Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Ashley Afriyie!

I have joined Team Continuum to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses and stresses of everyday life so they can focus on receiving crucial medical care. Your support of my fundraising effort is vital to Team Continuum’s success and I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3582.02

  • Current Race: 2018 TCS NYC Marathon

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Eleanor Banco says

GO GO GO! So amazing

Lindsay Crutchfield Crutchfield says

Do the damn thing, girl!!!! Good luck and get on with your bad-ass!

Gina Chang says

WOO! You go girl! <3

Erin Gomersall says

You go, girl!

Mariel Sholem says


Stephanie Tumbaga says

Get it, girl!

Melissa Landau says

Go Ash Go!! Can’t wait to CHEER you on!! xoxo

Winifred Wang says

Yay, Ash!!!!!! So excited for you!!!!!

Ellyn Kaplan says

Great cause! I’m so impressed you’re running the marathon!

Amanda Black says

Run, Ashley, Run!

Lo Bozicevich says

Proud of you! Congrats on being a star.

jessica rawls says


Sal and Ana Lopes says

Enjoy your Marathon… We’ll be on Netflix enjoying our own marathon

Amanda Miller says

You are a star!!! So awesome! Run girl!!!

Lauren Ceravolo says

Go Ashley go!!!!!

Sabrina Scheffel says


Mary Barker says

Wonderful challenge for a great cause by a very caring person! Go Ashley! ❤️Aunt Mary

Zandra Zweber says

You rock! Good luck, Ashley!

Lee-Ann Rushlow Rushlow says

Good luck!

Konrad Janus says

GO Ashley!!! Will be keeping my fingers crossed!
I hope to run in the marathon next year!

Betty Wang says

Ashley – so proud of you, and love that you are doing this for a great cause! xx Betty

Beth Kacich says

Get it!

Colleen O’Neil says

Good luck!! We are all cheering for you!

Anna Kigel says

Amazing!! Go Ashley!!

Kelsey Lyle says

Go girl! Can’t wait to run with you xo

Heather Rimsky says

Good luck!!

Kathryn Risi says

Run like the wind! Good luck!

Allison & Liam Walsh says


Brooke Danielson says

Crush it. I’ll be right there with you.

Francesca, James, and Isa Salcedo says

We love you Auntie Ashley!! SO proud of you! XO

Caitie Attarian says

So excited for you!! xo

Liz FitzGerald says

Good luck!!! xoxo

Amy Fertig says


Julia Harbaugh says

So proud of you!!!! First 26.2 AND helping kids in need. Will be sending you all my love and running vibes from SF on 11/4/2018!!!

Ronell Simmons says

On this Day November 4th, you’re my Hero! Good Luck!

Christine Laino says

go, FAM

Casey Winston says


Romer Pedron says

149-40 45th Ave
2nd Floor

Lizzie Toal says

So proud of you!!

Lisa Cox says

Go Ashley go!!! You are going to rock this!!

Diana Schade says

Go Ashley!!!! Woohoo!!

Jen Lee says

Good luck!!

Anna Irving says

good luck!

Jamillah Davis says


Hilary O’Shea says

Run like the “sample sale now open to all” announcement just went out!

Steven Salton says

Big cheers to you … enjoy the journey (and torture) along the way!!

Bea Hodzic says

Get it Ash!! So proud of you!!!

Shelby Lacerte says

Can’t wait to cheer you on!!!

Ryan Kenny says

So proud of you!! You’re my inspiration! Love you, girl!!

Emma Oldenkamp Oldenkamp says

So excited to get to cheer you on this year!! We have been cheering warriors together, I hope I dont get lost but if I do, I’ll just wait for you at the Starbucks on 110th st 😉 You deserve all the support in the world. xoxoxo

Kim Romagnuolo says

Good luck, Ashley! xo, Kim

Sophia Brown Brown says

Proud of you! Run run run 🙂

Kristin Ivie says

Go Ashley! Good luck!

Minio Family Minio says

20 East End Ave.
Apt. 16 A

Annaliese Lloyd says

Proud of you!!!

Stephanie Krasnov says


Jacquelyn Gillespie Gillespie says


Jessica janik janik says

So excited for you!

Virginia Ashe says

Go Ash, Go Ash!!!!

Paula Lee says

Good luck!! Will be cheering you on x

Larry (MOM) Afriyie says

We are so PROUD of you ASH! We can’t wait to be there and cheer for you. You are going to do great. Wishing you a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL training. We LOVE YOU! May God be with you!


Roberta Elins says

You go Ashley! So proud of you!❤️

Blake English says

Girl! Good. For. You.
I haaaate running, and this is quite a race. You are such a dynamic individual, and I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Best of luck. I know you will rock this!
Love, Blake

Blake English English says

Girl! Good. For. You.
I haaaate running, and this is quite a race. You are such a dynamic individual, and I am so, so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Best of luck. I know you will rock this!
Love, Blake

Nancy Lee says

Way to go Ashley!!! You’re going to be awesome!!

Emily McDonald Emily says

You’re my hero! Go Ashley go!

Jillian Barbati says

This is awesome!! Will be cheering you on!!

Zoey Zweber says

That is a far way to run… you’re crazy girl! I’ll be cheering you on from afar 🙂

Katie Majeski says

Run Afriyie … runnnnn!!!!!!!




Federica Parruccini says

Good luck ash!!

Meghan Lewis says

You got this queen! Yas!

Abby Kalicka says

So impressed AA!!!!!! You GOT this girl. Excited to cheer you on! xoxo

Samantha Paz says

14 Surf Road

Lindsay Crutchfield says

You’re my hero!!!! Run your little heart out, momma. Run for Joanie 🙂 xoxoxo

Nina Garcia says

Ashley, I’m so proud of you. Good Luck!- Nina