Welcome to the Fundraising Page for Beverly Orth-Geoghegan!

I will be running the NYC Half Marathon on March 17, 2019 with Team Continuum. We’re fundraising to help pediatric cancer patients and their families cope with the expenses, so they can focus on their medical care and recovery. I would deeply appreciate your generosity and support!

  • Fundraising Goal: $2000

  • Amount Raised: $2360

  • Current Race: 2019 United Airlines NYC Half

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Beverly Orth-Geoghegan Orth-Geoghegan says

310 West 73 St

Michael R Monti Monti says

4345 21st Place

Christine Monti says

Kick ass!!

John Orth says

Good Luck ! I hope you reach your goals !

Jonathan Cane Cane says

Have a great race!

Madeline Goldfischer says

Go Bev!

Lisa Demas says

So proud of you!!!

Anthony Apice says

You set my heart racing. Have fun Super Bee!

Jasmine Bates says

Have a great race!

John Hirsch Hirsch says


Clay von Carlowitz says

Keep kicking ass out there, Bev!


Clay & Asta

Scored to Death says

Best of luck!

Cori Myers says

Go, Bee, go!

Cathy Geoghegan says

You are our Wonder Woman!

Kimmy Suzuki says

For the lady who makes dat killer chili ? and for the cause that she support

Phil Mogilev says

Go get ’em Bee!

Laura Kurtz says

Go get ’em, Bee! Have a great race.

Madeline Goldfischer says

Go Bev Go!

John Orth says

Hi Bee ! Here’s another contribution …. you’re almost there ??

Christine Monti says

Wish we could take you all the way but we’re happy to get you over half way there. Best of luck. We love you!

Emily von Seele von Seele says

Good luck!

Patrick Krause says

Good luck!

Glenn McQuaid says

Go get it, bumble bee ??

Dorothy Dotson Dotson says


Clare McGowan McGowan says

38 Prospect Park SW
Apt. 5

Yelena Kreper says

You got this!

Diane Schutz Schutz says

You’ve got this!!!

Sherrie Paulson says

Love you! Have a great race!

Dan Gallagher says

Have a great race!

Jennifer Munz says

You go girl!

Mark Waddell says

Run MFer, RUN!!

Cynthia Helton says

Go Bev!!!

Angie Bulkeley says

Best of luck in supporting such an important cause!

Patrick` Hamilton says

Horror fam always supports horror fam.

Matthew Kiernan Kiernan says

Run, Bev, run!

Lena Clark says

Get it!

Antony Brown says

Good luck with it

Kirk Cruz says

Thanks for raising money to help with expenses! Six years ago I was in a bad car crash, and the biggest source of unending stress was paying my bills. If it weren’t for the help of friends, I’d have lost everything. I wish I could donate more, but I’m just now getting on solid financial footing. Good luck on hitting your goal, and thanks again for helping people focus on their recovery!

SpookyDan Walker says

go and kick some ass!!!

Barbara Crampton says

Go go Bev!

Asta & Clay von Carlowitz says

Go Bee!

David Hollingsworth says

Have a great race!

Clay & Asta von Carlowitz says

Heard you were almost there, so I figured I’d chip in the last bit. You rock, Bev. Kick some ass out there!


Macon Blair says

Go, Beverly!

Angela Hultz Hultz says

Kick ass!

Katie Williams says

I love you so much Bee!!! Kick ass today!!! Xoxoxo -K.

Joe Zaso says

Sorry – this actually slipped my mind. Glad I got to contribute a little – even though it’s after your triumph. YOU GO, GIRL!