Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Luis Donoso!

Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

As many of you know, my brave son Alejandro is a cancer survivor. As a tribute to his triumph and as part of our desire to help children and families going through similar journeys as ours, I am reaching out for your support. I am running the NYC marathon this November 5 for Team Continuum. Team Continuum will use your donations to help families of pediatric cancer patients keep a roof over their heads, the heat and lights on, food on the table, and gasoline in their cars so they can use their full energies to help their child fight this disease, and worry less about how to pay the bills. We will never forget the many children that are battling this disease, some of which have passed on. Please join me in helping pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Donations throughout the month of September will benefit childhood cancer families impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Wishing you all love, kindness and peace.

With gratitude,

  • Fundraising Goal: $3500

  • Amount Raised: $5350

  • Current Race: 2017 TCS NYC Marathon

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Louis Donoso says

If we were all united, the world would be different.

Carlos-Rita Cordero says

It is our pleasure to join this fundraising to honor this beautiful cause, specially Alejandro, who is our nephew and also to other children who suffer this condition.
Hopping some day this terrible decease will be eradicated from the face of the earth.
With Love Carlos and Rita.

Ethan Coleman says

Awesome, Luis. Good luck and great cause.

George Fujioka Fujioka says

Good Luck!

Chris Delson says

Go Luis!

Mark Edelstein says

Rooting for Luis Donoso! Best of Luck!
Mark and Stephanie Edelstein

Kevin Orangers says

Go Lu!

Ira Dunkel says

A truly worthy cause!

Mike and Dani Kaiser says

Incredibly inspiring – we are so excited for you to experience the NYC Marathon and run for such an incredible cause. Can’t wait to cheer you on!

David & Tina Fitzpatrick says

You go boy!

brian kelly says

Best wishes. A great cause.

John Bartnck says

good luck buddy!!

Matthew Sheedy says

Luis, I hope the race is a great experience for you.

Dawn Sukovich says

Behind you all the way!

Theresa Hosseiny says

?? for a great cause. Love you all!

Linda and rich Morrell says

Praying for continued good health for your family and the many families still fighting the fight.

David Niland says

Best wishes to you and your family Luis

David Niland says

Best wishes to Luis and his amazing family

Ed Cunillera says

Have a great Run! All the best, always! Ed(Grimace), Ann and family.

Robert Ballard says

with respect and best wishes to you and your family


For a great cause! Good Luck!
Love, Debra, Mark, Gavin & Maxson

Theresa Simpson says

Great cause Luis! Good luck! You can do it!

Desiree Francis says

Best wishes and good luck with the race!

Curtis Rias Rias says

From Sophie and Curtis
With love and support!

Good luck with the Marathon…

Father Richard Rento says

I join Alejandro Donoso and his parents in sponsoring this most worthy cause, hoping that it will help significantly to conquer the disease and assist those who now are bravely burdened with it.

Foram Desai says

What an inspiration and great cause! All the best during the marathon!

Foram Desai says

Your story is inspirational! Truly a great cause. Good luck in the race!

Stamatios and Anna Stamos says

GO LUIS!! We are so proud of you!


we love you all, what a great family ! so happy we met you ! <3 <3 <3

Will Tatz says

Go Luis, you will truly me running with a sense of purpose!

Melissa & TJ Sheridan says

Go Louis!!! Love you guys xoxo

Heather Finnegan says

Go get um!

Despina Stamos says

Go Luis, go!

Anne Fifick Anne says

What a great cause! Have a great run Louis! Love, Annie and Amelia

Pamela Trebach says

Go Luis!!!!!!

Hugo Benalcazar says

Go Luis! and Go Alejandro! You two are truly running together in this race!

Rafael, Carla, Lucas and Simon Donoso says

Wow, go Luis!! We hope you had a great start to the race! Wonderful cause — hugs to Alejandro and Irene.

Nicole Ingemi says

Wonderful cause! All the best to you and your family!!