Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Cindy Del Rio!

Hi family and friends, as you all know my children are my world. I would do anything for them and for every other child as well. I also love running! I have been given this amazing opportunity to run in the 2018 NYC marathon. This will allow me (us) to help so many families help ease their pain their burdens and to keep their focus on their children. Please help me reach my goal by donating to this amazing cause.. I have joined Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3145

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Beth Lerner says

You are awesome!!!

Bill Piazza says

Good Luck

Lisa Cornell says

Your amazing to do something so amazing.
Thank you

Karyn Carpentieri says

Anything for you xoxo

Teena Ben-Ari says

You rock Cindy!!! ❤️

Tori Piechocniski Piechocniski says

You are amazing!!

Sherry Graber says

Happy Running!!! Such a beautiful person doing a beautiful thing!!

Irma Ottenwalder says

I am so lucky to have you as a friend. Your energy and kindness never ceases to amaze me. Love you.

Christina Fuster (Strickland) says

Thank you for doing this. You are truly an inspiration to us all❤️

Rich Hillgardner says

Good luck and kick ass!

Mark Allen says

You can do it!

Katie Artz says

Good luck at the NYC Marathon, and thank you for raising money for such an important cause!

Susan & mike Haft says

Go get em little missy

Christine Hult says

Go Cindy!

Tom Merryfield says

You really impress me!

Debra Hallett says

You are my inspiration!!! I will be with you in spirit!! Go get them sis!!! I love you!!!!

anthony cecere says

I am happy to support you in this worth while cause. All the best.

Jessica Johnson says

rock it girl! You are an inspiration!

Susan Berta says

You go girl!!! you are an inspiration! love Susan & Brian

Ed Wooding says

Best of luck to my big Sis.
You got this.
Love you
Ed,Christine,Jake & Grace

Carl Lieberman says

Remember Forest Gump while you are running. Have fun while you are on the road and enter the park.

Ken Yokel says

Good luck for a successful run!!

Paul Malone says

Good luck!

Diana Gannascoli says

Love you so much ! Good luck !!!

Mary Ellen Caggiano says

You are an inspiration to so many of us !
Good luck and God Bless you and your family
Love always
Mary Ellen

Christine Perinelli says

Always a great cause when helping those in need. May you reach your goal, Cindy. Good luck!

Lynn Seifert says

Run strong Gutsy Cindy!

Eddie Leach says

Give it all you got Cindy ????

Laura Dean says

Good luck. Praying you reach your goal and finish the race as well. Be safe and God Bless you.

Tami Wooding says

Good for you Cuz.
Team cdelrio all the way.

Tami Wooding says

Good for you Cuz…..
Team cdelrio all the way!!!!

Don Nedbalsky says

Good luck in the run for a great cause.

Nancy & Jim Hillgardner says

Good luck Cindy..you’ve got this ??

Sarah Foley says

I love your tenacity and joy. You are strong and will do great. Cheering you on!Sarah,Charlie and Erin and Ian.

Stacie McManus says

Best of luck to you! So Proud of you

Sharon Powers Powers says

Go Cindy! Proud of you!

Carol Marchesano Marchesano says

Run, Cindy, Run! You rock! XO

Anne Viscecchia says

You go girl ❤️

Tom McSherry says

My gym bestie! Good luck!

Maria Oliviero says

I think that is awesome!! Good luck!!!

maria oliviero says

awesome!! good luck xoxo

Austin Hallett says

Love you Aunt Cindy! Keep pursuing your dream and never stop! You’ll always be an inspiration to me! Love you forever and always!


Lisa D’Aria says

Run Cindy Run! Best of luck! xoxo

Christine DiDomenico says

Good Luck in completing your goal!

Tina Bayer says

Go Cindy!You rock!

Danique Smit says

It’s nowhere near for what you did for me the past summer but I’m rooting for you from a distance!!

Danique Smit says

It’s nowhere near for what you did for me this summer, but my family and I are cheering you on from a distance!! My mom chipped 10 bucks in too 🙂

Suzanne Dzolan Dzolan says

21 Regent Drive

Paul Leone says

Good luck on your marathon day! Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

Paul, Bree, Jack & Stella

Stephanie Thornton says

Good luck Cindy!!

Bonnie Stern says

Proud to know you & help

Evelyn Berkowitz says

Go Cindy Go! Run for me?!

Keri Pedersen says

I am so proud of you!! You are an inspiration to me and everyone!
I love you very much!!

Nicole Miller says

Go Cindy go. Good luck!

Julie Romano Romano says

GO Cindy!!! I’m so proud of you!!!

Nina Hargrove says

Good luck, Cindy