for the cause !! xx

Tim Mullin says

A true humanitarian! I wish you the best and see you soon! Have Fun!

Tim and Kim

Alex Candelario says

Aloha Chris,

Enjoy the run.

All the best,


Melissa M says

Proud of your dedication Francis – thank you for helping this cause and making lives easier during difficult times.

afshin mottaghi says

Congratulations from the Flash Family!

Lisa Carinha says

You’re gonna rock this race!!!!!!

Kalyani thiruchelvam says

Sending good vibes for your run

best, kelly thiru

brandon wolcott says

395 st johns pl

Netanel Ginor says

We support you with Honor and pleasure. Natti, Natalie Aidan, Shyli and Kaia Ginor

Michael Gitlin says

Good luck Mike … great effort and cause.

Ravi Sharma says

Great cause!

howard kra says

Safe travels, good luck!!

Tom Mullin says

Good Luck and have fun!

Frankie Verhaapel says

Good luck!

David and emma Kluger says

Go get em Michael

Emil Abramyan says

11520 Odessa Ave.

Michael Schrager says

Good luck.

Scott Agi says

The note was just as inspirational as your waistline…good luck with the race my friend.

Ethan Coleman says

Awesome, Luis. Good luck and great cause.

Aaron Proctor says

Good luck!

Steven Fuerbacher says

Sounds like fun!
Better you than me,
Run fast!

George Fujioka Fujioka says

Good Luck!

Chris Delson says

Go Luis!

Mark Edelstein says

Rooting for Luis Donoso! Best of Luck!
Mark and Stephanie Edelstein

Kevin Orangers says

Go Lu!

Christine Hogan says

Go Tom, Go!

Joseph Bowen says

Good luck Tom!

Douglas Turtz says

Great Cause!

Darin Reed says

Run like the wind, Tom!

Ira Dunkel says

A truly worthy cause!

Matt Strombelline says

Great work brother!

Paul Scotto says


Larry Lawrence says

Happy to support such a great cause and keep you running!!!Good luck!

Eric Ritter says

Go Mike!!!!!

Bruce Prescott says

Mike we are so pleased to support you and all your charitable endeavors. We are so happy that you are running for a great cause. Best wishes– The Prescott Family

Mike and Dani Kaiser says

Incredibly inspiring – we are so excited for you to experience the NYC Marathon and run for such an incredible cause. Can’t wait to cheer you on!

Greg McMullen says

Best of luck Tom… really admire what you’re doing.

Malcolm Borg says

Run steady and quickly.

Thomas E. Molnar Molnar says

with love, from Mom and Dad

Peter McCorry says

Run Mike Run

Eric Kahan says

Good luck will be cheering for ya….(photos too)…..

Eric, Allison, Gregory, Noah, Carly

Laura Bramson says

Go Mike! Enjoy the race. Proud of you.

John Randolph says

in honor of Vicki Hassell, sister-in-law and cancer survivor

Léah Lazonick says

Great cause! Go Francis! (Run, Francis, Run!)

Steve Lillienstein says

Fantastic of you to raise money through the marathon, Seth. It’s a pleasure to contribute through your efforts. r Have a great race, Seth!

Amy Tuller says

Good Luck!
Amy & Andy Tuller

Léah Lazonick says

Great cause! Go Francis! (Run, Francis, Run!)

Janice Levy says

Good luck, Seth! You can do it!

David & Tina Fitzpatrick says

You go boy!

Leah Lazonick says

Go Francis! Run, Francis, Run!

Wendy Brotman says

Alex, Uncle David & I admire you for everything you have done & are doing in your life. Your sensitivity to others is one of your greatest attributes. We are thrilled to support you in this special endevour! Can’t wait to track your progress in the Marathon with Tteam Continuum. Best of luck! Love you tons, Aunt & Wendy & Uncle David

Vaughn Harvey says

Good luck mate! My sister is traveling all the way from Sydney to run this too. I’ll be in Mid-town cheering you both on!

Gloria Layne says

We’re proud of you!

Alexander Briker says

Good Luck!

Sean Ostrower says

Good Luck Ark!

Matthew Falconer says

5 hours or bust

Jared Feldman says

From Street Mode to Beast Mode! Great cause.

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Richard Bruno says

Great cause. Thank you Melissa for bringing this cause to people’s attention.

Alan Crawford says

Good Luck Melissa !

Lauren/Matthew Arkema/Montgomery says

Our Dearest & Fearless Brother Drew-
We are both proud and in admiration of you for your decision to run the NYC Marathon and for all your training. We are so very proud of your choice to join Team Continuum! Due to our love for kiddos and the fact that causes providing support to patients and families fighting cancer are the most nearest and dearest to our hearts, we are especially proud you are running with Team Continuum!! Train and run smart. Train and run strong. May bravery be with you in your training, on marathon day, and throughout your journey as you as you honor the bravest of kiddos and the bravest of families. This is a journey and we support you with our whole hearts.
With all the love and admiration,
Sister LuLu & Brother Monty

Derek Griffin says

Good Luck

Tara Schoffstall Schoffstall says

14 Ashford Lane

Michael Dratch says

Run Melissa Run!

Michelangelo Graziano says

Proud of You. Michelangelo

Vish Patel says

Great cause! Good luck!

Ron Loscri says

2925 Mead Street

William Keane says

Good luck

Sam Mustafic says

Good luck!

Faze Mustafaj says

Awesome Cause! Best of Luck!!

Matthew Cooper says

Good luck!

Juan Landazabal says

Best of luck Tom. Worthy cause and big effort. Congratulations on taking this on.

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Jon Swanson says

Good Luck Melissa!!

Drew Arkema says

For PB and MT

Test User says

Test Comment

Rob Lawyer says

Love from Rob, Jen, Sophia & Cece!!

Pedro Schneider says

Awesome event. Way to go Mike!

Peter Dapuzzo says

Mike, you are my man. Congrats on raising $10,000

brian kelly says

Best wishes. A great cause.

Marc Salant says

My money’s on Drew!!!

Chris Munshower says

Good Cause, Good Luck!

Alvin Burgos says

Take a better picture this time!

Alvin Burgos says

3:30 or bust

Minh Tran says

Good luck and have fun!

Neil Block says

Go Emily!

John Hopper says

Emily, this is a great cause that I’m very pleased to support. Thanks for your hard work. Good luck!

Stephanie A Liff Liff says

Have a great run!


You go girl!

Dresner Family says

Mara, wishing you a great run for a great causeThe Dresner Family

Matthew Petre says

Great cause and good luck

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Julie Pillion says

Beautifully written, Mara! Here’s to another step (or race!) towards a cure. Liz would be so proud of you.


Michael and I are so grateful, proud, and excited!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. xo

Marissa Ellstein Ellstein says

Mara, we are SO proud of you – for your volunteer and leadership efforts around this important cause, as well as for your dedication and drive exhibited in your training for the marathon. We gladly donate to this cause and you! Love, Marissa and Josh

Tracy Nauta says

So proud of you!!!

Ann Krobath says

Way to go Emily!

Nick Sklavounos says

Have a great race!

gail and Jerry Ellstein says


So proud of you!!!!
Gail and Jerry

Sonya (Knapinsky) Payne says

Good luck and have fun!

Nick Stamatiadis says

Worthy cause. Well done Mara.

Deirdre Eliopoulos says

Go! Small but mighty Mara!

Joshua Ellstein says

Good Luck Mara.

Love Abe, Oscar, Rebecca + Josh

Honorata Zaklicki says

Proud of you Mara!

Test Donor says

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Sonja Hildebrandt says

Good luck, Drew!

Sonja Hildebrandt says

Good luck, Tom!

Test Test says

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Sandy and Bill Jordan says

Lots of luck for your race! So proud of you!

Adam Smith says

Go Team!

(there will be a DB match)

Adam Smith says

Go TEAM!(there will be a DB match)

Adam Smith says

Go Team! (there will be a DB match)

Brian Bock says

Go Seth Go!

Gregory Staples says

Go Cooper !

Gregory Staples says

Go Arkema !

Gregory Staples says

Go Farina!

Patrick Gram says

Go Dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!

John Bartnck says

good luck buddy!!

Matthew Sheedy says

Luis, I hope the race is a great experience for you.

Dawn Sukovich says

Behind you all the way!

Theresa Hosseiny says

?? for a great cause. Love you all!

Linda and rich Morrell says

Praying for continued good health for your family and the many families still fighting the fight.

David Niland says

Best wishes to you and your family Luis

David Niland says

Best wishes to Luis and his amazing family

Ed Cunillera says

Have a great Run! All the best, always! Ed(Grimace), Ann and family.

Robert Ballard says

with respect and best wishes to you and your family


For a great cause! Good Luck!
Love, Debra, Mark, Gavin & Maxson

Peter Aloisi says

Good luck to you guys on race day!

John Gross says

Go Emily!


Alex Cooper says

From Grandma and Grandpa

Alex Lepinsky says

Get out FAST and HANG ON !

Alex Lepinsky says

Get out FAST and HANG ON ! ! !

Alex Lepinsky says

Get out FAST and HANG THE F* ON ! ! !

Theresa Simpson says

Great cause Luis! Good luck! You can do it!

James D Fitzgerald James D Fitzgerald says

Have a good run!

Desiree Francis says

Best wishes and good luck with the race!

david dresner dresner says

Good luck Mara!

Chiuyi Chan says

Have fun!

Chiuyi Chan says

Have fun!!

Chiuyi Chan says

Have fun!!

Michelle Gosh says

49 Leonard Street

Andrew Chai says

Good luck Coop!!!

Andrew Chai says

Good luck Drew!!!

Shai Akabas Akabas says

Great that you guys are running for this cause. Good luck!

Kris Olsen says

Good luck bud!

Kris Olsen Olsen says

Good luck bud!

Kenny Bayus says

assume a beam

David Hecht says

Don’t forget to stretch!

David Hecht says

Don’t forget to chicken and rice carbo load!

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Allison Salas says

Good luck to all of you!

Rick Smith says

Good Luck!

Rick Smith says

Good Luck!

Rick Smith says

Good Luck!

Thomas Chu says

You can do eeet!

Thomas Chu says

You can do eeet!

Thomas Chu says

You can do eeet!

Rosemary Quelle says

Good luck, Alex. What a great cause!

Mohan Obilisundar Obilisundar says

5 Peter Cooper Rd.,
Apt 10D

Tony Tsai says

Good luck Seth!

Ross Peet says

Good luck!

Cliff Cook says

Good luck with the race to you, Alex and Drew.

Deborah Boone says

Good luck!

Steve Lynch says

Just do it!

Steve Lynch says

Good luck Coop!

Steve Lynch says

Run hard, run fast!

Howie Herman says


Scott Kane says

Good luck!

Rebecca Pappalardo says

Very impressive!!! I am lucky if I can do 5 miles…. Good Luck. I work with your Dad and I am happy to donate to your cause.

Wagdy Sidrak says

Good luck, enjoy

Michael Rhorer says

Good luck Alex!

Howie Herman says

Good luck Seth!! Party at 110 Highland after the race!

Scott & Laura Rog says

Do it for Flacco!

Scott & Laura Rog says

Will you be wearing the Knicks hat for the occasion?
Good luck Seth!

Alex Cooper says

Thanks to the generosity of DB Colleagues

James Murtha says

In memory of Paul Silvestri

Kristin Rachlin Rachlin says

Amazing! Go Mara, Go!


Curtis Rias Rias says

From Sophie and Curtis
With love and support!

Good luck with the Marathon…

Gus Mountanos says

I am expecting you to finish first!

Allison Zeid Lefkowitz says

Best of luck running the marathon!

Murli Gupta says

Keep it up! You’re my hero!

Murli Gupta says

Keep it up! You’re my hero!

Tim Smith says

Awesome job! Super pumped for you.

Father Richard Rento says

I join Alejandro Donoso and his parents in sponsoring this most worthy cause, hoping that it will help significantly to conquer the disease and assist those who now are bravely burdened with it.

Tony Milano says

Best of luck, Melissa! Will be rooting for you!

Thomas Keeley says

Good Luck dude!

Foram Desai says

What an inspiration and great cause! All the best during the marathon!

Lili Lynton says

Good luck and enjoy every step. Lili

Victoria Pappas Pappas says


Daniel Johnnes says

Allez allez Olivier!!

Sharon & Alan Miretzky says

Go Marams Go!

Foram Desai says

Your story is inspirational! Truly a great cause. Good luck in the race!

Alex Cooper says

Hopefully I run the marathon better than I wager

Kathleen Fino says

Good Luck John, Will be routing for you.

Kathleen Fino says

Good Luck John, Will be routing for you.Kathy

Nicole Gartner says

Good luck love!! So incredibly proud of you!!!

Brian Carley says

Go Olivier!

Danny Massmann says


Frank Derenzo says

Do it

Michael and Elizabeth Hofer Hofer says

Good luck!

Michael and Elizabeth Hofer Hofer says

Good luck!

Catherine Murtha says

To a wonderful son who always thinks of others who loves God’s creatures who has for 15 years raised money in my dad’s honor, dad and I are so proud thanks we love you

Andrea and Jeff Kaminsky says

Go John! We’ll be looking for you and rooting for you!! Much love

Stamatios and Anna Stamos says

GO LUIS!! We are so proud of you!

Kevin Bliss says

Great charity! Go Coop Go! Have a day! You got this!


we love you all, what a great family ! so happy we met you ! <3 <3 <3

Anna McGorman says

Go Chef Go!

Shilpa Lakhani says


Shilpa Lakhani says


Cecile MULLER says

De tout coeur avec toi pour cette course !

Cecile MULLER says

De tout coeur avec toi pour cette course !

Allie Zachar says

Good luck Mara!! ??????‍♀️ xoxo

cynthia ahmuty says

Have a great run! I am sure Elizabeth will be looking down at you when you cross the finish line.

Will Tatz says

Go Luis, you will truly me running with a sense of purpose!

Jacqueline et Jean-Jacques Muller says

Bon courage, nous serons près de toi en pensées.

Stacy Kirsch says

Good luck!!
Stacy, Matt and Sydney

Julie and Brian Cooper says

We are so proud of our champion!!!!!!! You think of others and are running for a great cause. You have a heart of gold and body of steel. You have worked hard for this moment of glory, now enjoy it. Please know that we are always on the sidelines rooting and supporting you. We believe in you today and everyday!!!!!!We are in awe of all that you do!!!!!!!!!!

Julie and Brian Cooper says

Seth, you do everything that you set your mind on. You got this!!!!!! WE can’t wait to cheer you on. After all, someone needs to stand on the curb. Run like you are avoiding a root canal or halothesis!!

Michael & Kathryn Gainor says

We wish you a wonderful race! Go kill it and break a leg! (not literally though)

Tessa Naso says

You are a beast JAN! Love you, you are going to crush it. <3 TMN

Tessa Naso says

Couldn’t be more grateful that Liz brought us together. You are amazing, good luck!! xoxo Tessa

Brett D’Amore says

We also have an Elizabeth in our family who left this earth due to pediatric brain cancer at the young age of 7. More funding needs to allocated to this devastating disease.

Maureen and Bill Barton says

Good Luck!

Lisa Kunstadter says

Go, John!

Ellen Mendez-Penate says

Thank you in honoring a wonderful woman and a very important cause.

Bhavik Kothari says

Top stuff John, Keep it up!

Seamus Kelly says

good luck

Patrick Finan says

good luck my man

Matt Schibanoff says

Good luck on Sunday! …sub 3:00 I’m sure

Neil Higgins says

Best of luck John!

Rob DeLuccia says

Good Luck John

Dianne Rastelli says

Go get it John!

John Short says

Good luck!

Shannon Murphy says

Best of luck!

lindsey yon yon says

125 high st

RIch Conway says

Good Luck! Should be fun after all of the festivities for Aman!

Kevin Finnerty says

Great Cause and good luck buddy!

sarah kohart says

Good luck!

Stephen Kroculick says

Good luck!

Matthew R Cohen Cohen says

211 N END Ave Apt. 6Q

Narayanan Mahesh says

Great cause I am so happy you are doing this, go finish that race John!

Netanel GInor says


Michael Cunius says

Hope you win the NYC marathon. I am really sorry to hear about your friend, my father passed from Multiple Myeloma, so I appreciate you working so hard for the cause.

Brian Fitzgerald says

My beloved wife Kathy just passed from brain cancer, diagnosed in Feb, slipped away in Oct. We need to crush this thing! Good luck John – run strong!

Molly Cornbrooks says

You got this marmar! Proud of you <3

Chris Pavlic says

good luck John

Jatin Suryawanshi says

All the best John!


good luck. cheeseburger = best post race meal.

Petre Inspirescu / Kingdoms says

Go Francis, go! And good luck on your run.

Taylor Klipstein says

Good Luck Naso!

Nathanael and Katina Theofanides says

Go get em uncle Olivier!

Rachel Campanelli says

Go Mara!

Rob Poulton says

Slow and steady, Melissa.

Trish Liscio says

Good luck Melissa!!

Melissa & TJ Sheridan says

Go Louis!!! Love you guys xoxo

Gio Gulez says

Wish you a swift one

Katherine Russell says

Go Emma! So proud of you?

Matt McCue says

Best wishes for a great cause

Ryan Nelson says

Go fast john!

Joanna Cirasella says

Go for it!!
Proud xo

Randy Giveans says

Go get ’em, John! Great cause indeed. Have a fun race! God bless!

Steve Kaminsky says

GO MARA! see you out there 🙂

Lauren Porter says

Run Mara run! So proud of you 🙂

Lindsay Flight says

Amazing & inspiring – good luck!

Jess Demakos says

Good luck Mara!!

Patricia Halloran says

If you run for Liz, it has to be with a big laugh and lots of joy.Pat and Randy

Julie Cantelon says

Go Mara! You are amazing!!!

Ellen & Carl Greenberg says

Part II

Paul Thompson says

Quite the inspiration Seth! Great job and good luck!

J. Paige Grand Pre says

Good luck this weekend, and thanks for running for such a worthy cause!

J. Paige Grand Pre says

Good luck this weekend, and thanks for running for such a worthy cause!

Tyler King says

Good luck!

Heather Finnegan says

Go get um!

Trey and Perry Minter says

Thanks for supporting Elizabeth and the cause! Have a great race!

Trey and Perry Minter says

What a great friend! Thanks for supporting the cause and have a great race!

Mona Clancy Howe says

Elizabeth passed away soon after we met Dr Greenfield who did surgery on my then 4 year old grand daughter.. He makes me proud of humanity. Thank you for your remembrance of your friend !

Rachel Ossakow says

Go OM Go!!!

Alexa Rosenfeld says

Good Luck!

Kelly Whipple says

So proud of you!

Herbert Boynton says

Enjoy the run. Love you. HB

Nitin Kalyan says

Good luck Francis! Great cause. All the best from Tina & I xx

Will Minter says

Will and Hannah Minter- Good luck and thank you!

Will Minter says

Will and Hannah Minter- great work and thank you for your hard work! Have a great race!

The Bonfigs Bonfiglio says

Wonderful and Important Cause … Congrats for Taking on the Challenge, Tom! Good Luck and Enjoy!

John Noonan Noonan says

Good luck John!

Linda Stern says

Good Luck tomorrow Mara! So proud of you running for such a good cause.

Maureen Hackett says

good luck

Despina Stamos says

Go Luis, go!

Donald Nauta says

We are praying for you Emily, good luck

Amy Mortko says

Way to go Emily!!!

debbie sharpe says

Go Mara Go! Love you.

Andrew and Jessica Cambria says

Love you kid! Go get em!

Anne Fifick Anne says

What a great cause! Have a great run Louis! Love, Annie and Amelia

Kendra Iozzo says

Mara we are so proud of you!!! Have a great run!! We can’t wait to track you along the way ? love you!
Kendra and Justin

Pamela Trebach says

Go Luis!!!!!!

Hugo Benalcazar says

Go Luis! and Go Alejandro! You two are truly running together in this race!

Rafael, Carla, Lucas and Simon Donoso says

Wow, go Luis!! We hope you had a great start to the race! Wonderful cause — hugs to Alejandro and Irene.

Jeanne M. Farrell says

Just saw this. Hope you had a great race!!

Nicole Ingemi says

Wonderful cause! All the best to you and your family!!

Annie Gilbert says

Congrats John!!!!
Love, Annie, Jay and family

Joanne Taylor Taylor says

Hi, Mara,
It’s wonderful that you and John do this. I’m sorry we won’t see you at Nate’s wedding Saturday, but I hope you have a great time at your friend’s wedding.

Joanne Taylor says


It’s wonderful that you do this. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

Joanne and Mike

John D’Arcangelis D’Arcangelis says

Way to go James.

Shawn Schwartz Schwartz says

251 Kane Street
Apt 8

Bryant Fields Fields says

PO Box 361
Address #2 (Optional)

Megan Ryan says

Jake and I wish you luck! (And we are uber impressed!) XO

Diane Ripple says

Good luck Caitlyn!!

The Liverano Family says

Giving you all our love & support! We know you can do anything you put your mind to!!! You go girl!!!!! Xoxo

Michelle Labiento says

Love you bad! Best of luck ❤️

Kerri Salmon says

Kick some butt!! So proud of you xoxo ?

Diana Costescu says

Proud of you, Caitlyn!!

Kevin Brolly says

Good luck. Go get em

Mary M says

you go girl!!!

Kerry Piorkowski says

Wish I could give the whole $1,000!!! You perfect girl you…..Run Run Run! Good luck!

Michelle Pepe says

Heck yeah!

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Go Frankie!

Carol Giaconelli says

Good luck!!!

Stacey Caracciolo says

Go Team Continuum! Good Luck Frankie!

Joanne Jamotta says

Frankie, you’re a dear one

Ann and Tom Springer says

We are very proud of you Alex! What a wonderful Cause!

Odile de Candia says

You go girl!

Odile de Candia says

Go Girl❤️

Charles Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca, love you Poppi

joe rossi says

Good luck – I love you

Janet Ventiere says

Go Frankie Go!!

Julia Paternoster says

You rock

Alex Casale says

Hope you’re as bougie running as you are at everything else

Linda Basile says

Go Frankie Go!!

Dan LaPolla says

Good luck Cait! Crush it!

Champagne Papi says

Drinking every night because I drink to your accomplishments. Go get em gurl.

Champagne Papi says

Drinking every night because I drink to your accomplishments. Go get em gurl.

Michel Correa says

Let’s run and help people at same time.

Natalie Lesko says

Good luck choo! XO

Natalie Lesko says

Good luck Kitty! XO

Bill & Christine Dempsey says

You will do great! We are so proud of you!

Jayne Lipkovich says

Good luck guys!!!

Stephanie Goldman says

Great cause. Even great guy. Will always support my friend aaron. Xosteph

Anna Lavina says

Great cause!!! Good luck!!

Doreen Astarita says

Go get em Frankie! Run baby run xo

Andrea Rossi says

Go Frankie, I love you ❤

Carole Rossi says

Proud of you Francesca . . . I Love You . . . Grandma

Gina Cerniglia says

You got this Frankie!

Christopher Chiofolo says

You’re number 1!!!

Jeanna Shapiro says

Have a great run!

Sima Lambert says

You’re so amazing and wonderful helping such important cause

Victoria Li says

Good Luck!! Great Cause!!

Sima Lambert says

Very proud of you guys

Sima Lambert says

Love you guys very proud of you

Maria Waring says

So proud of you!!! xo

Sima Lambert says

Love you guys very proud of you

Sima Lambert says

Love you guys very proud of you

Sima Lambert says

Love you guys very proud of you

Sima Lambert says

Love you guys very proud of you

Sima Lambert says

You’re the best you guys good luck

Sima Lambert says

You’re the best you guys good luck

Sima Lambert says

You’re the best you guys good luck

Craig Spiegel says

Good luck!!!

Dominick & Josephine Fazio says

Good luck

Girdon Stein says

Go Hil!!

Nancy Spehar says

Good Luck Hilary

Matthew Trent says

Best of luck!

Kristi Robinson says

Enjoy the run! ?

Alina Hedaya says

Have a great run!

Christine Barbieri says

Awesome job and good luck Hil! Love, Chrissy and Marianne

Katie Patrick-Burke says

You got this! Good luck on the Half! xo KPB

Wolfgang Starke says

love your idea and Team Continuum’s effort – all the best and good luck .. Wolfgang

Timo Moormann says

Run Rocco Run……What a beautiful Idea, all the best for it!Big hug, Timo and Klara

Teresa Ross says

Good Luck! and Good for You! Rocco!
From The Outside Sales Team!

raffaella ferrari says

go Rocco go !!!!!!

Jacklynn Taylor says

Go Caitlyn!!! So excited for you!!
You got this! XO

Ricardo Aranguren says

Wonderful dear grand-daughter. All the way with all of us . Besitos.

Elisa Alban says

u go girl ❤️❤️

Jenny Fung says

Go Caitlyn!!! Good luck!!

Brian Ambadjes says

Good luck!

george moumouris says


Christine Baynes says

So proud of you!!!! GOODLUCK!

Jason Koehl says

2133 45th Rd

Robert D Pore says

Good luck, Katie! I believe in you. <3

Nicole Olson says

Katie, you are awesome. Brave, strong, sweet, caring… I’m glad you are in the world. Kick this race’s ass!

Mike Noland says

So proud of what you have already achieved

Joseph Longthorne says

Go Katie!

Jeff Ihrig says

Go ROCCO! (..and thanks!!)

Michelle Dunn says

Get it guuuuurl!

Carla Shaner Shaner says

Wowza! Go, woman, go! You are absolutely unstoppable! 🙂

Cathy Venable says

Go, Katie! Your Phantom friends are proud of you!

Ricardo Aranguren says

Very Proud of you Caitlyn. You continue to set goals and surpassing them. Love you Mom and Dad

Yolanda Aranguren says

Good luck!
De Castro family.

Kumi Kamachi says

Rocco!!!Go for the great run!!!Cheers!!!

Karen and Corey Stern says

Go Rocco, go! 😉

James Coleman III says

We all send our love and support! Cant wait to see pictures!! Wish we could be there!

Kaitlyn Labiento says

Good luck and run your little heart out !! ♥️

Becky Harding says

Go Caitlyn! You’re going to crush it!

Becky Harding says

Go Nick go! Good luck!

Jared Haverson says

Run Nick Run!

Gabrielle Root says

Good luck Nick- so proud!

John Akey says

Run for those (me) who just can’t.

August Delia says

Good for you!

Maxwell Weberman says

Get it done dude!

Andrew Dennis says

Never stop pushing towards your goal.

Mike Augliera says

Good luck

Jason Juenker says

Go Katie!! You got this!!

Cynthia Sherbeck says

Hey Katie…. I never do this, putting my credit card info on line… But I will for you and your cause.

Edward Juvier says

Unbelievably proud of you.

Edith Wacksman says

Good luck Katie ??

peter lundquist says

You are one of my heros Katie, good luck.

peter lundquist says

You are one of my heroes Katie, good luck.

Matt Hannaford says

God speed

J.B. Aliyu says

Get after it Nicky!

Patrick Dunn says

good luck Nick

Mike Reilly says

lots of vaseline, and tape the nips. God speed!

Dahna Bishop Bishop says

Good luck Nick!


Go handsome face!!

Bob and Joy Cho says

Good luck Jonathan!

King Adrock says

Good luck bro

Jim H says

Proud of you.

Kathleen Walters says

You are such a strong woman! Thank you for doing this for the kids and their families!

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good Luck Cait!!!!

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good Luck!!!

Anna Harabosky says

Great cause. Good luck!

Katie Lewery says

Go Nick! ❤️

Love, Katie and Sasha

Jeanne Ferrante says

185 Todt Hill Road

Hershal Dave Dave says

The faster you run the less time you have to spend running. Get after it brother

sabina scazzariello says

Run Jonathan Run!

Jim Mayal says


Jim Mayal says


Jim Mayal says


Thales Toniolo says


Leonardo Neves says


Gustavo Rodrigues says


Gustavo Rodrigues says


Emerson Randes Pinha says

Run Forrest Run

Mauro Ribeiro says

Vai com tudo

Andre Nascimento says

Súper iniciativa Michel! Arrebenta la rapaz 🙂



Juliana Augusto says


Jeff Ihrig says

Thanks Jonathan!

Alexsander Werneck says

Go Michel !!!

Matt Bishop says

I hope you win!

Amaru Bustamante Bustamante says

Good luck, Rocco, and well wishes to those children and families dealing with cancer!

Will Autz says

Great cause – good luck Jon!

Kevin Zainea says

It has been too long, Katie. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: you’re a wonderful person and always manage to inspire. Keep on making the world a better place 🙂

Matthew De Castro says

Goooooo Caity!

Márcia Maria Oliveira Duarte says


Kristie DiTomasso DiTomasso says

Good luck- you got this girl!!!

Kristie DiTomasso DiTomasso says

Good luck!! You got this!!

Dominick Fazio says

Good luck

Dominick Fazio says

Good luck

Alexa Alpert says


Demi Lopez says

Crush it !!!

Cali Lavey Lavey says

WOOOO! Go Nick go!

Wesley Collins says

Did you buy a new pair of shoes just for this? My recommendation is to wear a broken in pair.

Jennifer Pisciotta says

Good luck, Nick!!

Jennifer Pisciotta says

Good luck, Nick!!

Jake Kalmus says

Break out those Nike kicks

Jennifer Wylie says

Good luck to you!!!

Vikramjit Birdi says

Good luck Nick!

Michael Bernardini Bernardini says

Go Get Em!

Andrew Casalino says

Good luck Nick! Proud of you brotha!

Diana Costescu says

So proud of you, Caitlyn! You’re a superstar!

Brandon Kappel says

Letsssss goooooooooo!

Kevin Murphy says

Do it for the kids!

Antonio Richardson says

Proud of you brother!

Zachary Carlson says

385 Union Ave Apt 2i

Andrea Palazzi says

Good luck!

Amanda Malloy says

Good Luck, Nick!

Kerry Alvarado says

You got this!!

Jacqueline Zlevor says

Good Luck, Nick!!

Alyssa Karabin says

Good luck Nick!!!

Jason Sanders says

Team Sanders-Wehr is cheering for you and and your great cause!

Jason Sanders says

Go Jonathan! Team Sanders-Wehr is cheering for you and your great cause!

Lou Stellato says

Go, Pete!

Lindsay Ramon says

LETS GO!!!!!

Raja Sandhu Sandhu says

Good luck Pete

Abby Zampier says

Go Pete! F*ck Cancer!

Shawn Reber says

Best of luck Peter!

Donna Tine says

Good luck Pete – happy to support you in your efforts to support this important cause!

Kerrie Blumberg says

To a great guy running for a great cause. Thanks for your hard work. Love you Pete!

Pam Vastardis says

Go Pete Go! Xoxo P, B, & L

Brenda & Steve Cuomo says

Go Pete! Cheers to a fantastic cause!

Casey Pierce says

Go Pete!!! Go!!

Kelli George says

Big hugs ❤️

Billy Halpin Halpin says

Nice work Pete, best of luck Xxx

Ashley Grillo says

Wahoo- you got this!

Ashley Grillo says

Good luck!

Brian Greene says

Go get ’em, Pete!

Talbott Taylor says

Love you, Tim,Christina and Tab

Nathan Frye says

Go Pete Go!

Katrina Cheban says

Way to go Samsam!

Jenny Taylor says

Good luck!

Dietmar Hirt says

Samsam, go for it! Good for you

Patrick Orban says

Super Sam Sam

Bruna Partiti says

Good luck! 🙂

Rafael Coutinho says

Amigão, vá e vença!

Dietmar Hirt says

Great project. You can do that!

Bradley Wegner says

I feel like it’s a marketing ploy that I’m putting you over the top… F*CK CANCER!!!!!

Brendan Feeney says

Crush it!

Sirfraz Khan Khan says

115 west 30th street
Apt 207

Julia Taylor says

You better get at least one long run in… =) Love you!

lorraine kraus kraus says

Go Pete Go! We love you! Love, Marty Lori Reilly and Scarlett

Chris Thaler says

Good Luck Pete!

Marjorie Terry says

Pete, you are a champion! We love you. Good luck in your race.

Henry Yung Yung says

Matthew 25:40

Tony Rose says

Keep up the good work bro!

Jennifer MORRISSEY says

So proud of you Pete! Vito promptly emptied his piggy bank when I told him about Cousin Pete & his quest to help kids with cancer. Thank you!!

Lee Gerowitz Gerowitz says

Run Forrest run!

Dawn Slominski says

My heart breaks for your family, Cindy’s family and all of the families out there that have had to watch their child suffer. This is is wonderful thing that you are doing!!

Chad Morrissey says

Good Luck from the Morrissey Family!

Seth Moriarty says

Go Pete!

Kari Niles Niles says

8 Franklin Terrace

Genovese Family says

Good luck Frankie! We love you!

Arielle Genovese says

So proud! Good luck!!! ❤️

Roz and Anthony Genovese says

Good luck Frankie! Love Grandma Roz and Anthony

The west coast Goldmans says

Run Pete! Ruuuuuunn!

Jane Zappulla says

I love what you are doingXoxo mom

Brandon Hogstad says

Go for it!

John Shanley Shanley says

Good luck!

Matthew Legreca says

Best of luck Pete! Being a father myself I can not even imagine the pain of losing a child. God Bless you, your family and all the other families that have endured such a terrible loss. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I wish I could give more.

Mark Trucios says

Nice job brother! And a great cause!

Effie Coyle says

Great job. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute

Nicholas Lucka Lucka says

Go Petey!

Nicholas Lucka Lucka says

Go Petey!

Mara Brauen says

Go for it, Rocco!


Good Luck Samsam 🙂

Lindsey Lam says

Brilliant idea! Best of luck, Rocco!

Karuna Scheinfeld says

474 glenlake avenue

Robin Shaw says

Good luck matey! What a brilliant thing to do for such a devastating disease.

Ben Raven says

Good luck man, great stuff x

James Briddon says


Levi Strange says

Good luck bro!

Tim Aird Morley says

Talgarth Mansions, 65Talgarth RoadBarons court

Jillian Roche says

This is so amazing!!! Good luck!

Evan Abouaf says

You got this!

Noriko Aoki says

Hey Rocco!

Wishing you the best !

Jon and Rachel Cross says

You’re the man, Rocco!

Kim Elmore says

So impressed!! Run Nat Run!!! xo Aunt Kim
PS remind me & I’ll sponsor you again 🙂

Jessica Bria says

What an awesome cause Nat! I know you will rock it! Xoxo

Kerri Salmon says

So proud of you! You go girl! ?

Nick Mavromoustakos says

If you survive this (doubtful), I’ll order you another pink drink.

Christine Baynes says


Michael Gebert says

Good luck Frankie

Sarah Frassetto says

So proud of you!!

John Esposito says

Go Nat Nat !!

nicholas Esposito says

Awesome !!! Team NAT!!
From the Nic’s

Natalie Kaszei says

Can’t wait to run my first marathon with you by my side! Love you!

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Run Frankie Run

Robert & Loretta Lesko says

Way to go Nat ! You will have an amazing race ! We are so proud of you !! We can not wait to come to NYC to cheer you on ! So happy I can be on the side line this time !!

Pam Parker says

We love you Natalie!! You will do great!!

Joan Mall says

Go Natalie!

Jessica Mainiero says

Natal! So amazing – so beyond happy to donate to this amazing cause. Run like heck gf!

Ssuan Maurer says

Enjoy every minute, Nat!

Lynn Proudfoot says


john esposito says

GO! God Daughter …. Love You Uncle J and aunt Rosey

Paul and Devon Sakowski and Cummings says

We love what you are doing for such a great cause! Keep it up and crush this run!

Leigh Ann McCabe says

SO very proud of this girl!! GO Natty Nat Go:)

Elisa Cantarella says

Go Team Continuum!

Letizia Brindisi says

Great cause — go Natalie!

Linda Basile says

Run Frankie Run!

Robert Kozlowsky says

Good luck!

Michael Flaherty says

Good luck!

Joe and Carla Rossi says


Gary Coe says

Great job!!

Vinnie Tesoriero Tesoriero says

Way to go Frankie!

Eric Sastram says

Awesome…good luck Natalie!!

Jack & Stina Marston says

Way to be the athlete in the family!!!

Eleanor Banco says

GO GO GO! So amazing

Lindsay Crutchfield Crutchfield says

Do the damn thing, girl!!!! Good luck and get on with your bad-ass!

Gina Chang says

WOO! You go girl! <3

Erin Gomersall says

You go, girl!

Mariel Sholem says


Stephanie Tumbaga says

Get it, girl!

Melissa Landau says

Go Ash Go!! Can’t wait to CHEER you on!! xoxo

Winifred Wang says

Yay, Ash!!!!!! So excited for you!!!!!

Ellyn Kaplan says

Great cause! I’m so impressed you’re running the marathon!

Amanda Black says

Run, Ashley, Run!

Lo Bozicevich says

Proud of you! Congrats on being a star.

jessica rawls says


Genie Tricarico says

Good luck Nat! I know you do great.

Sal and Ana Lopes says

Enjoy your Marathon… We’ll be on Netflix enjoying our own marathon

Amanda Miller says

You are a star!!! So awesome! Run girl!!!

Lauren Ceravolo says

Go Ashley go!!!!!

Sabrina Scheffel says


marie capiris says

Thank you Natalie! You go girl!!!

Mary Barker says

Wonderful challenge for a great cause by a very caring person! Go Ashley! ❤️Aunt Mary

john dimatteo says

good luck Nat

Michael Kacanich says

Go Rocco! Good luck and kill it!

Kaitlin Marinelli says

??‍♀️ You got this! ??‍♀️

Katie Marinelli says

??‍♀️ You got this! ??‍♀️

Sue Petrizzo says

Go Nat!

Andrea Charland says

Great cause Natalie……Good Luck!!

Zandra Zweber says

You rock! Good luck, Ashley!

Donna Farens says

Best of Luck Nat!!!

Lee-Ann Rushlow Rushlow says

Good luck!

Michelle Pepe says

If anyone can do this, you can!!

Konrad Janus says

GO Ashley!!! Will be keeping my fingers crossed!
I hope to run in the marathon next year!

Betty Wang says

Ashley – so proud of you, and love that you are doing this for a great cause! xx Betty

Laura Pokorny says

You go, woman! Always an inspiration!

Nicole Klang says

Goooo Janine… wish I could run with you xoxo

Beth Kacich says

Get it!

Beth Lerner says

You are awesome!!!

Bill Piazza says

Good Luck

Lisa Cornell says

Your amazing to do something so amazing.
Thank you

Karyn Carpentieri says

Anything for you xoxo

Teena Ben-Ari says

You rock Cindy!!! ❤️

Tori Piechocniski Piechocniski says

You are amazing!!

Sherry Graber says

Happy Running!!! Such a beautiful person doing a beautiful thing!!

Irma Ottenwalder says

I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Your energy and kindness never ceases to amaze me. Love you.

Lisa Kershaw says

Have fun!!!

Christina Fuster (Strickland) says

Thank you for doing this. You are truly an inspiration to us all❤️

Brittany & Chris Reed says

Run Forrest Run!

Diane & John Kaszei says

Go Natalie !! – We love you ! O H I O
The Kaszei’s

Jan Cantley says

May God bless any family dealing with a child sick with cancer.

Rich Hillgardner says

Good luck and kick ass!

Louise Barry says

Smash it Zak!

Bobbie Dack says

Super proud of you zakky! you’re going to smash it ??

Josh Gniadek says

Need to get back in that gym boy

Mark Allen says

You can do it!

Basia Czerwinska says

Good luck. Well done buddy x

Basia Czerwinska says

Good luck. Well done buddy!

Eva Imperato says

Go Natalie, so proud of you for doing this!!

Tori Parker Parker says

Run, Rocco !!!!! Wishing you a great race!

Patrick & Michele says

Go get em Rocco!!!

Colleen O’Neil says

Good luck!! We are all cheering for you!

Brittany Soffe says

Proud of you! Keep up the great work and hope you crush it on the course!

Pascal Kissling says

Thurgauerstrasse 113

Giacomo Ori says

Vai Rocco!!!!

Anna Kigel says

Amazing!! Go Ashley!!

kevin mccarthy says

Best of luck!

Denise Cassano Cassano says

23 Middle Street

Kelsey Lyle says

Go girl! Can’t wait to run with you xo

Heather Rimsky says

Good luck!!

Katie Artz says

Good luck at the NYC Marathon, and thank you for raising money for such an important cause!

Kathryn Risi says

Run like the wind! Good luck!

Allison & Liam Walsh says


Ashley Lebofsky Lebofsky says

Good luck!

Mina Barbuto says

On behalf of Yorkdale Shopping Centre – Good luck on race day!

Susan & mike Haft says

Go get em little missy

Armin Mueller says

Ciao Rocco”Buon lavoro” a Berlino.BestArmin

Brooke Danielson says

Crush it. I’ll be right there with you.

Michael Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca, you got this!

Jon Abouaf says

Only the bedt

Heithem El-Hodiri says

Good luck!!!

Shuzo Nojima says

Good luck, Rocco!

Francesca, James, and Isa Salcedo says

We love you Auntie Ashley!! SO proud of you! XO

Caitie Attarian says

So excited for you!! xo

Michael Ebbinghaus says

Go go go …. Rocco „ yes you can „
Good luck for your run

Your friend from Germany

Maria DeSarno DeSarno says

741 Craft Ave

Liz FitzGerald says

Good luck!!! xoxo

Marie Connors Kleshefsky Kleshefsky says



Go Marilyn! Sending prayers Frankie and family’s way.

Amy Fertig says


Kristen Berry says

Thoughts and prayers for the entire family

Anne & mark Hadlock says

Marilyn, what an effort and for such a good cause. Our prayers are with Frankie and his family.

Jessica Epting Epting says

Can’t wait to cheer you on!

Erin Goode says

SO proud of you! Run your little heart out 🙂


Don’t stop until you see the blood vessels in their eyes

Sylvester Russo says

All my Best

Marlene Baez Marlene Baez says

Warms my heart….You’ve got this! GOOD LUCK 🙂

mela golfo golfo says

21 parkwold drive east

Julia Harbaugh says

So proud of you!!!! First 26.2 AND helping kids in need. Will be sending you all my love and running vibes from SF on 11/4/2018!!!

Cassie Paolillo and AJ Massetti says

Sending good wishes to Frankie and the whole family. Good luck with the training…it’s going to be awesome!

Deborah Green says

Go Janine!!

MaryAnne Held says

Good going girl hope you reach your goal and everything works out for Frankie!

Hailey MacLaren MacLaren says

Love you so much Mare-bear. You are going to crush it! Will start to brainstorm a fun playlist!

Jackie Befanis says

Go Mar!!! Sending love to your family.

Lisa & Tom Sforza says

What an amazing thing to do for such a wonderful cause. Go Marilyn !

Nancy McInerney says

Go Janine. We are rooting for you! Love, Nancy and Rich

Mindy Bodzin says

You are truly an inspiration…way to go Janine!!

Antonella Spinelli says

Run Ma, run!!! #MilesForFrankie #TeamContinuum

Michelle Spinelli Spotteck says

Best of luck to Frankie! He’s so adorable!

Alyssa Zavadsky says

We’re so proud of you Nat!

Christine Hult says

Go Cindy!

Ronell Simmons says

On this Day November 4th, you’re my Hero! Good Luck!

Filomena Riviezzo says

Go Marilyn! You’re doing such an awesome thing for Frankie. May God bless him. Sending thoughts and prayers to all. ❤️

Craig B says

Good luck on the race!! You have a bunch of people supporting you here 🙂

Brosnan & Hegler, LLP Brosnan & Hegler, LLP says

Thoughts and prayers!

Christine Laino says

go, FAM

Josh Sklanka says

Good Luck!

Casey Winston says


Rosa Becerra says

Good luck!!!

Rita DeVita DeVita says

Have a great run!!

Romer Pedron says

149-40 45th Ave
2nd Floor

Brett Connole says

27 West 16th Street
Apt 3A

Brandon Paolillo says

Good Luck Ma Ma

Scott Boyle says

Go Kelsey!!

Fred and Joan Lyle says

Good Luck and be safe!
Uncle a Fred

Mary Dorrie says

Good Luck Frankie!!!!! Why to go

jamie nematzadeh says

you got this, my superstar!

Janine Politano-Marotta says

Good luck Marilyn! You got this! Thoughts and prayers to the entire family.

Sue Galati says

Run, run, run—I am there with you…I will run run run (to the kitchen) too! good luck!!

Tracy McAdams says

Go girl! You are inspiring. I keep you in my prayers. Good luck with race and to your cause.

Maegan Vaz says

Go Kelso!!!!After party and the address listed under “Brett Connole”

Kate Mike and Mia Zummo says

Kick butt great cause

Dorothy Hess says

You go Janine! I know you will crush the NYC marathon and help the children.

Jo Emann says

Good luck Kelsey!! What a great cause!
Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo

Gina Sgroi Sgroi says

Way to go Frankie!!

John Lufrano says

We know you will CRUSH the NYC Marathon!!! What a great cause!! Wishing you the best of luck.

Nicole Grossi says

Rock it girl!!!

Lizzie Toal says

So proud of you!!

Barbara Bifone says

Go girl….we know you can make a difference….best of luck to you.

Lisa Lyle says

You go girl!!
Love Mom & Dad

ondine Lamstein says

Good Luck!Ondine

Lisa Cox says

Go Ashley go!!! You are going to rock this!!

Diana Schade says

Go Ashley!!!! Woohoo!!

Diana Schade says

Go Kelsey!!! Woohoo!!!!!

Jen Lee says

Good luck!!

Anna Irving says

good luck!

Jamillah Davis says


Hilary O’Shea says

Run like the “sample sale now open to all” announcement just went out!

Steven Salton says

Big cheers to you … enjoy the journey (and torture) along the way!!

Bea Hodzic says

Get it Ash!! So proud of you!!!

Shelby Lacerte says

Can’t wait to cheer you on!!!

Dale and Al Garafalo says

Good luck, Marilyn!!! Good thoughts and prayers to Frankie!

Ashley Afriyie says

I’m so excited to be running and going thru this journey with My Soul Sista!!! I can’t wait to go to Market after the race with you! XOXO – You’re gonna kill it!

Richard Parsley says

Great cause.. Good luck Zak!

Ryan Kenny says

So proud of you!! You’re my inspiration! Love you, girl!!

Emma Oldenkamp Oldenkamp says

So excited to get to cheer you on this year!! We have been cheering warriors together, I hope I dont get lost but if I do, I’ll just wait for you at the Starbucks on 110th st 😉 You deserve all the support in the world. xoxoxo

Anthony M Lavely Lavely says

Good run for a great cause!

Nancy Guilbert says

Woo hoo for you, my friend! You’ll be fabulous. I’ll do my best to come and cheer you on. xoxox

Steve and Joan Ferranti says

Good luck Janine

Will Cooper says

Go Kelsey!!

Carol Capece says

Go Janine!

Runar B Gundersen says

I’m glad to help you,and a great cause ?

Amanda Black says

Run Kelsey Run!

Keely Thune says

Good luck!!

Kim Romagnuolo says

Good luck, Ashley! xo, Kim

Huma Javed says

So proud of you, Frankie! Good luck with training & will be cheering you on across the finish line!

Huma Javed says

So proud of you, Frankie! Good luck with training & will be cheering you on across the finish line!

Sophia Brown Brown says

Proud of you! Run run run 🙂

Kristin Ivie says

Go Ashley! Good luck!

Minio Family Minio says

20 East End Ave.
Apt. 16 A

Annaliese Lloyd says

Proud of you!!!

Stephanie Krasnov says


Jolene Tepedino says

My little empanada, Madelyn! You’re going to do amazing, I am so excited for you. Miss you much and love you always, Jolene xo

Mary Esposito says

Your amazing Janine!!! You ARE going to crush it !!! ?‍♀️

Jacquelyn Gillespie Gillespie says


Laura SantaMaria says

Go Ja9! <3

Barbara Madigan says

I am so excited that you are running the NYC Marathon! You inspire me!!

Joe & Cyndee Paolillo says

Go get it Maaaaaa! Train hard for Frankie. Up to 18 miles already, good for you.

Allison Novak says

Run run run for those sweet baby angels! Good luck!!!

Jessica janik janik says

So excited for you!

Nanette Beilinson says

Have a great race

Virginia Ashe says

Go Ash, Go Ash!!!!

Kait Hammerton says

Amazing cause nat!! 26.2 has nothing on us ❤️

Paula Lee says

Good luck!! Will be cheering you on x

Larry (MOM) Afriyie says

We are so PROUD of you ASH! We can’t wait to be there and cheer for you. You are going to do great. Wishing you a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL training. We LOVE YOU! May God be with you!


Marie Park says

All the best Zac. Great cause. xx

Roberta Elins says

You go Ashley! So proud of you!❤️

Ramona Kolarik says

I can’t imagine what the family is going through, my prayers are with them. This sounds like a great organization. Good luck with your run!

Andrea Eklund says

Good luck Zak, hope the training is going well! xx

Nick Brand says

Go go go!!!

Helen Halliday says

Aunty Bev would be so proud of you Zak!

Roseanne Melucci says

Such a great cause. Wishing you a successful race!

Jamie Larkin says

Good luck in the race and on your fundraising!
Thoughts and prayers for Frankie and the whole family.

Jamie Larkin says

Good luck in the race and on your fundraising!
Thoughts and prayers for Frankie and the whole family.

Emily Nahas says

Go Kelsey! x

Lee McSweeney says

good luck

Lee Mcsweeney says

Good luck buddy

Lisa Paolillo says

You go girl! Good luck to you and Frankie!

joanna gunning says

All good things to you and yours…
Will be “storming the heavens…”

Sharon Trotman says

Best wishes Zak.

Sanďra Trotman says

Best wishes Zak

Ken Graham says

Well done Zak. Good luck!

Ken Graham says

Well done Zak. Good luck!

Ashley Gyscek says

Inspiring! Good Luck!! 🙂

Blake English says

Girl! Good. For. You.
I haaaate running, and this is quite a race. You are such a dynamic individual, and I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Best of luck. I know you will rock this!
Love, Blake

Blake English English says

Girl! Good. For. You.
I haaaate running, and this is quite a race. You are such a dynamic individual, and I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Best of luck. I know you will rock this!
Love, Blake

Jeanine Erickson says

Best of luck Marilyn! Prayers to your family!

Daniel Humbert says

What a wonderful thing to be doing. good luck.

Marc Metrick Metrick says

Run, run, run…You better finish the race before me!

Marie Gracie says

Good luck Zak – look forward to hearing how you do.

P.S. I can think of several people who can’t be there but will be watching you proudly and cheering you on all the way x

Maureen Newman says

Good Luck Marilyn. Frankie is lucky to have such a special cousin.

Antonio Amato says

Wish you the best of luck with the Marathon. What a great thing you are doing!!!

Leanne Myers says

Marilyn, Good Luck on your run! Thoughts and Prayers for little Frankie and your family.

Tracey Torrance says

Well done! My fantastic son zak,
Great thing to achieve ❤️

Tracey Torrance says

Such a great way, to show the world my fabulous son, can achieve this mile stone, and help others in need of this treatment, so proud to be your mum ❤️

Keri Pinzone says

You got this Janine. Love ya!

Theresa Bockiaro says

Good luck Nat! We are so proud of you!!

Kelly Rossomando says

Natalie ?
We are so excited for you and are looking forward to cheering you and Kait on with everyone in the
NYC Marathon in November!!
We are beyond proud of you two
Amazing Women!!
?❤️ Kelly & Gil

Kim Elmore says

Go Mrs Kaszei!

Rosa Connors says

Good Luck Natalie!! Happy to donate to wonderful cause.

Connor & Jay Shugrue says

Good luck Nat!! You’re going to crush it!!

Bridget Figmic says

Go crush it nat!!!!! Enjoy every step of the way! You’re awesome!

Caitlyn Aranguren says

Proud of you natty babe!!!!! You got this ❤️

Sue Greenan says

Go get ’em Natalie!

Victoria DiMatteo DiMatteo says


Victoria A DiMatteo DiMatteo says

Have fun Natalie!!

Rachel Cooperstock says

Good luck on your race! Shayna can’t wait to come and cheer you on, especially for this great cause.

Zack Philippas says

Good Luck Nat!

Garrett Baringhaus says

Good luck Natalie!

Tanya Bracco Bracco says

Great cause! Great dedication! Great gal! You go!

Michael and Jessica Parciasepe says


Nancy Lee says

Way to go Ashley!!! You’re going to be awesome!!

Eve D Landman Landman says

You are an inspiration!

Tom Merryfield says

You really impress me!

Frank Chiachiere says


Larry Christoph says

You are a winner in my book.

Christian Dapolito Dapolito says

8 Essie Dr.

Julietta Fusaro says

You go gurlllllll!

Giuseppe Aguanno says

Good Luck!

Kerry/Donna McDonough says

We are so proud of you and love you very much! ❤️

Elizabeth Minei says

Felicia, I am so so proud (and not even remotely surprised) by your endeavor. I wish you and your friend all the good graces, life, health, happiness, and job that the world has to offer. Even though I won’t be there physically to cheer you on, think of me at mile 16.5 (my hood!) and I will be there in spirit to give you a “what’s good in your life boost”. Best wishes to you in your marathon, and beyond. Prof. Minei

Debra Hallett says

You are my inspiration!!! I will be with you in spirit!! Go get them sis!!! I love you!!!!

Andrew Taylor says

Good luck!

Kamil Willinsky says

Go for it Mate!

Aimee Mongelli says

My motivational race words for you…”Get on the horse!” Good luck and you are awesome!
Prayers for Frankie and family! xoxo

Asme Abdu says

Good luck, ZaK
Such a fantastic thing to do. You are super kind.

Mary and Paul Mongelli says

Good luck Marilyn! May your determination for this noble cause be rewarded with Frankie’s good health! Sending positive vibes to Frankie and the entire family. You go girl?

Caroline Holkeboer says

You’re amazing! Can’t wait to cheer you on in November!!

Andrew Taylor says

Good luck!!

Dana Thul says

Good luck Marilyn! I’ll be cheering extra loud for you on marathon Sunday! So proud of you!

Robert Finney says

Keep up the good work!

Antoinette Card says

❤❤❤ Have fun! Congrats!

Chris Clancy says

Good luck! Enjoy ?

Jenni Heffernan says

Good Luck! 🙂 x

Emily McDonald Emily says

You’re my hero! Go Ashley go!

Jillian Barbati says

This is awesome!! Will be cheering you on!!

louise radifera says

If it helps you can have all the popcorn you want

Abby Roche says

Go Zak!!

Sevdalin Petkov says

Good luck Zak

Georgina Johnson says

Run Zig Zak Run!!

Craig Morrison says

£1.00 for each mile mate… You can smash it!

Craig Morrison says

Oh go on then it’s a good cause… Same again ziggy. If I can do it, you can!

Angela Paolillo says

Can’t wait to see you finish and check it off the list! Of course I will be waiting with your snack of choice at the finish line! If you need a sub, I will take the first mile 🙂

Dana Epstein says

Proud of you!! Sorry I can’t be there on Marathon Sunday to cheer you on but I know you’re going to do great!

McKenna Semin says

Felicia- I am so proud of you and all you have accomplished both personally and professionally. I am so thankful God brought us together in NYC. You continue to inspire me with your heart for Jesus and for others. I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in November!!

Gem Chambers says

Good luck Zak. From the gym princess. X

Alejandro Colman Colman says

You better come in 1st place!

Cathy Paolillo says

We love you Ma Ma and are so proud of you. Can’t wait to see cheer you on!! Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing for Frankie! The stuffed shells will be waiting. Love, Mom and Dad

anthony cecere says

I am happy to support you in this worth while cause. All the best.

Gina Wolf says

Good luck!! So proud of you!!
❤️Gina & Matt

michael paolillo paolillo says

506 mt. hope rd

Stephen D Ostrow Ostrow says

Good luck Marilyn!! Make sure you go to the bathroom before 😉
Molly plans on being there with a sign (weather permitting)!

John Favara says

Here you go my pal! You keep inspiring people and working hard!

Zoey Zweber says

That is a far way to run… you’re crazy girl! I’ll be cheering you on from afar 🙂

Joanne Lufrano Lufrano says

You rock! Good luck! Love you!

Tracy Capece says

Good luck!!

carol & bill paolillo says

You go girl! Sending prayers & wishes to Frankie and family 🙂

Marlena Pupla says

Love you Buddy x

Annie LIu says

You literally have the most beautiful heart ever. So lucky I know you, and so is Amber! Cheering you on from LA 🙂

Josh Goldhirsch says

I really respect what you are doing and I’ll be rooting for you come November! Good luck!!!

Jenn & PJ Buonocore says

Good Luck!

Jason Emmons says

44k is a big one. You will rock it like a hurricane. Big respect for doing this and supporting this cause.

Taryn Tung says

Good luck and congratulations on this accomplishment!!

Michael T Walker says

Hi Felicia, thank you for thinking of me when looking for assistance. I am happy to support you in this very worthy cause and wish you – and especially Amber – good fortune and success navigating this very difficult time in her life.
Please drop me a line when you are in NYC for the marathon, hopefully I can come and cheer you on during the run on Nov 4!!
Best regards,

Jessica Johnson says

rock it girl! You are an inspiration!

Lena DiMatteo says

Good Luck !!!! I am very proud of you !!

Lynn Paolillo says

Run Marilyn Run. Keep your pace. keep your head up run your race Have fun Live to your cousin.

Kevin Spies says

Good luck kels!!!

Gary Wayne says

So very proud of you Felicia…….I hope to be there the weekend you run in New York…..I will be working hard & planning meticulously to be able to cheer you on…..Our Lord is also smiling down upon you as you serve & love Him & others! Love you so very much, Papa

Nathalie Gosselin says

Bonne Chance! Tu est une personne merveilleuse avec un grand cœurs! ❤️

Jessica Lukas says

We got this!

Alison Chaikittirattana says

Go Samsam!

Susan Astre says

I’m honored to make the donation that takes you over the top.
Best of luck on November 4th!

Michael Uy says

Great job and good luck!

Cyndi Deermount Deermount says

Good luck, we’ll be rooting for you!

Karen Carroll says

Bone! You are amazing! So glad you are running for the cause! Looking forward to following you during your race.
Love you,
Ziz & Marty

Kelly, Dane & Harrison Eldridge says

What a great cause. Good luck! Hopefully we will see you at the finish line x

Katie Majeski says

Run Afriyie … runnnnn!!!!!!!

Stephanie Hernandez Stephanie says

Go Nikki!!!

Missy Sirola says

Go get em Nikki!!!!

Meryl Ludwig says

Good luck! You got this!

Carrie & Matt Diamond says

We’re always cheering you on!! Go get it girl!!

Jilda Apone Apone says

5228 Beeler Street

Tina Leventhal says

Good luck Janine!

Tiffany VanDerwerker says

You go girl!
Love, Tiff and Evan

Susan Berta says

You go girl!!! you are an inspiration! love Susan & Brian

Stuart Baker says

Good luck.

Darren Maskell says

Good luck Zac with your run


Good luck!! From Yvonne, Addie, and Rick

Megan Joslin says

I am so proud and honored to call you a friend. While I cannot donate a lot, I am very humbled to know that I will help you as you race.

amie arnold says

? x

Ed Wooding says

Best of luck to my big Sis.
You got this.
Love you
Ed,Christine,Jake & Grace

April Dennis says

Good luck! April & Vin

Jack Lynch says

Good luck mate

M. Lilley says

good luck!

Paul Montagni says

Go Frankie good luck and go get them

Callum Bennett says

Best of luck mate, I hope you smash it. Miss you bud x

Danielle Capece says

Stay strong. You got this Janine!

Karl Ready says

All the best buddy

Carl Lieberman says

Remember Forest Gump while you are running. Have fun while you are on the road and enter the park.

Maria Waring says

You are amazing!!!! Can’t wait!

Lee-Ronn Paluch says

All those years running around North Caulfield… You’re moving up in the world 😉
Great cause xx

Derek Johnson Johnson says

My stunning muse! What an inspiration!

Melissa Leon says

You have an amazing spirit and a huge heart. Sending both you and Amber tons of blessings. I’ll be cheering you on from sunny AZ!!

Danielle Strange says

Good luck Zak! What an amazing cause, we’re all supporting you back home! Xx

Mel Butcher says

Good luck Zak – brilliant cause u little diamond ? xxx
Mel Sinéad Freddie

Sharmaine Harrison says

You GO girl!! you’ll be the most fashionable gal to cross that finish line!

Tracy Margolies says

Go Kelsey!

Jamillah Davis says

GO Kelsey GO!!!
So proud of you ??‍♀️??

Roque & Beth Castro says

Good luck!

Kate Butler says

Go Kelsey! xx

Jeanette Vigliotti says

Pace yourselfand bring it on home!

Joe Degeilh says

Best wishes to the little Dude Frankie!! Marilyn, I agree with Alijandro…1st Place!

Donald Barrett says

Good luck.Uncle Don and Aunt Kathleen

George Byers says

Best of luck Zak. Great cause.

Caroline Williams says

Good luck!!

Marjory Passaro says

Best of luck Janine!! You should be so proud of your accomplishments.

Nicolas Wondolowski says

You inspire me. You inspire others. Looking forward to cheering you on the entire race. Love you!

Melissa Brady says

You are such an inspiration Felicia! You are truly a joy to be around and an amazing example of faith and selfless love. Love and miss you!! Have an amazing race ❤️

Chris Paolillo says

Run forest run

Colin Torrance says

I’m so proud to call you my son

Jenna Cohen says

Great cause! Goodluck ???

Jenna Cohen says

Great cause, goodluck! ???

Rebecca Hill says

Good luck, Nikki!!

Darren Evans says

Good luck fella!!

ROOPAL Patel says

So proud of you and all that you do Kelsey! What an inspiration! xo

Beth Maloney says

Good luck Zak! X

Brianna Farens says

So proud of you always!!! Go get em!

Margaret Hayden says

I can’t believe I’ll be missing this, but I’ll be thinking of you and look forward to hearing about it / seeing pictures! (I assume Pierre and Eleanor can make it??) Way to go — this is something to be very proud of! Great cause, too. Love, M

Ender Baykal says

Kudos to you Felicia! Proud of you…




Colette Malouf Malouf says

594 Broadway
Suite 1216

Joe Fitzgerald says

Good Luck!

Alexa Cummins says

Wow wow wow you’re amazing! So inspired and encouraged by you. Train hard, trust Jesus, pray big, fight the fight. See you so soon.

Karla Sabec says

Good luck! You’re amazing!

Henry Dunlop says

Vai Fred!

Federico Gonzalez says

Go Fred!!

Kristin Zamfotis says

Good luck!!

Patrick Dillon says

Good luck and see you there on Race Day!

Pierre Fuller says

We’ll be cheering from atop the Verrazzano. Or something like that. Immensely proud of you for this. pierre


Run like the wind, Kelsey! And enjoy every moment of it. xx

Florencia Ardissone says

Go Fred! Parabens

Kim & Craig Jebson says

Awesome! This is a great cause.Proud of you!

Kim&Craig Jebson says

Awesome Nikki!
Great cause
We are proud of you!

Lauren Ng says

Good luck!! Xox

james dematteo says

Good luck for a great cause!

Chloe Cummins says

Good Luck Zac!

Lisa Cox Cox says

Go Kelsey go!!!

Wendy Partridge says

Well done Zak great cause , I’m sure you’ll smash it !!

Nishant Gotmare says

Lot of respect for doing this, you are phenomenal. Crushing it at 199% 🙂

Karen Ready says

Good luck Zak

Taras Chornyy says

Good Luck Zak. You are gonna kill it.

Suzan Dapolito says

Francesca, we’re with you all the way!

Molly Melendez says

You’ve got this!! Xo

Brandon Koehl says

if you dont beat my time i want my money back

David Parsels says

You will set the record and bless you for doing this !

Aida Pepe says

Good luck!!! Go Frankie!

Valerie Wondolowski says

Your biggest cheerleader! <3

Akiyoshi Miyasaka says

I love you Sir David. You rock, change the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy Smith says

Good luck Zak with love from us all. Xxx

Jacob Wondolowski says

So proud of you Felicia, Much love <3

Sabrina Gulisano says

You’re amazing. Never stop being you. You’ve got this! ?

Renee Chang says

SO PROUD!! You’re such an inspiration and can’t wait to be cheering you on!

Nick Kaszei says

You run wife, you run until you can’t run no mo!!

Olivia Houser says

Good Luck!!! Proud of you

Johnny Sita says

Go Ma!

Amy Deermount says

Your amazing with all you do! Have fun

Erica Munisteri says

Can’t wait to cheer you on! ?

Ebony Torrance says

Good luck Uncle Zaky. You’ll smash it. Super proud arkid xxx

Joanne Jamotta says

Good for you!!

Nick Wallace says

Good luck.

Fati Sadeghi says

Go Nikki!

Paula & Billy McConnell says

We are so proud of you Zakky Boy and love you so much ??

Alex McConnell says

Your a wee superstar Zak so proud of you xx
Uncle Alex

Alex McConnell says

Good luck Zak your a wee superstar
Uncle Alex

Ken Yokel says

Good luck for a successful run!!

HaiHai Yuan says

Way to go, Dr Dave. Your auntie.

Paul Malone says

Good luck!

Diana Gannascoli says

Love you so much ! Good luck !!!

Humberto Escapini says

Enjoy the NY energy! ??‍♂️?
Karla & Humberto

Lamia Youseff says

Go David go! Awesome cause.. go change the world

Mary Ellen Caggiano says

You are an inspiration to so many of us !
Good luck and God Bless you and your family
Love always
Mary Ellen

Catherine Murtha Murtha says

301 Franklin Ave
APT 217

Whitney Semin says

FELICIA!!! GO kick some butt! So freaking proud of you! Way to tenaciously go after whatever you feel called to do! Praying for Amber! And praying for you as you finish up the final weeks of training! love and miss you so!

Tru Tone metal Murths says

James, You have helped so many people. We are so thankful and proud you do this year after year in my dads name. The commitment, dedication, and strength speaks volumes on your character and the choice you have made to make sure help is on the way to family’s who need your helping hand. It’s a wonderful feeling to have a son have a beautiful heart.

Lee Farrell says

Good luck Zak. Outstanding effort for a brilliant cause!

Alex Ellis-Garnham says

Great man sponsoring a great cause! Smash it Bro! X

Evan Abouaf says

You got this!

Ryan Nicoll says

Good luck man, you’ll smash it

Amanda Carrell says

I’m sure you’ll completely smash it!!! Best of luck x

Federica Parruccini says

Good luck ash!!

Chris Chiofolo says

Love ya

Jason Carrell says

Good luck mate. You will smash it!

Mary Richardson says

Good Luck Zak!
Love Auntie Mary

Nicolette Giaconelli says


Nicolette Giaconelli says

You got this cuzzie!!!

Robert Beaulieu says

Nous sommes fiers de toi Felicia , keep going!

Carol Giaconelli says

Good luck Francesca

Charles Giaconelli says

Forza Francesca!!! Love you Poppie

Francesca Gray says

Good luck!

Charlotte Saunders says

Good luck Zak! Run well

Christine Perinelli says

Always a great cause when helping those in need. May you reach your goal, Cindy. Good luck!

Lynn Seifert says

Run strong Gutsy Cindy!

Amy & Joel Joel Nelson Nelson says

Good Luck Francesca!!! It’s a pleasure to support your run!!!

Louis Giaconelli says

Good going Frankie

Rebecca Winchester says

Good luck Zak!!

Gina Arresta says

You go girl!!

Karen Wu says

So proud! Happy to support this amazing cause.

Alex Casale says

This money is only good if you tell CAROL at the finish line!

Iris Buckner says

Great cause running for a cure…you go!!

Moritz Hilf says

Run slow and steady!

Hannah Duggan says

You got this Zak!

Eddie Leach says

Give it all you got Cindy ????

Anthony (Tony) Baccale says

Great thing you are doing for you little cousin. You go Mar!!! Lots of Love!!!!

Deborah Mongiello says

Good luck Frankie!! ❤

Laura Dean says

Good luck. Praying you reach your goal and finish the race as well. Be safe and God Bless you.

Kathleen McCormack says

this is a GREAT cause!

Luis & Janet Lopez says

God Bless Frankie on your 2018 TCS NYC Marathon. Enjoy the run! <3

Caitlyn C says

You’ve got this!! Can’t wait!

Tami Wooding says

Good for you Cuz.
Team cdelrio all the way.

Tami Wooding says

Good for you Cuz…..
Team cdelrio all the way!!!!

Lori Rubinek says

Well done Doovi!

Don Nedbalsky says

Good luck in the run for a great cause.

Amelia Turner says

Good luck Christian! ??

Victoria Vitobello says

Good Luck!!

Jean Kouame says


Liam Staff says

Smash it bro! Good luck!

Nancy & Jim Hillgardner says

Good luck’ve got this ??

Joseph Marcello says

Good luck Frankie

Sarah Foley says

I love your tenacity and joy. You are strong and will do great. Cheering you on!Sarah,Charlie and Erin and Ian.

james dematteo says

Good Luck!!!!! Great Cause…

Stacie McManus says

Best of luck to you! So Proud of you

Sharon Powers Powers says

Go Cindy! Proud of you!

Isabelle Agrir says

Good luck from Ophelia’s mum 🙂

Francisco Barrenechea says

Grande Freddy!

Carol Marchesano Marchesano says

Run, Cindy, Run! You rock! XO

Fer Barrenechea & Carlos Valenzuela says

You got this Fred! ???

Carolina Benevides Lima says

Boa Fred!!!!! Vai com tudo!

Anne Viscecchia says

You go girl ❤️

Tom McSherry says

My gym bestie! Good luck!

Rosemarie Reimann says

You are doing a wonderful this for children with cancer.
God bless you!

Maria Oliviero says

I think that is awesome!! Good luck!!!

Jillian Speranza says

So proud to call you my bff!!!

maria oliviero says

awesome!! good luck xoxo

Austin Hallett says

Love you Aunt Cindy! Keep pursuing your dream and never stop! You’ll always be an inspiration to me! Love you forever and always!


Meghan Lewis says

You got this queen! Yas!

Abby Kalicka says

So impressed AA!!!!!! You GOT this girl. Excited to cheer you on! xoxo

Lisa D’Aria says

Run Cindy Run! Best of luck! xoxo

Yvonne Burns says

Good Luck Zak
Lots Of Love
Aunt Yvonne xxxx

Audrey Schein says

Good for you! ?

John Ryan Lyle says

You go girl.

Shannon Britton says

Go Kelsey!! Okurrrrr

Lucy Verco says

You can run?

Yvonne Burns says

Good Luck Zak
Lots Of Love
Aunt Yvonne xx

Christine DiDomenico says

Good Luck in completing your goal!

Tina Bayer says

Go Cindy!You rock!

Siyun Zou says

You are such an inspiration Felicia! I love you!

Carleigh Zielinski Zielinski says

Here we gooooo! Making our miles count 🙂

Pam and Arnie Johnson says

Good luck, Zak. Such a worthy cause.

Mauricio Cordero says

Boa sorte irmao! What an amazing initiative, very proud of you. Sad won’t be able to run with you but next one we’ll run together!

Samantha Paz says

14 Surf Road

Natalie Fuld says

So proud of you! Wish I was there to see you cross the finish line!!!

Danique Smit says

It’s nowhere near for what you did for me the past summer but I’m rooting for you from a distance!!

Danique Smit says

It’s nowhere near for what you did for me this summer, but my family and I are cheering you on from a distance!! My mom chipped 10 bucks in too 🙂

Dharmesh Bathia says

Good Luck Zak, well done!!!

Robert Griffing says

An admirable cause & something to be very proud of – have a great race!


This is amazing Christian! Great cause, great person, Good luck!

Brendan Jones Jones says

this payment is a bribe not to beat Jimmy

Anne Dyer says

All the best Fredje! See you at the finish line for a beer.

Anna Kigel says

You got this!! ⭐️??‍♀️??

Leticia Caballero says

Good luck Marilyn!! Get it get it!! Sending my thoughts and prayers to Frankie and family too

Ricardo Cervantes Cervantes says

Break a leg (but not literally)

Harris Atmar Harris says

Good luck brother!

Clare Jelley says

Go smash it Zak ????Enjoy all 26.2 miles off it ?

Clare Jelley says

Go smash it Zak ???? Enjoy all 26.2 miles of it 😉

Johannes Quodt says

Go Fredji!

Suzanne Dzolan Dzolan says

21 Regent Drive

Lindsay Crutchfield says

You’re my hero!!!! Run your little heart out, momma. Run for Joanie 🙂 xoxoxo

Andrea Baker says

Go Nikki!

Allison Novak says

GOOD LUCK! Wish I could be there!!

Paul Leone says

Good luck on your marathon day! Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Paul, Bree, Jack & Stella

Jon Yo says

Good luck mate!

Stephane AUDEBRAND says

Go go Samsam!!

Ekin Aridah says

Good luck Frediii! ??????

Stephanie Thornton says

Good luck Cindy!!

Ed Hipperson says

Good luck mate, you’ll absolutely smash it, love Ed, Lish and the girls xx

Faye Goodship says


Faye Goodship says

Good luck

Bonnie Stern says

Proud to know you & help

Kiley Colombo says

Get it girl!! xx

Ashraf Saheb says

Good luck Fred!

Olga Dmitriyeva says

Great to be a part of this fund raise!Good luck Christian!

Maksymian Lapchuk says

2728 Kings Hwy Apt A11

Evelyn Berkowitz says

Go Cindy Go! Run for me?!

Wesley Healy says

Smash it brother, very proud of you. Lots of love.

Keri Pedersen says

I am so proud of you!! You are an inspiration to me and everyone!
I love you very much!!

Lauren Bogosian Bogosian says

You go girrrlll!!! So Savage! xo

tru tone metal murtha says

your the best we thank you for all you do to help others. it is wonderful what you do. gramps is smiling.

Maggie B says

Your first marathon – amazing Samsam! Good luck and best wishes for a gorgeous day and a strong race. ☺️

Derek Samuelson says


Nicole Miller says

Go Cindy go. Good luck!

Craig Smith says

Proud of you Zak! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Come on!!!

Julie Romano Romano says

GO Cindy!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

Joan Baynes says

Good Luck Frankie ?

Cleo Davis-Urman Davis-Urman says

giving “it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon” a whole new meaning! proud of you!xo

Nancy Chan says

Good luck Fred!

Daryle Aguam says

Run Freddie Run!!!

Prabhu Raman Raman says

Good Luck Frederico!

Nina Garcia says

Ashley, I’m so proud of you. Good Luck!- Nina

Renata Freitas says

Run Forrest, run!
Parabéns pela iniciativa!

Michael & Gina Cerniglia says

You’re amazing!

Forest fan Nottingham says

Do HCC proud….

Miho Suzuki says

Ganbatte! Hugs always Sam Sam!

X Miho!

Susan Lasker says

You go boy! Good luck

Charisse Reddy says

Run girlfriend run….

Kris Riley says

Yesss. Go Samsam?⚡?⚡?⚡!!!

Nancy Lufrano says

Good Luck Janine! You got this! ?

Xavier Fan says

Yay Samsam!

Betty Wang says

Go Kelsey!!! Love the cause – Bettt

Brian Streb says

I will have Navi waiting for you at mile 1.

Jasmin Vrban says

Go roomie go!
Good luck

Fabian Balino says

Put it on!

Savannah Waranis says

Go frank!

Maria and Marty Linker says

Go Marilyn Go! It’s a caring and thoughtful cause for Frankie. We would love to be there at the finish line with you. Aunt Maria and Uncle Marty

Jim & Gill Lyon says

Go for it Christian!

Jen Ah says

You got this!

Nina Hargrove says

Good luck, Cindy

susana yamamoto says

Vai com tudo Fred!!! Boa sorte!!!

susana yamamoto says

Vai com tudo Fred!!! Boa sorte!!!!

Theresa Chandler says

Good luck, Marilyn!!

Lubna Abbassi says

Good luck Kelsey! I’m so excited for you! Can’t wait to catch you at one of the stops…
Hottie on wheels! Love you, God Bless!! xx

Lola Mahadeo says

Good luck you’ll do fab x

Daniela Hernandez says

Vai Fred ??

Francisco B says

Con todo Fredddddddy ?

Hanneke van Willigenburg says

Good luck!

Murat and Agustina Kalkan says

Go Fred go!!!

Courtney Lewis says

Congrats on another NYC Marathon! So proud of you friend!!

Toni Wallace says

Get it Fredji ?

Natalya Guseva says

Go Fred!!!

Lucy Wagner says

I meant to do this weeks ago! So proud of you Mar for raising funds for such an important and personal cause and for finishing your first marathon!

Boryana Straubel Straubel says

Excellent cause, David! Thank you for making a difference.

Lilia Saraguro says

Great job! You finished your first marathon!

Lilia Saraguro says

Great job! You finished your first marathon!

Alexandra Fenny says

Go Christian! What a wonderful cause. We are all so proud of you!

Johanna Lopez Paraizo says

Great job!

Lewis Naulls says

Well done Bro! Absolutely smashed it!

Jacqueline Chow Chow says

well done Fred! Sorry this is late!

Ziqi Wang says

Congrats for finishing / winning! This is awesome

Zahar Mejanni says

Great cause! well done!

Yvonne Frame says

Well done Zak!

Matthew Bulfield says

Well done Frederico!

Brett Robson says

Nice work team. Pushed you over your fund raising goal!

Michael Chan says

Great cause, well done!

Ali Latif says

I believe in you and the cause that your running for. Wish you all the best. You got this!

Nikola Krastev Krastev says

You Go, Sam Sam!

Brett Boone says

Better late than never

Catherine Murtha Murtha says

301 Franklin ave
Apt 217

Nicola James says

Well done and congratulations!

Ken Hunt says

G’wan champ

Iva Klisanin says

Well done Fred!

Bryan Bullett says


Alex Cooper says

Looking forward to running with you!

Pam Hill says

Good luck!!!

2chainz 4bracelets says

Do we get our money back if you lose?

Donna Zappasodi says

God Bless!

Teri Fegarsky says

Good luck to my Boots!!

Eric Kahan says

Run Allison Run! Proud of you!

Lisa Cohen says

Amazing! Good luck!

Gloria & Phil Fegarsky says

Now we are a family of runners – minus the parents. Good Luck Rebecca. You make us proud.

Lauren Greenbaum says

You’re going to do great! ?

Thomas Scandaliato says

Proud of you babe.

Kriezel Presta says


Lisa Seymour says


Christine Sapugay says

You rock girl!! Go you!! ?


Go Rebecca go!

April and Babe Cappetta says

Great cause thanks for doing this Rebecca
We wish you good luck and “strength ” to do this run
April and Babe

angelica masiello says

congratulations Rebecca

Janet Meyer says

You go girl! ??‍♀️Jan & Charles

Stephannie Jablonsky Jablonsky says

Good luck!!

Sally Dolce says

Good Luck!

Beth Weinstein says

Way to go Allison!

Madeleine Langman Langman says

18 S. 25th. St.

Gwen Jones-Cintron Jones-Cintron says

79-07 211th Street

Gwen Jones-Cintron Jones-Cintron says

79-07 211th Street

Stephanie Ripps says


Sam Gharagozloo says

Well done scouse

nancy Rosen says

Awesome accomplishment!

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Julie & Brian Cooper says

Go Kelly Go!!

Beverly Orth-Geoghegan Orth-Geoghegan says

310 West 73 St

Michael R Monti Monti says

4345 21st Place

asiamepkd asiamexje says

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Ria Mehta says

Go Vinay!!! So proud of you!

Vikramjeet Saini Saini says

you better get 365/365 in march.

Peter Buxani says


Christina Luzzi Luzzi says

You are awesome!

Jess & John Anastasio says

Good Luck!! Kill it ?

Michael / Michelle Buscher says

Looking forward to joining you on this 13.1 mile tour of NYC!

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Christine Monti says

Kick ass!!

John Orth says

Good Luck ! I hope you reach your goals !

Jonathan Cane Cane says

Have a great race!

Madeline Goldfischer says

Go Bev!

Dawn Sterner says

What a great cause Martial. Good luck in your race!

Lisa Demas says

So proud of you!!!

Anthony Apice says

You set my heart racing. Have fun Super Bee!

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Bridgette Nilsen says

Go beck go!

Kim Bierbrauer says

Get it ??

roberta goldstein goldstein says

276 Hampshire Ridge

MATTHEW Fegarsky says

Go Becky go!

Maria Spampanato says

44 Fleetwood Avenue

Mary Inoue Inoue says

Go get em’

Daniel Pabon says

Aller Martial !!

Sarah Schnepf says

❤️ good luck! You will rock this!

JIll Goldstein Goldstein says

We are so impressed with your accomplishments! You are amazing and an inspiration.
with love,
The Weinger family

Lori Rosen says

Awesome! Congrats and good luck!

Jen Sherman says

Good luck! You got this!!!

Sam Burruano says

Bring your bike!

Cathy Devine says

Thank you, PJ, for your selflessness. We’re with you in spirit!

Jasmine Bates says

Have a great race!

Rayanne Kleiner says

Go Martial!

Puja Khare says

Great job and good luck on the race!

Sahil Mehta Mehta says

Run faster!!!

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225 Grand Street
Apt 803

Kavi Padhiar says

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! ???

Amisha & Gaurav says

good luck!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Nadeea Zakaria Zakaria says

Apt 17N

Vikas Dayal says

Good luck!

Caroline Wade says

Good Luck, Vinay!!

Mallika Raghavan Raghavan says

Go Vin! Best of luck out there <3

Kristanne Thompson Thompson says

Proud of you!

Russell Philp Philp says

1404 Grand Street

Rezwan Rais Rais says

70 Greene St.
Apt 1507

Vinay Chadha says

Go Vin!

Nikki Covington Covington says

Good luck nephew!!

Jennifer Maanavi says

Way to go, Vinay!

Heather Hallinan says

Go get it Gina- you got this!!!

Joanne Palmer says


The Gambardella says

We are SO proud of you Gina !

The Byrnes Family says

Whooo-hooo! So proud of you, Gina! We’re Cranio Warriors and when the going gets tough, well, we raise money and run!

Eileen DePaoli says

Go Gina!!!

Jenn Bianco says

Good luck !! ?

Jenn Bianco says

Good Luck ?!!

Sean Hillery says

Good luck Gina. From the Hillery family ❤

Patrick & Anne D’Onofrio says

Looking forward to seeing you both doing a marathon!

Patrick & Anne D’Onofrio says

Amazing way to give back.

Angelo Questo says

Love you Gina. So very proud of you.

Maria DiBenedetto says

We are proud of you…you have our support go girl!! xoxoxo Mom & Dad

Borneman Family says

Amazing goal!

Julie Seiden says

You got this! So proud of you

Tara Perez says

You are a true gift to everyone!
Love, Tara Perez

Janet Meyer says

You Go Girl!??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

Jennifer Lazzaro says

Way to go Gina!! What an awesome cause to run for. Great job mama!!

Michael Droege says

From our family to yours, your an inspiration to all! ❤️❤️❤️

John Hirsch Hirsch says


Clay von Carlowitz says

Keep kicking ass out there, Bev!


Clay & Asta

Foster Fegarsky says

Proud of you.

Ashley Conrad-Saydah says

Thanks for running for a great cause!

Cynthia Novak says

Good luck!

Patricia Collins says


Bernadette Wiggin says

Good luck and enjoy the run!

Gregory Rivera Rivera says

Well done Paul, have a good safe run !!!

Scored to Death says

Best of luck!

Cori Myers says

Go, Bee, go!

Cathy Geoghegan says

You are our Wonder Woman!

Kimmy Suzuki says

For the lady who makes dat killer chili ? and for the cause that she support

Phil Mogilev says

Go get ’em Bee!

Laura Kurtz says

Go get ’em, Bee! Have a great race.

Nikki Covington Covington says

Cycle for TC Fundraiser

Barbara Pagnotta says

You go girl – so proud of you

Russell Philp Philp says

1404 Grand Street

Shantel Bremmer says

Good Luck! Pace yourself when running!

Mo Dulaire says

Good Luck Kev!! ???? You got this bro!!

Kimberly Brewer says

Go Gina!! We are proud of you!

Blenlly Mena says

You got this!!!! I love you amiga’

Waldo Yago says

Awesome! Good way to take on the year with such great intentions. Keep it up! I’ll support you all the way.

Adam Castillo says

Opex Riverdale NYC supports yours you all the way to the finish line!! We proud of you.????

Laurem Charles says

That’s my girl!!!

Paola Moore says

Vamos Jessie!

Ana Gonzalez-Scotte says

You got this Jessie!

Erika Mercado says

Good luck! God bless

Jose Bisono says

Go Cuz!!

Willy Salcedo says

Run Motation Run

Juan Collado says

Have a great run!

Lissette Fermin says

Good luck, Sis! I am extremely proud of you running for pedeatric cancer patients and their families. ? You will make someone smile for sure. ? I will be cheering for you, go Jessie go! ??‍♀️

Christian Acevedo says

Let’s beat it…

Geraldo Rodriguez says


Carla Breton says

Great cause girl! Do the thang!!

Anita Perez says

Go get’em! You got this!


Changshen Chen says

Go girl!

Sandra Vidal says


Jessie Munger says

You got this, Ferm! Xx

Raymond Sosa says

Good luck ??

Sharon Millen says

Enjoy! You’re an inspiration- ?

Madeline Goldfischer says

Go Bev Go!

John Orth says

Hi Bee ! Here’s another contribution …. you’re almost there ??

Aneisha Guyah says

Thank you for your support and commitment to the fight against cancer.

Donovan Bremmer says

Make me proud son! ??‍♂️

Tempest & Darius Bremmer says

Happy Running & Good Luck

Daisy Mena Mena says

Good luck!

Danielle Klemm says

So proud of you, you’re going to do awesome!

Nicole Taylor says

Super proud of you!!!! Xoxoxo

Laura Scampoli says

Go Gina Go! So awesome that you are doing this.

Chris Delamonico says

Way to go Gina!!

Clan Mulcahy says

Go Gina. I admire your strength. Thanks for being there for me.

Cindy Battreall says

So proud of you… great determination! You go girl!!!

Yolanda Walker says

You got this Cuzzo! Run Kevin Run ??‍♂️??‍♂️ I’m proud of you.

Coleen O’Reilly says

Gina, you’re a ROCKSTAR! Good Luck! ☘️

Rosie Rall says

Congratulations! Good Luck!

Sue Scandaliato says

Admire you so much – you got this!!!

Camila Checo says

Get after it, see you out there.. rr

Jasmine Simmons says

Good luck ❤❤❤

Jesse Merritt says

Way to go! What a great cause! Good luck from the Merritt family!

Bridget Bartlett says

So proud of you!! Amazing!

Lorraine Calebrese says

Run Gina Run!! Good luck. Wish i could do more

Nick Cracolici says

Chris, this is a great ministry you are doing to help others and also keeping yourself in good health. Best of luck on this journey.

James Taylor says

Running for a great cause! Proud of you!

Christine Monti says

Wish we could take you all the way but we’re happy to get you over half way there. Best of luck. We love you!

Emily von Seele von Seele says

Good luck!

Patrick Krause says

Good luck!

Francisco Rodriguez says

Lo Mejor para tu Causa ! Amor

Glenn McQuaid says

Go get it, bumble bee ??

Dorothy Dotson Dotson says


Clare McGowan McGowan says

38 Prospect Park SW
Apt. 5

Yelena Kreper says

You got this!

Diane Schutz Schutz says

You’ve got this!!!

Sherrie Paulson says

Love you! Have a great race!

Nikki Covington Covington says

Jeans for Fridays

Priscilla Danese says

You’ll do great, Gina!! I admire you!?

Edward (Kirsten) Mackoul Mackoul says

Good luck. We are all proud of you.

Dan Gallagher says

Have a great race!

Julie Pyat says

Good luck!

Julie Kaufman says

Gooo Jessie!

Debi Fossati says

You rock Chris!!!

George Pagnotta says

I know you can do it!! I am so very proud !! Good luck !! God Bless
Love , Dad

Kevin and Marian Heinzinger says

Go Gina, go Gina go Gina GO! you’re the best

Teresa Smith says

You’re an inspiration to everyone. Have a good run.

Barbara Iannuccilli says

Good luck Gina and thank you for running for such an important cause. May we see a cure for all cancers in our lifetime. I am a 2 time survivor and pray each day for a cure. My son is a cancer survivor also. I have 5 friends all fighting to get in remission from their cancers.

Monica Gonzalez Gonzalez says

Have a fun run! Good job!

Hayden Kautz says

Run like the wind you crazy old man

Francis Reed says

133 Harrison Ave

Jennifer Munz says

You go girl!

Mark Waddell says

Run MFer, RUN!!

Cynthia Helton says

Go Bev!!!

Angie Bulkeley says

Best of luck in supporting such an important cause!

Patrick` Hamilton says

Horror fam always supports horror fam.

Matthew Kiernan Kiernan says

Run, Bev, run!

Lena Clark says

Get it!

Antony Brown says

Good luck with it

Rob Yerger says

Go Gina!!

Kirk Cruz says

Thanks for raising money to help with expenses! Six years ago I was in a bad car crash, and the biggest source of unending stress was paying my bills. If it weren’t for the help of friends, I’d have lost everything. I wish I could donate more, but I’m just now getting on solid financial footing. Good luck on hitting your goal, and thanks again for helping people focus on their recovery!

SpookyDan Walker says

go and kick some ass!!!

Brian Robbins says

Good Luck Paul

Barbara Crampton says

Go go Bev!

Asta & Clay von Carlowitz says

Go Bee!

David Hollingsworth says

Have a great race!

Clay & Asta von Carlowitz says

Heard you were almost there, so I figured I’d chip in the last bit. You rock, Bev. Kick some ass out there!


Macon Blair says

Go, Beverly!

Lorraine Calebrese says

Run girl run. Maybe i will join you next year. Just a small donation. Wish it could be more

Maire M Liberace Liberace says

Glad to support your efforts! Run, run, run!

Lisa Sarrapede says

Good Luck & Kick Ass!! ? ☘️

Maureen Sclafani says

You go girl!

Dana Diorio says

You got this!

Debbie Koke says

May the wind be at your back! You can do this!!

Talia Lipton Lipton says

Good Luck!!

Stacey Damiano says

So proud of you!!! ?

Paul Ineson says

Cash Donation thanks to Joe Pinto

Sarah Gallagher says

Good Luck Rebecca!

Mellissa Divitto says

Go gettem girl!! You are strong and amazing.

wilma frank says

Way to go!

Dawn Sherwood says

Good luck Melissa!

Marie Jones says

Rooting you on!

Dezanii Lewis says

Good luck nephew! I will be there cheering you on!!!

Laurann Dixon says

Have a good race Kevin

Anne FitzSimmons says

Good Luck Paul!

Jen Derocher says

Good luck!!

Bob Axelrod says

Go Allison!!

Jenna Eyberger – Schnzilein says

You will always be the greatest runner I have ever known. More dedication and determination than most. I tell stories about your running to my kids and those I trained for softball. You may have taken a break, but you will always be a runner at heart. You got this!!

Jennifer Rak says

Good luck!!!

Jennifer Rak says

Good luck

Angela Hultz Hultz says

Kick ass!

Michelle Reese says

You’ve got this!!
You are amazing. So so proud of you ?

Robert Frank says

Go Allison! You’re going to do great.

Robert Frank says

Go, Allison! You’re going to do great.

Dariusz Najda says



73 Hilary Circle

Katie Williams says

I love you so much Bee!!! Kick ass today!!! Xoxoxo -K.

Jessica FitzGerald says

Run Gina Run!!! You are amazing, and will do awesome! We love you xoxo

Dina Bruno says

You go Cuz!! ♥️

Michele Pagnotta says

Way to go Gina! You are amazing and an inspiration! Love you❤

Maggie McGourty says

May the wind be at your back and the luck of the Irish carry you thru to the pot of gold at the finish line ????

Patrick Tighe says

Way to go!

Ariel Jaquez says

Good luck ?

Larry Eyberger Eyberger says

Have a great run!

Maureen Patterson says

Congratulations on a job well done! You are an amazing mom and such an awesome, beautiful and loving role model for your two sweet little girls❣️❣️
Much love, Maureen

Louis Campbell Campbell says

Congratulations, so glad you got to experience one of these amazing races/experiences for yourself.
T-hank Y-ou

Donna and Ed Colello says

Congratulations on a job well done! We knew with your determination and strength you would do great things and you have! God Bless

Joe Zaso says

Sorry – this actually slipped my mind. Glad I got to contribute a little – even though it’s after your triumph. YOU GO, GIRL!

Christy Philp Philp says

1404 Grand Street

Paul Ineson says

Cash Donations from Susie Saunders and Timothy Ryan

Jake Malanoski says

jake’s first entry

Leah Huff says

Incredibly generous of you to commit so much time & effort to this cause. Good luck with training. ❤️

George Stevens says

Good luck Doctor.

Michael and Jessica Parciasepe Parciasepe says

Kick den Marathon Hintern!

Mary Tuttle Imboden says

YAY! Good Luck!

Love you!!

Lindsey Schmidt says

RUN, GURRRLL!! RUN!!! Pretty darn great thing you’re doing. Thank you.

Kate Ruque says

Good Luck!!

Lisa Hom says

Good Luck Kelsey! Wish I could witness it in person :D. I’m sure you will be amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it and see the pics.

kelly burkett says

Go Kelsey Go! Xo – The Burketts

Kym Hyde says

Good luck!! So jealous you are running this race!!!

Dayna Ziegler says

Go Kelsey!!

Ashley Dunnewin says

Go Sukhi! 🙂

Jesse Singh says

Great cause! Good luck!

Gurinder Chahal says

Good luck TJ!

Joshua Markowitz says

Good luck Kelsey. Such a great cause.

Lisa Lyle says

We are so proud of you!! Love you Mom & Dad

Jo Emann says

Uncle Mark and Aunt Jo wish you luck. What a great cause!!!

Chuck Bennett says

Good luck from Charles Bennett Law, PLLC

Chris M says

You are such a stud, go kick ass!

Mike,Mia,Kate Zummo says

Proud of you

Nick Biala says

Go get em Sukhi. Enjoy the run!

Nicole Grossi says

So excited for you! Germany is going to be a great experience 🙂

Chip Studley says

For such a wonderful cause, I had to contribute to your goal. Thank you for putting your efforts into a charity that has a direct impact on those going through something so challenging.

Brian Kassis says

Sounds like a great organization Sukhtej. Happy to help you get closer to your goal.

Ashley Afriyie says

I’m so proud of you my Soul Sis! You’re gonna kill it in the Berlin #market #kelseydoingthings <3Also love and s/o to my Team Contiuum #squad xoxo

Allison Novak says

Kelsey, you beautiful tropical fish. Run your sweet little heart out and you’re not not going to crush it!

Sara Maloy says

Good luck!!

Maegan Vaz says

Get it Kelso!!

Cleo Davis-Urman says

Go, Kelsey. So proud of you!

Molly Melendez says

Proud of you! Xo

Laura Prendergast says

Show them what your made of 😉

Billy Hufnell says

Goodluck, Cuz

Anna Chu says

Good luck!!!!

Fil Stosic says

Go get ‘em Jake!

Rebecca Blackburn says

geaux jake!

Lukas Hansen says

Run Jake run!

The Sangiminos Sangimino says

Don’t let all of this running interfere with your golf swing!

Stacy McAteer says

Good luck Jake!

Beth Forester says

Go get ’em, Jake!

Emily Nahas says

Go get ’em, Kelsey! xo

Michal Labno says

Keep killin’ it!

Christopher Clavin says

13 Sachem CircleUnit 4

Katie Girskis says

GO JAKE!!! Run really fast!!!

Todd Griffey says

Good Luck at The New York City Marathon!

Angeline Bonin says

Go Panda!

Emily Essner says

Go Kelsey!!!

Betty Wang says

Kelsey -you make us proud!

Tracy Margolies says

Way to go Kelsey!!

Brett Connole says

Go kels! i’ll try not to put my address this time

Cara Enright says

Love you ms speedy lady!!!!!

Lauren Bogosian says

Go Kels Go!!! We love you!!
-Bogs and Steve

Bernie Gutierrez says

Good Luck Kelsey!

Scott Perkins says

May the Force be with you Jake!

Sebastiaan Parys Parys says

14 Stuyvesant Oval

Mary Hufnell Hufnell says

1719 Luzerne Ave

Anne Hufnell says

Go Jake The Snake!
Aunt Aunt

Brett P says

How could I not support you!? What an awesome cause, you are going to crush the marathon beautiful lady.

Kiley Colombo says

Go Kels go!! xx

James Molesworth says

Get it, girl!

Ferdinando Paventi says

Go Kelsey!

Larry & Bonnie Kelly says

Go, Jake! Proud of you for helping this cause.

Alison Moodie AM:PR New York says

Good Luck!!! Thank you for running for such a great cause! ❣️

Tasha Lawrence says

See you in Berlin!! 😬😬

Tasha Lawrence says

See you in Berlin and good luck!! 😬 #bktctakeover

Cheryl Donald says

You will crush Berlin Kelsey, it’s been a blast training with you! #BKTC

Sarah Thompson says

Can’t wait to run Berlin! You’re going to crush it. Good for you for raising money for such a good cause xoxo

Arash Noori says

Good luck. Berlin is going to be amazing.

Casey Winston says

Go Kels!!!

King Chong says

Good Luck Kels!!!

Frederick Lyle says

Marathon?!? I hear it’s Octoberfest time!Either way, have fun!Fred and Joan Lyle

Grace Kim says

Good luck, Jake!!

Michael Donadio says

don’t forget to hydrate

Mark Muldowney says

Schnell rennen!

Chris & Bill Hufnell says

You go, Jake!

Monica Adkins says

Love you so proud of you 💛

Jonathan Frader says

Congrats and good luck in Berlin!!

John W Klein Klein says

4424 Central Ave

Kristina & Willie DiBlasi says

Good luck and have fun!

Nate Poirier says

Test Donation

Barb Robinson says

You can do it!!

Karl W Torke Torke says

2570 Hilgard Ave

Audrey Siegel says

466 Collingwood Street

Tara Gallant says

You got this! Happy to support you and this cause.

Michael Robinson says

Best of luck as you strive to be your BEST!


Matt Burdetsky says

3318 Rocky Mount Road

Joanne Dzienkowski says

Best of luck Er! You’re going to be awesome! We’re so proud of you!

Carleigh Zielinski says

You go girl!!! You’re amazing! I’m so excited for you!

Alistair Connal says

Good luck!

Anna Kigel says

Go Kelsey!!!

Kim O’Hanlon says

Go Kelsey! Have a great race!

Ryan Welsh says


Amanda and Jeff Mastrangelo says

See ya at beer o’clock!! 🍻🌭

Justin Mirsky Mirsky says

38 Glenorchy Place

Mike Thomas says

Crush it over there kid

Annica Lin says

Good luck Kelsey! You will do so well.


Roopal Patel says

So Proud of you Kelsey! Thank you for inspiring us! xo. Roopal

Minerva Lopez says

You can do it!

Chris Wichert Wichert says

Supporting my sunny

Clare Hynes says

All the best to you friend, beyond proud and happy for you!! Love always, Clare

Matthew Preston Preston says

Get Fierce with it Jakey baby!

Julian Baranowski says

Sieh zu da

Nina Merkel says

Ein kleiner Beitrag. Danke für deinen Einsatz! Bin stolz auf dich!

Bill Fagan says

Such a wonderful charity TJ! Thank you and enjoy your running adventure in NY!

Hannah Shakin says

Run fast 🙂

Emil Soutschek says

Run Wichert ruuuuum! You’re the man! Maaaaa Boi is running so hard! A good Run-Boi! Over the top

Philip Siems says

Gib gas Maschinchen

Isil Aridag says

Ekom, I support your passion on such a good cause ⭐️

Jens Craemer says

Viel Erfolg!

Michael Joseph says

2525 balsam Drive

Sebastian Jung says

Run Tio Run

Boyacigiller Family says

Go Eko! We love you!! Kick butt!! ❤️❤️

Harish Mamidanna says

Channel your inner David Goggins for this marathon. You’ll get this done! Good luck!

Coco Aridag says

Go sunny go!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Gina Moreno Valle says

Go Chris! Hala!

Ricardo C. says

I expect you to run with your Bayer Munich Lewandowski jersey …… Hala Madrid!!!!!!

Yamen Alhajjar says

Go get em Chris!

Renata Freitas says

Go Chris!

Ken Pilot says

Good luck Chris. Running in Koio??

Mauricio Cordero says

Chrisito – After Kili, this shall be a piece of cake. No challenge can stop you! Good luck and enjoy the race!

Volker Noethhorn says

Hop hop

Eze B says

I expect you to run that last mile on Avalanches sons!

Karen and Corey Stern says

Go Rocco! xo


666 Greenwich Street APT 1005

Kibble Fond says

SUNNY! MAKE IT RAIN. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so proud of you for such a busy quarter of stretch experiences. I cant wait to celebrate with you at the finish line xxx

KIbble Fond says

COCO: I always admired you so much for your love of NYC nightlife and Seamless. But now you do this?! I am so excited to see you on Race Weekend and sending you all my love. GO COCO. xoxo

Rita Schlueter says

GO Chris GO
Viel Erfolg!

Stacy Chang says

Go Chris!

Trey Sisson says

Good luck!

Tiffany Amazon says


Brian O’Malley O’Malley says

104 Broughton Ave
Apt 2B

Scott Ferrara Ferrara says

198 Van Vorst Street Apartment 418

Jared Golden says

Awesome stuff!

David Neisinger says

Kooooaaaam jezzzz

David Neisinger says

Koaaam jezzz

David Neisinger says

Koaaam jezzz

Barlas Erturkuner says

Godspeed to you and for the great cause you are supporting…

Olivia Bianco says

You got this 💪🏻

Carlos Moreira says

You go brother.

Francisco Barrenechea says

Coco on the move, you’re a legend!

Francisco Barrenechea says

I expect similar display of huevos than in Kili, don’t dissapoint and stay strong hermano!

David Fischer says

Weight Watchers Einstiegsprogramm

Alicia Ferrara says

Glad to help you reach your goal. Have a great run!

Christian Salihin says

Gute Sache Dikka! Zieh durch 😘

Mert Altug says

Go Ekin Go !

Cec Masola says

178 East 80th Street

Frederico Paglia says

Awesome, you’ve got this!

Frederico Paglia says

Fly sunny!

Klara Schroeder says


Ileana Vathi says

Good luck Chris!

Jana Raykow says

great cause!! good luck 🍀

Jon Levy says

Good luck!

Florian Taufmann says

Go tio

Selma Somer says

Bravo Ekin’cim,basarilar diliyorum

Amish Tolia says

Great cause. Good luck Chris!

Melike Nejat says

Başarilar Ekin cim 👏 Sevgiyle…

James Wilson says


Nilufer Konuk says

So proud of you

Daniel Kirch says

Immer dasselbe mit dir, bleib mal ohne gegentor

Der Papa says

mal ohne Gegentor bleiben, tio

Cem Aridag says

Bravo sister 🏃‍♀️ I’m proud of you ☺️


I’m so proud of you Angel ❤️

Nilgun Ata says


ISima Benaroya Benaroya says


Saba Kocaaydin says

Go Ekin go! So proud to see young people running for a cause.

Begum Ozturk says

Run eko run 💕

Aysegul Umur Daloglu says

Basari ve kolaylık diliyorum:)

Bartek Bielinski says

Run forest, ruuuuun

Michael Reichard says


Gulbin Ezer Ezer says

Hi Ekin, I am RC classmate of your mom and I am very proud of you for undertaking such a noble cause.


Sevgili Ekin bu güzel çaban için kutluyor, bol şans diliyorum🍀Herşey gönlünce olsun🙏🏼😍

Sebla Elam Boyner says


Clare Hynes Hynes says

Beyond proud and amazed for you friend. Love ya, Clare.

Ashraf Saheb says

“When you get a little bit of a shiver but it’s not that cold“ – Aridag (famous Turkish marathon runner at high altitude)

Jonathan Teklu says

Ho La Ho Vi To 🙌🏾

Rabindra Shrestha Shrestha says

Please implement performance related donations!

Agustina Bellsola Bellsola says

520 W 23rd St.Apt 6A

İnci Soylu says

Başarılar ekin!!!!

Roni Kirsch says

With your great preparation I expect you to win this thing Sunny!
Great cause, great talent, great inspiration.

Idil Bayram Bayram says

Wohoo! Go Ekin gooo!!

Eren Eruçan says


Damian Greco says

Way to go!

Nobel Razon says

Tepecik yolu, Alkent sitesiFulya 1, D 3, Etiler

Selcuk Arkun says

Go Ekin Go!

Bettina Aciman says

Good luck !!! You rock ❤️

Meric Aban Aban says

I love your big heart ♥️

Vanessa & Mosik Iba says

We are proud of you Eko 😍😍

SG Gor says

Good luck Ekincim

Florencia Ardissone says

Go Ekin! Love the cause

Bedir Shather says

Great cause. Good luck
Alia & Bedir

Fabian Balino says

Run Ekin Run. 😊

Fabian Balino says

In Masada voice: Easy like a piece of cake

Janie Hacker says

Good luck. You can do this.

Sarah Phillips says

Run like the wind Thea!!!

Phillip Stepp Stepp says

19 Wyndhaven Court

Megan Evans says

Get it mama!

Philly Hartman says

Thank you for running to support such an amazing cause. So proud of my part human, part gazelle friend!

Ashley Ginnings says

So proud of you, Thea!

Jaclyn Brandt Brandt says

Such an inspiration! Go Thea, go!

Blaine Keogh says

You’re an inspiration to all of us, Thea!! 👏🏻 💪🏻 You Go Pretty Lady!!

Alicia Glueckstein says

Good luck, Thea! You’re going to crush it!

Betsy Burke says


Mesude Demirağ says

Merhaba Ekin, bu çok değerli emeğini gönülden kutlarım.

Nükte Oktayer says

Supporting you onyour

GÜLNUR Geriş says

Ekincim çok hayırlı bir amaç uğruna çok başarılı bir sonuç almışsın. Tebrik ediyorum 👏👏😘😘

Teoman Gonenc says

Bacaklarina kuvvet ekocum 🙂

Vicki Whatley says

Way to go, Thea! Impressive all the way around! Good luck!

Jessie Wong says

You are amazing! You got this! Happy to support you!

Tom Umberg says

Go get em

Kristina & Don Pierce says

Go Thea! Such a great cause, proud to support you.

Jessica Devaney says

Go Thea! So amazing!! 🏃‍♀️💪

Charlotte MacKenzie says

Good luck, Thea!! We are so proud of you!!

Nelle Donaldson says

Go Thea! II love you!

Courtney Donohue Donohue says

945 Fifth Avenue

Courtney Donohue Donohue says

Way to go Thea! I’ll be cheering for you on First Ave! xo

Arlene and John Bruen says

strength and enjoy!

Robert Rosenkranz and Alexandra Munroe says

We are so proud of you, Thea! Cheering you on.

Jane Waluch says

Go Thea!!!! So proud of you!!

Nesli Kohen says

Go Eko, go Eko!!!
Think about all those chips and guac you can eat after the race:)

Wolfgang Starke Starke says

good cause … love it

Robin Yates says

Thanks for letting me a part of your amazing goal.

Nicole Pickett says

Run like the wind, Rocco! Routing for your best time yet!

William Van Arkel says

Run Forest Run!

Chase Finley says

Go thea go! Love you so much

Eric Hansen Hansen says

274 Clinton Street

Sarah Handy says

Cheering you on, my friend!!!

Joseph Hudson says

Good luck!!

Jonathan Williams says

You got this!!!!

Howard and Karen Campbell says

We are so grateful and proud of Trisha for taking on this challenge. Even when a child is injured or sick life goes on and bills must be paid. Thank you for caring and acting for families.

KC Palmer says

Go get it Dave!!!

Felicia Senigo says

So glad to donate to such a worthy cause!

Ulviye Arkun says

Bravo Ekin. Bol şanslar!
Ulviye ve Yaman Arkun

Marisa Senigo says

Love you brother! You’re def the “fit” bit twin

Fran Straw says

Go Tricia I’m supporting you in spirit and love. I just pushed you over the 1K threshold❤️

Holly M. Williams Williams says

401 Clements Road

Ethan Lowry says

Go get ‘em!

stefan padvaiskas says

enjoy the run! And let me now about it after.

Sarah Woelfel says

You go girl! So happy to support your cause 💕

Kate & Geoff Urquhart says

Good luck Thea! Woot, Woot!

Kate Thompson says

Go, Thea! Sending speedy vibes your way – for a great cause!

Eleanor DeLeo says

Just wow! Cheering you on, Thea!

Bryan Pritchard Pritchard says

Good luck!

Danielle Lambert says

Go Thea!! So awesome… Good luck! 👏🏼 🙌🏼

Scazzariello Pasquale says

Vai Rocco vai
& un abbraccio da mamma e papà

Pasquale Scazzariello says

Corri Rocco corri
Un abbraccio da mamma e papà

Pasquale Scazzariello says

Go Rocco Go
Forte abbraccio da mamma e papà

Anu Schwartz Schwartz says

Go Rocco! So proud of you buddy!!

Jon Cross says

You’re the man, Rocco!

Kirill Tarasenko says

For Sukhi

JOHN Doe says

To all your medals

Chris Spring says

Run hard and fast Diana! Pulling for you!

John Leigeber says

Inspired commitment for a great cause, so proud of you Tricia.

Leah Pope says

Go, Thea, go! Good luck!

Erin Kelly says

Have a great race.
Xoxo the kelly’s

Megan Pellarin says

You totally got this!! And may win it all 😉

Megan Pellarin says

You got this and may win this whole race 😉

Efthimios Caragiannis says

go rocco! and atb to you and your family.

Jay Fischer Jay says

Very proud of you with your dedication to this great cause.
Best of luck with the Marathon – exciting for all of us!

Love and best wishes,

JJ, Mom, Gordon and Fiona

Casey Moeller says

Good Luck!

Mina Mitby Mitby says

Have fun and awesome cause!

Purvee Kondal says

Great cause, go get ‘EM!

Murat Kalkan says


Murat Kalkan says

You did Kili – this will be a piece of cake! Pole Pole, packzon! Just dont get altitude sickness 😉

David Neisinger says

Run Wichooopppp Ruuuuuuuunn

Katie Finnegan says

What a great team to run for!!
We love you Thea!
The Finnegan Family

Olivia Koller says

Knock em dead, Thea! Love the cause and you!

Lori Vickers says

You’ve got this!!!

Sasha North-Clauss says

Way to go!! 🏃🏼‍♀️ 👏

Traci Catalano Catalano says

Have a great race, Tricia!

Mili Desai says

Good luck on your race Ekin! What an admirable undertaking for a great cause!

Olivia Munroe says

So proud to be associated with you dearest thea

Neval Sayin says

Dearest Ekin, I sincerely admire your courage, perseverance and good heart. Thank you for giving us a chance to contribute.

Damla Erdem says

Go Eko!!

Charles Kim says

Crush the run!

Will Hauser says

Tricia , your going to do awesome !

Jennifer Johnson says

You can do it!!!

Peter Janik says

Go boy wonder……Mr. Pete

Gabriel M says

Cheers mate!

David M Senigo Senigo says

349 St. John’s Pl
Apt. 1A

Gabriel & Karla MC says

Cheers amigo!!!

Tom DiGaetano says

Go Big Tricia … a wonderful thing to be doing.

Julian Raphael Prante says

Go Dave! This is a great charitable cause which I am happy to support!
(Please do not forget to tape those nipples)

Dan Sims Sims says

21 ridge rd

Charlotte Koster says

The Koster family is so excited for you to run!! Good luck!

Sienna Seyferth says

Best of luck – love your flower girl💕

Tracy Donley says

Go Tom!!!

Ed King says

Good luck Trisha. So happy you are able to run this and for a worthy cause.

Keith Fratus says

Do the thing with the stuff

Christina Kelly says

Sending love from the north!


Bravo👏👏👏Go Eko go👍

Adam Shapiro says

Get it!

Hallie Nazar de Jaucourt says

So proud of you!!

Joe Riley says

Go, Ekin!

Andrea Wobbe says

Lauf Forrest, lauf! Real great cause! Hug and a kiss from Hamburg! Andrea

Steven Lerman says

Run Dave run!! You can do it all night long …

Paragon Sports says

I know you will hit another PR on this race! -Zach and Bruce

Bill Bruzzese Bruzzese says

Good luck!

Benjamin Phelps Phelps says

Go Dave!

Kate DeBolt says

You go mama!!! Run fast!!!

Antonio Sanchez says

Good luck on the race!!!

Gail Westphalen says

Run on, Tricia!

Victoria Munroe Victoria says

We are so proud of you and your concern for Pediatric cancer patients and their families. Your heart is in the right place when you are running for so many!Victoria and Eric

Lonnie Shapiro says

Good luck!

David M Senigo Senigo says

Jim Laros says Giddie Up!

Ronnie Williams says

good luck!

Jacqueline Tunkel says

Run, Eric, run!

Emre Zelis Aylin Esen says

Good luck!!!!

Nelson Merchan says

Muchos Exitos!

Jake Muller says

Good Luck and have fun!

Jennifer Stein says

You Got This!!!💪💪💪

Marjorie Burdetsky says

Enjoy this great marathon!!

Cathy Davis says

You’ve got this!!!!

Andrea & Harris Atmar says



Wish Ekin great success.

Katherine Stewart says

What an amazing journey! And a great cause!!
Go for it!

Çetin Kuru says


Cherie Lunghi says

Your 🇬🇧 family is cheering for you! Cheers!!

Marielle Bush says

Amazing accomplishment! Wishing you all the best for race day!

JP Robert Robert says

Great cause! Go go go!!!

JP Robert says

Have a great one!

Laura Lee Ehrgott says

Best of luck!!

Louise Oram-Cho says

Good Luck Thea! Such an amazing thing to do for such a wonderful cause

Mindee Rosen says

Your amazing! So proud of you, enjoy every minute of today. When YOU cross that finish line you will truly never ever forget it. Your incredible and an inspiration to others.

Anne Drljo says

Well done Eko, it s really inspiring

Erin Masotta says

Way to go Tricia! Your dedication and mindset is truly inspiring!!!

Maria Merino-Schweitzer says

Congratulations, Tricia!!! Proud of you and honored to donate to your team’s cause!!!

Maria Merino-Schweitzer says

Congratulations, Tricia! So proud of you and honored to sponsor you for your team’s cause!

Tracey Hausel says

1207 Crestover Road

Chloe Ciaglia says

Way to go Thea!

Julie Clark says


Jacque Payne says

Tricia, I am so proud & excited for You!!
You have picked an awesome organization to
fundraise for.

Jacque Payne says

I am proud & excited for you Tricia!!
Congrats on your race.
You have picked a great organization
to donate to.
Hugs, Jacque

Christopher Aranguren says

Good luck! 🏃‍♀️

Megan Ryan says

You rock! We are so proud to support you! XO

Alana Brolly says

Proud of you ❤️❤️❤️

Christine & Bill Dempsey says

You will do great! We are proud of you 😃


Congrats on all your accomplishments. Such a great cause, I’m happy to contribute to.

Christine Johnston says

Good Luck Kathie!!

Maureen Belcolle says

YOU GOT THIS!!!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻

Nune Cafarella says

You go girl

Dorothy Anastasiadis says

We are so proud of you!

Cathy Chestone says

708 Brook Avenue

Caroline Sweitzer says

Run like the wind!

Jackie Smith says

Go Kathie!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️

Lisa LaBonville says

Way to go Kathie! The families will greatly appreciate the support.

Karen Overgaard says

Go Kathy! You are amazing!😀😘

Yolanda Aranguren says

Have a great run!!

Lauren White says

63 Wall St
Apt 1903

Lauren White says

63 Wall St
Apt 1903

Diane Ripple says

Go Caitlyn! 💜💜💜

Elizabeth Oliva says

good luck, hope you meet your goal! happy to support your cause 🙂

Kim Harris says

You’re awesome! Go Hilary!!!

Joseph Russo says

Way to go Nicole

Brandon Kappel says

Run Nikki run!

Jennifer Slavens says

Yay – go Nicole!!

Natalie Kaszei says

Run kitty run!! Best of luck as you crush this half! We will be thinking of you and cheering you on from afar. Xx – Natalie, Nick, Mila and Cleveland!

Patricia Robinson says

Final payment. This was an amazing experience. Thanks for giving me extra time to come up with more donations.

(FB payments cover the remaining portion.)

Drew Shapiro says

Good luck girl, proud of who you’ve become and I miss you! 💪🏼👊🏼

Elena Schorr says

Kill it Shanny!! Love and miss you!

Katy Sullivan says

“Kicking, I wanna do some kicking!” Hope you run better than our track warm ups! 🙂

Ernisa Ujkaj says

YOU GOT THIS!!! 2020 is your year <3

Annemarie Berscak says

Good luck 🍀

Jeremy & Taylor Moskow says

Goooood luck!!! ❤️

Cate Bevans says

You go girl!

Casey Neville says

Go Melanie!

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good luck Cait!! Kill it out there

jerry friedman says

You go girl!! Melanie you are the best!!

Ken Mahon says

Have a great run!!

Nicole Rothenberg says

Way to go Mel!!!

Dana Kramer says

Great Work Melanie!!

Irene Gelardi says

Looking forward to seeing a great finish. Good luck Kaitlyn. 😘😘🎈🍀🍀🍀

Danielle Buckley says

Sorry I couldn’t be at the fundraiser!! I’m sure you’ll do amazing!

Caitlyn Aranguren says

Jerry, Kevin, Allie donations

Maureen Russo says

Go get this!!

Elsida Ziaj says

Run Ledia Run!!! You got this!!!

Grandma and Grandpa Russo says

Great job Nicole!

James Rienzo Rienzo says

27 Aberdeen Rd

Cheryl Montaigne Montaigne says

Good luck with your race:)

Sean White says

Killing it K!! Nice job.

June Cafarella says

You got this

Bulkaland DK says

TURn it up

Jonathan Lujan Lujan says

31 Russell Rd

Kaitlyn Jordan says

So happy to support you and such a great cause! We’ll be cheering you on! ♥️

Rita McCabe says

You got this!

Kim Shanahan says

Good luck!

Franc Galinanes says

Good luck with the run!

Jeff Martin says

Go Michelle

Maurice Hall says

Good luck with your race Sheriff Cindy!

Leah Algeria says

WooHoo! You Got This!!!!

Jackie Labiento says

Run Forrest, run!!!

Phil Forte says

Good luck! Do what I said about the bridge pls.

Nicole Plescia says

So proud of you Kathie…. u r my hero!!🏃🏼‍♀️

Serge Zborovsky says

Thank you from Raise New York

Gloria Saladino says

You can do it !!!!!!!

Laura Messier says

Good luck Melanie !! you’re doing a great thing

Jan Altneu says

Goor Luck!!

Neil Gilberg says

Happy to contribute to such a worthwhile cause. Thanks for doing what you do.

Andrea Swift says


Allie Bradley says

Run Ledia, run!!!!!!

Eric Saunders says

Good luck out there!!

Ruth Regensburger says

You got this girl!!!!!

Kaitlyn Labiento says

Run yah little heart out !

James Suridis Jr says

Good luck!!

Jennifer Thacher says

Got you to your goal!!! Even though you did not get me lunch today 🙂

Janice Sax says

It’s so great that you run for these families and their children … good often comes from bad situations and look at you helping others because you were blessed and want to give back!

Laura Mayne says

You go girl. You have been and will always be a fighter. Thank you for doing this.

Abbey Kushner says

Love you Hilary Enjoy

Nicole = Russo says

8 meadowood Court

Al S says

Good luck.

Lescene Gibbons says

109 WEST 111th STREET

Alicia Ryan says

good luck michelle

Dina Murphy says

Amazing. Good luck – you got this!!!

Joanne Palmer says

You got this!!!!

Paula & Angelo Questo says

Uncle Angelo and I admire your determination and commitment. You are amazing. We are so proud of you and Ava Jean! ❤️🏃❤️

Noreen Nicodemo says

You can do it!💪

Deirdre Pino says

Go get em! 💙

Dale Beverly Beverly says

Glad to help. Best of luck with the race!

Millie Newton says

Enjoy the race! Will be cheering you on from North Carolina!

Mary Cassidy says

Go Gina!

maria dibenedetto says

Gina our thoughts and good wishes for a good run…Gina you can do it!! xoxoxo Mom & Dad

Patricia Madden says

Remembering Adrian Cahill Shanahan ☘️

Chris Specht says

Go get em Katie! So proud of you!

David Shanahan says

We all wish you the best of luck running the half marathon for such a worthy cause .

Chris Darcy says

Good luck!!!!!

Jennifer Weaver says

You’ve got this!! 🧡

Gillian Harper says

You are an inspiration, Gina!

Carol & Mike Martone says

Good Luck! We love you.

Kim Brewer says

Keep up the hard work, Gina! We’re proud of you!

Doris, Val, & Lynn TCWH says

We are proud of you!

Shea McAvoy says

So proud of you!! Kick some butt👊 Love you💛

Rigers Qeraj says

May the wind be behind you!

Teresa McDonald says

Run like the wind!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️💕💕💕

Clara Segreti says

You go girl !

Jessica Geiersbach says

Let’s go!!!!!!!

Zoe Gomez says

You are going to KILL it girl!! #strivefor5

Elena Schorr says


Carlee Ancona says

Go kick some ass & Good Luck!! Love you! 💚👊🏻

Sam Torrico says

So proud of you!!! I know you are going to absolutely kill it ♥️🤩

Meep Meep says

Congrats and good job! Keep crushing it!

Lindsey Alfano says

So proud of you!!!

Tina Moon says

Good Luck

Shantel Bremmer says

I will be there to cheer you on!!

Jackie, jimmy and Ryan Gambardella says

You go girl! You got this!😘

Steven Bacas says

Lick lick lick

Sol Weinreich says

You’re a rockstar

big lonzo xxx nasty says

love u always

Ronnie Greissman says

Great cause!!

Ricki Moskow says

Go Melanie Go. You’ve got this. I love you.

Beverly Rothenberg says

I love you Mel. Just keep running.

Carlynn Ross says

So proud of you always, now go win that race!
Xoxo car

Nicole Duva says

Good luck! ❤️

Haley Dagan says

So proud of you Mel!! Way to go!

Laura Gonzalez says

Good luck John!!

Matt & Frankie Damico says

Go get ‘em, John!! 💪💪💪

Bobbi Smith says

YES! <3 Good Luck!

Tim and Sarah Mcvicker says

Very proud of you!

Jason Langdale says

Good luck

Sofia & Bruce Maspons/Ferguson says


Camille Munn says

You go girl!

Nancy Romansky says

Run Sister Run

Jess Grutzner says

You are an inspiration!!

Barbara and Guy Lester says

Congratulations!! And thank you for being a force for good!!

Joselyn Morales says

Yay Gina!!! Congratulations. Love Always, The Morales Family

Shanen Lazenby says

Go bestie that’s my bestie!

Denise DeZao says

Sam, you have so many exciting goals you will be achieving this year! xo

Denise DeZao says

Sam, you have so many exciting goals you will be achieving this year! xo

Pat Leconey says

Good luck! So proud of you!

Diane Scott says

Good luck Sam!

Dawn Favret says

Good luck!

Susan Gleason says

You go girl!!

Lori Peters says

You’re the BEST Sam!! Good Luck!
❤️ Coach Peters

Nick Netto says

If you get a cramp, just keep running

Danny Chiu says

What an amazing person you are Gurdev to keep this cause going personally! Truly inspirational not just for those battling the cancer, but also for an average Joe like me to keep the fight going in life 💪 Thank you for everything you are doing!

Steven Chang says

This is in memory of our dear friend Cybill. Have a great race Gurdev!

Shirley Kwan-Hui says

In memory of Cybill. Go Gurdev!! I hope you have a great run and raise lots of funds for this great cause. I am so touched by your effort every year.

Kshama Pandya says

Good luck!!! Continued success on raising money for this awesome Cause.

Della C says

Good luck, Gurdev!

Cherise Yee says

Good Luck tomorrow! We are all rooting for you! Thank you again for keeping Cybill’s memory alive and using this cause to help support these patients and their families.

Judy Li says

Good luck and thank you for being an inspiration.


Your determination is inspirational!

Judy Yung says

We are so proud of your dedication to this very important cause!

Susanna Yung says

Proud of your consistency !

Cyrus Borzooyeh says

Keep on living strong Gurdev.

Fanteny Lo says

Support u as always!!! Stay safe and healthy 🙂

Jenny Yung says

Keep up the great work, Gurdev!

scott weiss weiss says

Good luck and very inspirational!

Bill Wang says

Impressive run, keep it up!
Happy New Year!
Bill Wang

Rene Letendre Letendre says

Sorry for the delay

James Yip says

In memory of Cybill. I hope you are doing well Gurdev.

Margot LaScala says

Thanks for continuing support this important cause.

Lynda Radosevich says

Go Jodi!

Jolene Wise says

You got this! I am so happy to be supporting such a worthwhile cause.

Fran Hurley says

So proud of you! A true Blessing to support you and your cause 💯!
You are a true inspiration my friend!

Vicki Beltz says

Good luck!!!

Pam Friedlander says

Good luck

Claudia H says

Great cause!

Tina Scales says

Thank you for doing this.

James Wynn James says

Go Steph GO!!!

Jarrod Luty says

Sub 3 hours or you walk home!

Linda McMahon says

Thank you for including me! I am thrilled to be part of your marathon!

Mike Cordero says

Great cars great stuff Cuz

Dhanu Miskin says

Proud of you for doing this, and for such a great cause. It’s turtley awesome 🙂

Kara Kaiser says

I am so proud of u. Woo hoo

Juliana Lennon says

So proud to call you my best friend! You are amazing inside and out ❤️

the poplawski’s says

go go go

Reid Weppler says

We’re just getting started!

Reid Weppler says

We’re just getting started!

Paula Desalvo says

This is special to my heart glad I could help .

Jessica Muscarella says

Go Jess!!

Cassie Fuhro says

Go Jess! ❤️

Meralis Lopez says

A true honor to help you support this cause! Xo!

Lucas Burt says


Stephanie Robbins says

Run Jess Run!
You got this!!💪🏼
Good luck! 💗❣️
Love, Steph & Andrew xo

Elizabeth Bresciani says

Run for the cure!

Amanda Schultz says

Go girllll

Chris Passarelli Passarelli says

Love you!

Margaret Camacho says

Good Luck !! Your doing wonderful things!! Great cause !!

Sara Habbo Habbo says

Let’s go Jodi and Team Continuum!!

Norma Chapman says

Run, Jodie, Run!

Bernarda Villalona says

Cherish the experience!

Lorraine Landrau says

All the best in your first marathon. Thank you for all you do.

David Kirsch says

Let’s go Jodi!

Susan Ouyang Ouyang says

Rooting for you guys! Go Nick and Caitlyn!

Stephanie Cooper-Phillips says

Best of luck on this adventure!

Ted Bergeron says

Run like the wind, Nick and Caitlyn! In loving memory of Rocco.

Michael Rooney says

Way to go, Jodi! Team Continuum does wonderful work, and NYCM is such a blast. Good luck with your training and give my regards to Coach John.

Helen Zhao says

to the moooon!!

Rachel Yedid says

So proud of you!!

Brianna Cook Cook says

Cheering you on, Nick & Caitlyn! Hope y’all are proud of yourselves for taking on this feat–no matter how you perform against your expectations/goals!

Elizabeth Lindley says

So proud of you and your generous heart!! You will CRUSH it!! 💕💕

Jen Chittim says

Go, Kayla, go!!!!

Denise Moniz says

Wonderful cause! Fit and fierce queen with a charitable heart! Good luck with your training! Keep the finish line in sight! ❤️

Layne Wilson says

Go Kayla!!

Joanna Neville says

Go, Kayla! You are so awesome! Yay to our Thursday Night Crew family =)

Susie Saltzman says


Christina Jackson says

I am so proud of you! Love you!

Kayla’s Sister says

Woot hoot win the race kayla!!

Rick Burger says

Keep up the good work!

Alice Terrett says

Go Kayla! 💗

Alexis Miles says

You go girl! So proud of you!

Andrea Pungoti says

Get it, girl! Xo

Avery Ambrefe says

Go Kayla!! So proud of you!

Robin Singer says

Go get ‘em!

Daniel Lear says

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Alana Brolly says

Love you! Go kick ass!

Alex Garry says

Crush it, brother.

Matthew Vitebsky says

Run baby run!

Jerry Bonura says

Rocco was a great Father, Husband and Role Model. He raised my best friend and shaped him into the man he is today – who is also a role model to me.
In honor of Rocco giving me my first drink of Johnny Walker Blue, I’m donating the price of a bottle to Nick’s run.

Steve Chieca says

Good luck Nick & Cait!

Michelle Labiento says

The power couple takes on the NYC Marathon! Best of luck to you both, I know Rocco would be proud! Love you both forever!

Diane Ripple says

Good luck!!!

Kerri Salmon says

So proud of you both!!!! xo

Natalie Nick and Mila Kaszei says

Run Nick, Run Cait! So proud of you guys. Hope your marathon experience is everything and more! Remember the pain is temporary 😉 good luck! Xo

stephanie rosenfeld rosenfeld says


Juana Castilla says

So proud of you!

Andreas Chrysostomou says

Good luck to you both!!!!

Katrina Ungar says

Congrats and good luck !!

Calli Tepper says

Great cause! Best of luck to you and Cait!

Janet Calabro says

Congratulations on running your first full marathon. I know you’re very excited about it. You are an inspiration to watch as you train for the marathon. You are certainly not a quitter! Your strong desire to help children in your profession and every day life is amazingly selfless. Your father and I are very proud of you and love you so much. 🥰

Helen Rogic says

You rock!!! 🤸‍♀️💪🧡💫

Michele Sullivan says

Great cause! Can’t wait to see you run!

Terri Shafirov says

Kayla in NYC…you go girl!!

Carly Sadowsky says

Run, Jess, run!! So proud of you!

Julie Spalding says

You’ve got this!

Alyssa Gillen says

Therefore, since we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and run with perseverance the race marked out for you. Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Author and perfecter of our faith

Grace Conte-Bennett says

Way to go, Kayla!!! Cheering you on! ❤️ Xo

Sarah Kelly Kerr says

One step at a time! Go Kayla!!

Virginia Stanton Stanton says

Good Luck Jess – Ginga and ST!

Jacklyn & Brendan Scheiner says

Lets go Jess!!!!

Morgan Conti says

Go Jess !! ❤️🏃🏼‍♀️

Elisa Alban says

Best of luck ❤️❤️❤️

Jessica Kostiou says

Good luck! 😁

Caitlin OLeary says

Go Kayla go!

Francesca Chiofolo says

Go Nick & Cait! We are so proud of you! Run for Rocco! ❤️

Jonathan DiTringo says

Love you brother.

Katie Lewery says

Love you guys ❤️

So proud of you Nick❤️

Miss you always, Uncle Rocco❤️


God Speed Nick & Caitlyn, proud of you two !!! Roc man, I miss you my brother very very much !!!

Kelsey O’Brien says

Good luck!! Can’t wait to cheer y’all on!

Kaz Sanchez says

My heart and Love is with you and Caitlyn, ALWAYS!
Now go Kick-ass!!!

Christine Stamas says

Go Team Ferrante!!! Love, the Verveniotis Family

Effie and Larry Coyle says

Great cause and your dad would be so proud. Good luck

John O’Connor says

Go Jess!


Your Witty Birthday Buddy

Rachael Cowell says

Good Luck!

Michelle Polizzano says

So proud of you!

Victoria Beltz says

What a great cause. ❤️

Nick Fitzmaurice says

Go Jess!! You Rock.

Rick and Maria Aranguren says

Nick and Caitlyn,
We are so proud of you for doing this! #RunForRocco 💜

Jeanne Ferrante says

Nick + Caitlyn, Dad will be with you every step of the way! You guys make an incredible team! I’m so proud of your determination and discipline! I love you so much for doing this!!!! #RunForRocco

Briana Mimnagh says

Good Luck Jess! Proud of you!!

Herm Moriarty says

Good luck Jess from not your birthday buddy! You’re a rockstar!

Andy, Sharon, Harper Maravegias says

Run, Ferrantes, Run!

Manuel Alban says

Good luck!!!

Joseph Lombardo says

Proud to know you, go get them tiger! Best Wishes from Joe and Irma.

Annette Kaselis says

Good luck on this new adventure!

Brandon & Nicole Kappel says

Run Nicky Run!

J.C. Polanco says

Congratulations Jodi! Proud of you! Your dedication has been incredible.

Deanna Alban says

So proud of you guys! Keep up the great work on this adventure… for Rocco!❤❤❤

Lisa Paganis Paganis says

Congratulations Nick and Catilyn running this race in honor of your dad! You got this! So proud of both of you! Love your cousins from Boston, Lisa, Stephen, Stacie, Annalise & Anthony

Joanne Falce says

Good luck Nick & Cait!!
-Love, Joanne & Sean

Nicole Delsignore says

So proud of everything you do!!! Go Jessibear!!
Sending all my love and prayers to you and your team!

Enny Pichardo says

I got your back…you can do it…vamos que tú puedes, Jodi. AKA “La Matatana” 😉

Matthew De Castro says

Much love to Nick & Cait – great event to support and thank you for your contribution to this cause!

Kirsten Lipps Lipps says

We are SO proud of you!!
Kir and Jim

Maryann Bonis says

Hope it’s a fun run

Anne Clare says

Great cause Steph! Good luck!

Cathy Molino says

Can’t wait to see you at the marathon xo

Robyn Cerasoli says

You can do this

Sara Paananen says

You got this! Run Kayla run!

Antonia Lewery says

God Bless,,,,,,,

Karen Lee says

I’m happy to support you team.

Bonnie Orden says

Best of Luck!

kenneth vanecek says

good luck and win

Eduard Kleiner says

Run well and fast!

Susan Hughes says

Go Martial!!!!

Jessica (STARS Jeans Day) Calabro says

STARS Jeans Day

Joan Smaldone says

Love you 💕

Melanie & Taylor Carsch says

GO JENNA GO!!! So proud of you!! Love me and Taylor

Aimee Landau says

This cause personally touches my heart. Thank you, Jenna!
Sending love 💕 Mrs Landau

David Silverman says

Ur fav uncle Dave loves you

Jean Quinn says

Go Jenna!
Sending Love and Hugs!

John and Christine Kearns says

You go girl! A cause close to our heart

Francis Reed says

Run like the wind!

Joan Pattarozzi says

May the force be with you; congrats, and great cause! (NYC 2013 was one of my favorite marathons! Enjoy!)

Tom and Nancy Smith says

Jessica, we are so very proud of you. Good luck in this race. Love you.

Jennifer Siroky says

Good luck!!

Julia Smaldone says

Go Jenna!! So proud of you!

Audra Sichler says

You’ve got this!! You have an amazing family!! ❤️❤️

Mary Pfiel says

You are going to crush it, Best of luck 🏃🏼‍♀️

Gillian Harper says

Sending you strength and courage for your big race and every day…You’ve truly got this! xx

Kate Waters says

Amazing! You and Ava got this!

Connie Easley says

Have a great race Matt. Hope you raise lots of money for this great cause. Love, Mom

Jenny Feighery-Lazzaro says

Always rooting for you Gina! You got this.

Geraldine Baruch says

You are truly amazing and you have such a beautiful heart.
If anyone can do this you can.
We love you Aunt Gerry, Uncle Dave & Emily.

Geraldine Baruch says

Jessica you’re truly amazing with a beautiful heart. Good luck in the race. We love you. Aunt Gerry, Uncle David & Emily ❤️

Michele Bruen says

Good luck Gina!!! You are amazing as is your beautiful family. I think of you all often and am sending so much love and light to you all. Especially Ava 😉 please tell her that Anthony and Dylan said hello!! Xoxo

Laura Scampoli says

What an inspiration! So awesome!! You’ve got this! ❤️ I really couldn’t love this more .

Chelsea & Nick Masotto says

Can’t wait to cheer you guys on! So proud of you both!!

Millie Newton says

Cheering you on from Charlotte, NC!

Angela Connolly says

Gina, You got this! Gob Bless your family.

Bridget O’Grady says

I am so proud of you, you’re going to kill it! Love you!

Talia Rothfus says

Go Jess you are amazing!!!!!

Camille l Munn says

You got this !

Ricardo Oquendo says

You got this in your heart and mind… your body will follow you all the way to the finish line. 🇵🇷❤️🏃‍♀️

Angela Maldonado says

Run prima run!! I donate in honor of your Puerto Rican excellence and my best friend who passed away in 2011 from breast cancer Tonisha.

Casey Quinn says

Keep up the good work!

Robert Osuna says

It’s wonderful what you are doing.

Isolina Cardarelli says

You got this!!

Lance Simon says

Congrats on your continued victories!

Lenora Easter says

Goooooooo Jodi!!!

Lorraine Calebrese says

You are a rockstar!! All for Avajean💛💛💛💛💛

Nicole Sweeney says

Ava is an inspiration and you are amazing, Mom. You are teaching your girls and all of us to keep going!! 26.2❤️

D Syhre says


Jeff Hor Hor says

Run Jessica Run!!!!!!

Jack and Gail Thatcher says

Good Luck and stay strong!

Rob Fryer says

meilleurs voeux pour NYC Martial

Elena Paraskevas-Thadani says

Go Jodi! What a wonderful thing you are doing. You are an inspiration to us all

MaryBeth Hanley says

Kayla- So Proud of you! RUN RUN RUN star burpee RUN!

Nicole Fields says

So inspiring Kayla!

Chang Jho Jho says

Run Martial, run! Remember you have the very good wind at your back!

Jackie, Jimmy and Ryan Gambardella says

You go Gina! 🥰

Marcia Francis says

Best of Luck and have Fun!!

Edualisse Morales says

Let’s go Jodi! This is such a great initiative. Thank you for doing this. I’m rooting for you and the team!

Matthew De Castro says


Matthew De Castro says

Forgot to add donation the 1st time lol, best wishes!

Sean O says

Good luck!!!

Alex Rosen says

Go get em

S D says

You got this G! I’mSooooo proud of your dedication. You amaze me and I know you’ll do great.

Amanda and Kayla Ottly says

Wishing you luck my friend!

Kathy Dalessandro says

We are so proud of you Jenna !!! We love you !! Love Aunt Kathy Uncle Anthony

Richie Corrales says

So happy to support you and a great cause! Can’t wait to cheer and celebrate with you! Love you!

Kimberly Brewer says

Run, Gina, Run! You are an inspiration to all of us!

Dorothy Anastasiadis says

Wishing you both good luck!

Vanessa Anastasiadis says

So proud of both of you!! Good luck!!

Evelyn Medina says

Go for it, You Got this Good luck!!!


Good luck! Go girl!! Love Mom & Dad

Marguerite Pires says

Go Jenna!!! Love you
Marg, Pino, Mia, Chase & Brody

Debra Gorey says

You’ve totally got this! Go Super Woman, go!

Alex Skrocki says

Beyond inspired by you! Keep on putting in that work! You got this🤍

Maureen Sullivan says

Wishing you a great race, Nick and Caitlyn!

Linda & Mike Chiappone says

For a wonderful cause!! In memory of a wonderful man.

Tara Silverman says

Love you my girl! You got this! Xoxo

Mary Ann Chinellato says

I knew Rocky many years. He was such a wonderful man. I was so sad to hear of his passing. He certainly will be proud of both of you.

Roseann Vitale says

What a great way to memorialize your father’s life.. I’m sure he is so proud of you both and will be smiling down from heaven.

Roseann Vitale says

What a great way to memorialize your father’s life.. I’m sure he is so proud of you both and will be smiling down from heaven.

Jessica Randazza-Pade says

Way to crush 16 miles today! You got this!

Vicki Taylor says

Your Dad would be so proud! Xx

Tara Perez says

You got this Gina! The beautiful family will support you! And an extra kiss will be Ava! I ❤️ you too!

Nick and Elaine Stamas says

Nick and Caitlyn we are so proud of you both. You are both amazing. Way to go….

Nick and Elaine Stamas says

Nick and Caitlyn.. we are so proud of both of you. You are amazing . Way to go….

Lindsay Lanzetta says

GO GUY!!!!! WE ❤️ YOU

Andrea and Gregg Goldhagen says

Gregg says,” If you were acting, we would wish you “break a leg” but that is not what you should say to a marathon runner.” So we will wish you an easy run. Good Luck!

Marlene Vranich says

You are going to crush this!! xxo

Colleen Ferrara says

Good Luck. Have a great run!

Tim Slavin says

What a great cause, Martial! We are so happy to support you…

Matthew Moisan says

Go Guy!

Elizabeth Mozilo says

Good luck!

Ashmi Sheth says

Go Jodi! We love and support you!

Maura Byrnes says

Gina, so proud of you! CranioMama💕💕💕

Alfonso Squillante says

Good Luck!!!

Margaret Avellino says

Good luck!!!

Sandy Lorenzo says

Run Jenna Run🏃‍♀️

Cindy Matson says

Both Gerald and I are so proud of you Ross and will be cheering for you on all your efforts!

Jennifer Bianco says

You got this!!!! You are amazing in every way Xo

Cayci Cordovano says

So proud of you Jenna girl! You’re gonna kill it xoxo

Deena Prevete says

Yay Jessica! Good luck!

Jeanne Englert says

Best wishes. Someone special is watching over the two of you

Richard Tisch says

Enjoy the tour my friend!

Cookie Digeronimo says

Go get em

Elizabeth Newton says

So excited for you!!! Ava girl inspires us all!

Karen Smaldone says

Run Jenna Run !!

virginia fulcher says

GO Girl! So proud of you!

Michael Willhite says

You go Jenna

Robyn Anderson says

way to go Jenna!!!

Jackie Carlryd says

You got this Jenna!!!!!

Rita Megally says

Love this !!! Good Luck on Marathon Day !!! You got this !!

Selena Hermkes says


sam burruano burruano says

visualize winning

Michael Michelle Buscher says

Looking forward to running 26.2 miles with you!

Heather Buscher says

Have a great run!

Mike & Heather

Matthew Stabel says

Good luck Ross. We’ll be looking for you on Manhattan Ave in Greenpoint eating some Peter Pan doughnuts.

Renaud Favaretto says

Belle cause, beau projet, humain et sportif qui rend le marathon NYC encore plus beau !Bon courage parrain !

Roger & Stephanie Dahmen says

Our wish for you is a fun time during the NYC Marathon festivities. What a wonderful charity to make a contribution.Mom & Dad

Rudy BAZZONI says

What a challenge ! Have fun Martial.

Sarah Domingo says

You got this Gina! I’m so proud of you and so amazed at your dedication.

Maricella Fusillo says

You go girl!

Meaghan McCullagh says

Good luck!!

Katie, Brian, and Callie Tomazic says

Go Jess!!!!!

Mary Delaney says

Go Jess, we’re cheering you on!
Love, Mary and Joe

Rigoberto Martinez says

Good luck!

Gail Stellato says

You are an inspiration. Good luck. Sending prayers and strength to you and your family.

Christina Nicosia says

Good Luck!! Such a strong beautiful family that I am so lucky to have crossed paths with.

Cindy Battreall says

You go girl!!!!!

Amanda Giordano says

Good luck Jenna!

Tim and Sarah McVicker says

Go Gina!!!

Tim and Sarah McVicker says

Go Gina!!

Vivian Kretzmer says

You go girl!

Manfred and Gundi Kohler says

Believe in yourself and you’ll succeed. We’ll keep our fingers x (just in case you need a bit of luck too😜)most important “be safe”!!♥️❤️

Dina Fantini says

Proud of you Gina!

Kathleen Hood says

Kathie/Bob Hood

Meg McElroy says

Go Gina!

Fedela Kessler says

Good luck Gina! You got this!

Fedela Kessler says

Good luck Gina! You got this!

Ita & Bob Black says

Have a super run.

Noreen Nicodemo says

You have this!!’ You go girl, you can do this!!!! Love your strength and determination! 💪

Maryann Bill Fitzgerald says

Lots of Love Cait and Nick! We love and miss you ROCCO 💙💙💙💙💙💙 💙 Love Mar and Bill and Family xoxoxo

Dale Beverly says

Best wishes for a successful race!

George Pagnotta Pagnotta says

So proud of you. If you want to borrow my combat boots for luck you are welcome to use them!!!!!! It’s just a walk in the park. Enjoy the experience!!!!

Lakshmi Balasubramanian says

You are so inspiring Kayla!! Thanks for the creativity, challenge & motivation in every class!! Good luck!! ❤

Nik, Benjamin and Little says

Woo hoo! You’re at $3k!!! No backing out now! 😂 We’re so proud of you!! We love you so much!

nancy tucker says

You’ve got this Gina!! And for such an important cause. You always teach your girls by your actions.

Michelle Goodwin Goodwin says

You go girl!

Jonathan Milliard says

So proud of you!! ❤️

lynn madden says

good luck

Krysten Hyde says

Good luck Jenna!!!

Rachel Ulrich says

Get it Jen!!!!XO

Javier Castro says

Enjoy the race Martial!!!

Kimberly Luba says

Great cause and best of luck during your 26.2 miles!

Kristi Hennessy says

Good Luck Gina! You’re one strong mamma!

Courtney Hoctor says

Good luck Caitlyn!!

Jane Ann Ingrilli says

Wonderful goal!
Sending you lots a love❤️

Annie Vines says

BEYOND proud of you both. Love you forever, can’t wait to cheer you on ❤️

Maureen Patterson says

You are an amazing mom with a phenomenal family.
You will do great! ❤️

Denise Russo says

Good Luck Nick & Caitlyn! ♥️♥️
Run For Rocco! ♥️

Alix Lerman says

Run, Kayla, Run!!

Family Aranguren says

Wishing both of you the best. Run, run for this wonderful cause. Congratulations.
Hurra! Hurra!! Ferrantes-besitos

Whitney Ferguson says

A Great cause to run for. You’re so inspiring!!! Go girl!!!

Vinny Savastano says

Best of Luck Gina!!
You got this!!

Nick Costides says

Best of luck!

Bill & Christine Dempsey says

Have a great race!

nina handleman says

i am inspired and moved by ur personal story and ur compassion and generosity.
all the best in ur training and on ur run!!! 💕

Barbara Bartolomeo says

Hope you meet your goal.

Alessandra Le Pera says

Sending love!

Lynn Sherman says

Yes Gina, you got this! So proud and inspired. Congratulations 🎉 💪🏼🏅

Jody Brower says

What a great way to honor your dad!!
Good luck! You guys got this.

Suzanne Rowan says

Best of luck on your new adventure! You are honoring your Dad in such a fantastic way!

Suzanne Biangasso says

Good Luck!!!!

Dina Cenicola says

Just lost my husband to Covid. He ran the marathon in 2011. I donate in his memory and for Katie and her family

Maureen Liantonio says

Good luck Matthew!

Caitlin Pauls says

Happy to help you support this great cause! We will be cheering for you from Colorado! Love, Cait, Matt, Larkin & Jack

Mary C. Walsh Walsh says

Lots of love and well wishes for you Matt – a wonderful tribute to your friend!
XO – The Slyne’s (Bill, Mary, Carter and furry son Wally)

Lisa, Tom & Will Easley says

Have a great race, Matt! Sorry we can’t be there to see you run but looking forward to seeing you soon!

Frank Liantonio says

Great cause; go Matt!

Joseph McCarthy says

Happy to support a worthwhile cause. Best wishes on a great race Matt.

Eileen McCarthy says

Great cause! Good Luck Matt! Where are we celebrating after the race?

Laura San Miguel says

Katie’s older brother Ryan skated with my son. Thanks for doing this!

Priscila N says

Beautiful cause!

Jane Walsh says

Good Luck Matt!

Ryan Hawkins says

Great cause! Good luck and we’re cheering for you!

Barbara Masi says

What a great cause. Go Stephanie! You got this! I will be cheering you on!

Louise Galleshaw says

Success in fund raising Matt . Great run….love Aunt Louise. Uncle Jim

Will Miller says

You got this. Love you.

Mason Torres says

Mason and Lib Vengeance support you!

Danielle Diaz says

You are amazing!!!

Lisa Miller says

Good Luck My Ali XOXO

Dayna M Coleman Coleman says

Go Ali!!

Bettie Adams says

Stephanie, you are an amazing person. I have a friend who’s husband has pancreatic cancer. I’m donating in his honor. xo Bettie

Deborah Jealler says

Go Ali we are so proud of you xoxo

Joan &Scott Craig says

Good Luck Ali!!

Jane Raymond says

good luck, Matt!

Rodrigo Amboss Amboss says

Go Squeeze Go!

Lauren Mazzolla says

Thank you for participating! Such a great cause.

Robert Anderson says

Glad to be able to support a great cause — keep up the good work!

Ryan Kealler says

Sub 4 hours please.

Gail / Robert Brown says

Go Matt!!

Patricia Hintz says

Go Ali! So proud of you! Love you! 💗💗💗

Rob Kealler says

Proud of you!!

Jack Manley says

Good luck, and thanks for doing this.

Caroline and Michael Bond says

Go Matt!! We’ll be cheering you on!

Courtney Myers Myers says

Go Ali!

Michelle Hooker says

Go girl!!! I love 💗 you, and I am so proud of you! 🏃🏽‍♀️

Peggy Vento says

Good luck!

Karen Barrins says

So proud of you !

Mary Yager says

Go Ali! ❤️

Jen Knight says

In memory of Liz. Best of luck Matt, hope you are well!

Karen Ford says

Thank you Stephanie. Wishing you great success in your fundraiser. Thank you for your amazing heart and always helping others. I hope you have an awesome day at the marathon.

Karen Ford says

Thank you Stephanie. Wishing you great success in your fundraiser.Thank you for your amazing heart and always helping others. I hope you have an awesome day at the marathon.

Monica Fleming says

Great Cause, Good Luck. WilBe Cheering You On

Jonathan Weiss says

If you win the whole race I’ll be a Knicks fan.

Ryan Ferrette says

Run forest

James Komorowski says

Good luck guys!!!

Dave Frieder says

Good luck Steph!

Aaron-Taylor Austin Austin says

the future is now!

Kaley Young says

So inspiring! Go Jenna 💖💖💖

Lisa Irvine says

Way to go Ali!!! <3

Kristen Delldonna says

So proud of you!

Laura Smaldone says

Go it, Jenna!!! We love you!

Diannajane DelGais says

sorry it’s not much but you are a ROCKSTAR!!!!

Diannajane Delgais says

not much but you are a ROCKSTAR!!!

Carolyn Anderson says

Go Ali!

Lauren Lustgarten says

So proud of you. Love you, you rockstar!!!

Diannajane DelGais says

not much but you’re a rockstar!!!!