Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Chris Wichert!

Crew – let’s make this happen! Please help me raise money and awareness for Friends of Karen and Team Continuum, two non-profit organizations supporting pediatric cancer patients. The money raised goes to provides emotional, financial and advocacy support to children with cancer and their families in underserved communities. I deeply appreciate your generosity and encouragement!

  • Fundraising Goal: $3000

  • Amount Raised: $3720

  • Current Race: 2019 TCS NYC Marathon

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Julian Baranowski says

Sieh zu da

Nina Merkel says

Ein kleiner Beitrag. Danke für deinen Einsatz! Bin stolz auf dich!

Emil Soutschek says

Run Wichert ruuuuum! You’re the man! Maaaaa Boi is running so hard! A good Run-Boi! Over the top

Philip Siems says

Gib gas Maschinchen

Jens Craemer says

Viel Erfolg!

Sebastian Jung says

Run Tio Run

Coco Aridag says

Go sunny go!! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Gina Moreno Valle says

Go Chris! Hala!

Ricardo C. says

I expect you to run with your Bayer Munich Lewandowski jersey …… Hala Madrid!!!!!!

Yamen Alhajjar says

Go get em Chris!

Renata Freitas says

Go Chris!

Ken Pilot says

Good luck Chris. Running in Koio??

Mauricio Cordero says

Chrisito – After Kili, this shall be a piece of cake. No challenge can stop you! Good luck and enjoy the race!

Volker Noethhorn says

Hop hop

Eze B says

I expect you to run that last mile on Avalanches sons!


666 Greenwich Street APT 1005

Kibble Fond says

SUNNY! MAKE IT RAIN. You are such an inspiration to me. I am so proud of you for such a busy quarter of stretch experiences. I cant wait to celebrate with you at the finish line xxx

Rita Schlueter says

GO Chris GO
Viel Erfolg!

Stacy Chang says

Go Chris!

Trey Sisson says

Good luck!

Jared Golden says

Awesome stuff!

David Neisinger says

Kooooaaaam jezzzz

David Neisinger says

Koaaam jezzz

David Neisinger says

Koaaam jezzz

Carlos Moreira says

You go brother.

Francisco Barrenechea says

I expect similar display of huevos than in Kili, don’t dissapoint and stay strong hermano!

David Fischer says

Weight Watchers Einstiegsprogramm

Christian Salihin says

Gute Sache Dikka! Zieh durch 😘

Frederico Paglia says

Fly sunny!

Klara Schroeder says


Ileana Vathi says

Good luck Chris!

Jana Raykow says

great cause!! good luck 🍀

Jon Levy says

Good luck!

Florian Taufmann says

Go tio

Amish Tolia says

Great cause. Good luck Chris!

James Wilson says


Daniel Kirch says

Immer dasselbe mit dir, bleib mal ohne gegentor

Der Papa says

mal ohne Gegentor bleiben, tio

Bartek Bielinski says

Run forest, ruuuuun

Michael Reichard says


Jonathan Teklu says

Ho La Ho Vi To 🙌🏾

Roni Kirsch says

With your great preparation I expect you to win this thing Sunny!
Great cause, great talent, great inspiration.

Damian Greco says

Way to go!

Fabian Balino says

In Masada voice: Easy like a piece of cake

Murat Kalkan says

You did Kili – this will be a piece of cake! Pole Pole, packzon! Just dont get altitude sickness 😉

David Neisinger says

Run Wichooopppp Ruuuuuuuunn

Charles Kim says

Crush the run!

Peter Janik says

Go boy wonder……Mr. Pete