Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Gina DiBenedetto!

This November I will embark on one of the most challenging endeavors of my life. I will be attempting to run the NYC Marathon. Everything about this endeavor is uncomfortable to me, I’ve never run a marathon before and quite frankly the distance of 26.2 miles scares me. The fact that I’ll be doing this among 33,000 other runners may comfort some, but for me the crowds and herds of people is terrifying.
This marathon is going to be run on pure inspiration from Ava Jean and support of those that I love. Ava Jean has taught me about bravery, perseverance and endurance, all of which I’ll need to get through this run. Doctors have told Darren and I that what Ava Jean is going to go through will seem like a marathon, since she will have years of MRI’s, CT Scans, blood draws, doctors’ appointments and of course surgeries. Ava Jean over the last 6 years and thorough it all has always managed to get up, brush herself off and move on. If she can take on her marathon with such bravery, surely I can do the same in her honor. Darren has also been very encouraging for me, when the opportunity was presented he said “Do it, don’t defer and don’t wait.” As he has said it’s an opportunity of a lifetime to accomplish what feels like an impossible feat and pay it forward to a wonderful charity. Through his marathons I know that the one he cherishes the most is Boston, it was his 1st but he also devoted himself to give back to an organization that did so much for others.
I’m going to run because kids with cancer can’t. I’m going to run because I want to give back to people and to a charity that has helped us. I’m going to run because if Ava Jean can go through another procedure I can definitely run for her.
I have always taught my girls to challenge themselves, go the extra mile. Ava Jean has showed us that is what she is always up to that challenge is her everyday medical battle and I’ve learned through her how to accept this Challenge. New York City here I come!!!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $6351.2

  • Current Race: 2020 TCS NYC Marathon

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Heather Hallinan says

Go get it Gina- you got this!!!

Joanne Palmer says


The Gambardella says

We are SO proud of you Gina !

The Byrnes Family says

Whooo-hooo! So proud of you, Gina! We’re Cranio Warriors and when the going gets tough, well, we raise money and run!

Eileen DePaoli says

Go Gina!!!

Jenn Bianco says

Good luck !! ?

Jenn Bianco says

Good Luck ?!!

Sean Hillery says

Good luck Gina. From the Hillery family ❤

Patrick & Anne D’Onofrio says

Looking forward to seeing you both doing a marathon!

Patrick & Anne D’Onofrio says

Amazing way to give back.

Angelo Questo says

Love you Gina. So very proud of you.

Maria DiBenedetto says

We are proud of you…you have our support go girl!! xoxoxo Mom & Dad

Borneman Family says

Amazing goal!

Tara Perez says

You are a true gift to everyone!
Love, Tara Perez

Jennifer Lazzaro says

Way to go Gina!! What an awesome cause to run for. Great job mama!!

Michael Droege says

From our family to yours, your an inspiration to all! ❤️❤️❤️

Barbara Pagnotta says

You go girl – so proud of you

Kimberly Brewer says

Go Gina!! We are proud of you!

Laura Scampoli says

Go Gina Go! So awesome that you are doing this.

Chris Delamonico says

Way to go Gina!!

Clan Mulcahy says

Go Gina. I admire your strength. Thanks for being there for me.

Cindy Battreall says

So proud of you… great determination! You go girl!!!

Coleen O’Reilly says

Gina, you’re a ROCKSTAR! Good Luck! ☘️

Jesse Merritt says

Way to go! What a great cause! Good luck from the Merritt family!

Lorraine Calebrese says

Run Gina Run!! Good luck. Wish i could do more

Priscilla Danese says

You’ll do great, Gina!! I admire you!?

George Pagnotta says

I know you can do it!! I am so very proud !! Good luck !! God Bless
Love , Dad

Kevin and Marian Heinzinger says

Go Gina, go Gina go Gina GO! you’re the best

Barbara Iannuccilli says

Good luck Gina and thank you for running for such an important cause. May we see a cure for all cancers in our lifetime. I am a 2 time survivor and pray each day for a cure. My son is a cancer survivor also. I have 5 friends all fighting to get in remission from their cancers.

Rob Yerger says

Go Gina!!

Jessica FitzGerald says

Run Gina Run!!! You are amazing, and will do awesome! We love you xoxo

Dina Bruno says

You go Cuz!! ♥️

Michele Pagnotta says

Way to go Gina! You are amazing and an inspiration! Love you❤

Maggie McGourty says

May the wind be at your back and the luck of the Irish carry you thru to the pot of gold at the finish line ????

Maureen Patterson says

Congratulations on a job well done! You are an amazing mom and such an awesome, beautiful and loving role model for your two sweet little girls❣️❣️
Much love, Maureen

Donna and Ed Colello says

Congratulations on a job well done! We knew with your determination and strength you would do great things and you have! God Bless

Dina Murphy says

Amazing. Good luck – you got this!!!

Joanne Palmer says

You got this!!!!

Paula & Angelo Questo says

Uncle Angelo and I admire your determination and commitment. You are amazing. We are so proud of you and Ava Jean! ❤️🏃❤️

Noreen Nicodemo says

You can do it!💪

Deirdre Pino says

Go get em! 💙

Dale Beverly Beverly says

Glad to help. Best of luck with the race!

Millie Newton says

Enjoy the race! Will be cheering you on from North Carolina!

Mary Cassidy says

Go Gina!

maria dibenedetto says

Gina our thoughts and good wishes for a good run…Gina you can do it!! xoxoxo Mom & Dad

Jennifer Weaver says

You’ve got this!! 🧡

Gillian Harper says

You are an inspiration, Gina!

Carol & Mike Martone says

Good Luck! We love you.

Kim Brewer says

Keep up the hard work, Gina! We’re proud of you!

Clara Segreti says

You go girl !

Jackie, jimmy and Ryan Gambardella says

You go girl! You got this!😘

Tim and Sarah Mcvicker says

Very proud of you!

Jason Langdale says

Good luck

Camille Munn says

You go girl!

Jess Grutzner says

You are an inspiration!!

Barbara and Guy Lester says

Congratulations!! And thank you for being a force for good!!

Joselyn Morales says

Yay Gina!!! Congratulations. Love Always, The Morales Family

Audra Sichler says

You’ve got this!! You have an amazing family!! ❤️❤️

Mary Pfiel says

You are going to crush it, Best of luck 🏃🏼‍♀️

Gillian Harper says

Sending you strength and courage for your big race and every day…You’ve truly got this! xx

Kate Waters says

Amazing! You and Ava got this!

Jenny Feighery-Lazzaro says

Always rooting for you Gina! You got this.

Michele Bruen says

Good luck Gina!!! You are amazing as is your beautiful family. I think of you all often and am sending so much love and light to you all. Especially Ava 😉 please tell her that Anthony and Dylan said hello!! Xoxo

Laura Scampoli says

What an inspiration! So awesome!! You’ve got this! ❤️ I really couldn’t love this more .

Millie Newton says

Cheering you on from Charlotte, NC!

Angela Connolly says

Gina, You got this! Gob Bless your family.

Camille l Munn says

You got this !

Isolina Cardarelli says

You got this!!

Lorraine Calebrese says

You are a rockstar!! All for Avajean💛💛💛💛💛

Nicole Sweeney says

Ava is an inspiration and you are amazing, Mom. You are teaching your girls and all of us to keep going!! 26.2❤️

Jack and Gail Thatcher says

Good Luck and stay strong!

Jackie, Jimmy and Ryan Gambardella says

You go Gina! 🥰

Marcia Francis says

Best of Luck and have Fun!!

S D says

You got this G! I’mSooooo proud of your dedication. You amaze me and I know you’ll do great.

Amanda and Kayla Ottly says

Wishing you luck my friend!

Kimberly Brewer says

Run, Gina, Run! You are an inspiration to all of us!


Good luck! Go girl!! Love Mom & Dad

Debra Gorey says

You’ve totally got this! Go Super Woman, go!

Tara Perez says

You got this Gina! The beautiful family will support you! And an extra kiss will be Ava! I ❤️ you too!

Elizabeth Mozilo says

Good luck!

Maura Byrnes says

Gina, so proud of you! CranioMama💕💕💕

Jennifer Bianco says

You got this!!!! You are amazing in every way Xo

Cookie Digeronimo says

Go get em

Elizabeth Newton says

So excited for you!!! Ava girl inspires us all!

Sarah Domingo says

You got this Gina! I’m so proud of you and so amazed at your dedication.

Gail Stellato says

You are an inspiration. Good luck. Sending prayers and strength to you and your family.

Christina Nicosia says

Good Luck!! Such a strong beautiful family that I am so lucky to have crossed paths with.

Cindy Battreall says

You go girl!!!!!

Tim and Sarah McVicker says

Go Gina!!!

Tim and Sarah McVicker says

Go Gina!!

Vivian Kretzmer says

You go girl!

Manfred and Gundi Kohler says

Believe in yourself and you’ll succeed. We’ll keep our fingers x (just in case you need a bit of luck too😜)most important “be safe”!!♥️❤️

Dina Fantini says

Proud of you Gina!

Kathleen Hood says

Kathie/Bob Hood

Meg McElroy says

Go Gina!

Fedela Kessler says

Good luck Gina! You got this!

Fedela Kessler says

Good luck Gina! You got this!

Noreen Nicodemo says

You have this!!’ You go girl, you can do this!!!! Love your strength and determination! 💪

Dale Beverly says

Best wishes for a successful race!

George Pagnotta Pagnotta says

So proud of you. If you want to borrow my combat boots for luck you are welcome to use them!!!!!! It’s just a walk in the park. Enjoy the experience!!!!

nancy tucker says

You’ve got this Gina!! And for such an important cause. You always teach your girls by your actions.

Kristi Hennessy says

Good Luck Gina! You’re one strong mamma!

Maureen Patterson says

You are an amazing mom with a phenomenal family.
You will do great! ❤️

Vinny Savastano says

Best of Luck Gina!!
You got this!!

Lynn Sherman says

Yes Gina, you got this! So proud and inspired. Congratulations 🎉 💪🏼🏅

Kathy Rundle says

Go Gina! You have a great inspiration and a multitude of support. Have a great race.

Frances & Mark Lang says

Best wishes, Gina!
Savor each step of this amazing run!
With love and admiration,
Fran & Mark 💕

Carol Feehan says

You’re story is inspiring and Ava is a CHAMPION!!! Good luck and God Bless You!!

Talya Sapienza says

So proud of you!

Talya Sapienza says

So proud of you!

Rebekah Callaro says

Love and prayers to y’all! So excited for you! You got this! Philippians 4:13!!

Dawn Cowley says

You’ve got this !

Mandy McGilvray says

Go crush it! ❤️

Laura & Steven Borneman says

Go Gina and Darren! So proud of both of you!

Jason and Janie Langdale says

Good Luck Gina!!!

Karry Durante says

You are both an inspiration! Love the Durante’s

Donna & Ed Colello says

You got this Gina!

Mary Cassidy says

You are amazing! You’ve got this!💕

Joanne Palmer says

You got this !!!!

Kate Frasca says

You got this, Gina!!!!!

Kate Frasca says

You got this, Gina!!! Xoxo

Fergal McGourty says

Great stuff Gina!!!
McGourty Family

Teri Mahoney says

Go Momma Gina. You are an inspiration to us all. ❤️. Good luck tomorrow.

Mahoney Family ❤️ says

Gina, your such an inspiration to us all. You are going to ROCK tomorrow. ❤️

Cecilia Britez says

Beautiful family, May God bless you!!

Chris Delamonico says

Go get em!!

Angelo Questo says

Good luck my sweet girl. You are something special. Love you and love what your doing for other families.

Christy Larsen says

Go get em Gina! So proud of you

Robert Yerger says

Go Gina

Lisa Tavarez says

Good luck

Michael Wolfe says

Good luck tomorrow Gina! Prayers for a full recovery for Ava Jean!!
-Mike & Kerri Wolfe

Regina Picciano says

xoxo ava jean

Diane Danese says

Gina, you are an inspiration!

Jeanne Galeota says

To courage…

Barbara Guarino Lester says

Best of luck with the race! Tremendous inspiration to all!

Kimberly Santerre says

Yay Gina!!!! It’s finally here. Wooooo hooooo run Gina, run. xoxox

Thomas Mackey says

Run well and swift! I am Fran Lang’s brother and been rooting for your family. Nice job!

Tom Jacobellis says

Good luck, Gina!!

George Mahoney says

Have a great run! The Mahoneys

Dawn Watson says

Wishing you an amazing race! We are so inspired by Ava’s incredible journey, your determination, and your family’s willingness to always do good and help others 💕

Tom Stanley says

Good luck and prayers for Ava😊

Richard Pagnotta says

You got this, Gina! We’ll be rooting you on all across the way to the finish line! ❤️❤️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Amy Hunsucker says

Congratulations on finishing the race!

Jennifer Weaver says

Congratulations Gina!!!

Charlotte and Joe Cavanagh says

I know Ava Jean will persevere in her journey to health the same way that you did in your race journey! Congratulations

Debbie O’Shea says

Wooo hooo! Way to go, Gina!

Celeste Reck says

You are all so inspiring 💪

Dan Lombardi says

Congratulations! Inspirational.

Joselyn A Morales Morales says

So proud of you and blessed to have you in our lives!