Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Alexander Cooper!

While I explored many excellent charitable options to run for, I have decided to run for Team Continuum for a simple reason: to try and alleviate even the smallest amount of pain for families suffering because their child has cancer.

After volunteering at a home for children with cancer, I saw the emotional and financial hardship many families endured, including moving their whole lives to a new place to get their child the best treatment they can.

Supporting Team Continuum means supporting children and their families in their everyday lives so they can focus on getting the best medical care.

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $4791.2

  • Current Race: 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

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Brian Bock says

Run Coop Run!

Julie Cooper says

What a wonderful cause that positively impacts the life of those who are suffering and sick. I am so proud of you and your dedication and devoting to improving the lives of others. You have always accomplished all that you have set out to do

Tal Akabas says

Good luck!

Dennie Lieber says

15533 E. Jojoba

Linda & Kevin Linda & Kevin says

See Seth’s comment.


Ellen Greenberg says

$673.20? What kind of crazy # is that? I like normal numbers, so I’m donating $26.80 to round it up for now. This donation is just for fun- I’ll also make a legit one. Ps- let me know if you preferred the odd number and I’ll make my next donation a weird amount.

Eric Kahan says

Good luck will be cheering for ya….(photos too)…..

Eric, Allison, Gregory, Noah, Carly

Wendy Brotman says

Alex, Uncle David & I admire you for everything you have done & are doing in your life. Your sensitivity to others is one of your greatest attributes. We are thrilled to support you in this special endevour! Can’t wait to track your progress in the Marathon with Tteam Continuum. Best of luck! Love you tons, Aunt & Wendy & Uncle David

Alexander Briker says

Good Luck!

Jared Feldman says

From Street Mode to Beast Mode! Great cause.

Matthew Cooper says

Good luck!

Alvin Burgos says

3:30 or bust

Matthew Petre says

Great cause and good luck

Test Test says

This is a test comment.

Adam Smith says

Go Team! (there will be a DB match)

Gregory Staples says

Go Cooper !

Alex Cooper says

From Grandma and Grandpa

Alex Lepinsky says

Get out FAST and HANG ON !

Chiuyi Chan says

Have fun!

Andrew Chai says

Good luck Coop!!!

Shai Akabas Akabas says

Great that you guys are running for this cause. Good luck!

Kris Olsen says

Good luck bud!

David Hecht says

Don’t forget to stretch!

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Alex Cooper says

From Ross, aka the champion

Rick Smith says

Good Luck!

Thomas Chu says

You can do eeet!

Rosemary Quelle says

Good luck, Alex. What a great cause!

Steve Lynch says

Good luck Coop!

Howie Herman says


Michael Rhorer says

Good luck Alex!

Scott & Laura Rog says

Do it for Flacco!

Alex Cooper says

Thanks to the generosity of DB Colleagues

Murli Gupta says

Keep it up! You’re my hero!

Michael and Elizabeth Hofer Hofer says

Good luck!

Kevin Bliss says

Great charity! Go Coop Go! Have a day! You got this!

Shilpa Lakhani says


Stacy Kirsch says

Good luck!!
Stacy, Matt and Sydney

Julie and Brian Cooper says

We are so proud of our champion!!!!!!! You think of others and are running for a great cause. You have a heart of gold and body of steel. You have worked hard for this moment of glory, now enjoy it. Please know that we are always on the sidelines rooting and supporting you. We believe in you today and everyday!!!!!!We are in awe of all that you do!!!!!!!!!!

Michael & Kathryn Gainor says

We wish you a wonderful race! Go kill it and break a leg! (not literally though)

Ellen & Carl Greenberg says

Part II

Ann and Tom Springer says

We are very proud of you Alex! What a wonderful Cause!